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Xbox Wireless Controller Carbon Black (OOS), Pulse Red $69 (Card Payment Only) + Delivery ($0 with eBay Plus) @ BIG W eBay


BIG W eBay have just added the carbon black controller to their eBay store for $79. Stack with the $10 off $50 spend code MCPAY10V2 (Card payment required)

Carbon Black
Pulse Red

More colours have only just being added as in stock to their online store so a good chance they will be added to their eBay store as well. Will update post if/when more get added to their eBay store.

Original Coupon Deal

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  • any OzB-ers have comments on this vs ps5 controller to go with my new Nvidia Shield Pro? I do not own either game console at the moment.

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      I would say go with the Xbox controller just because most PC games tend to have Xbox prompts (if you are using to stream from a PC)

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        I've got a PS5 controller, and considering getting this one just for that reason. It can get confusing on new games trying to map instructions to press Y to pressing triangle etc.

        • this is good insight… yeh I assume I'll be focused more on PC games if via Shield.

      • I'd add to that (for PC games) - Game Pass for PC doesn't recognise PS controllers afaik, whereas it (not surprisingly) has great Xbox controller support. There are workarounds but still.

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      We have 5 Xboxes in the household (3 kids) and my gaming PC. Even after all the years I've gamed on the XB's I still prefer my PS5 controller when playing controller necessary games on the PC. I just find that the asymetrical sticks on the PS controller feel better overall. Just my 2c…

      Good price for this though.

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        I understand what you mean. But I think you meant to say symmetrical since the xbox one is asymmetrical. Use both but I find that while the PS looks and feels better, the xbox one controller is more comfortable for me to use during longer gaming sessions. The joints on my left thumb starts feeling sore after a few games using the PS controller. I must have a dud thumb πŸ˜‚

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          lol - you are correct. Symmetrical is 100% what I meant to say. Cheers.

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      I prefer ps5 controller.

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      I definitely prefer the xbox one controller over ps5 for PC. I was gutted when my last xbox controller died and had to start using my son's ps5 one. It feels a bit too small imo.

      Having said that, if you weren't switching between them, you'd probably never notice.

      Also, the ps5 haptic feedback on the actual PS5 is pretty amazing, not that that's an argument for the Shield Pro.

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      Xbox if you have medium-sized hands.
      PS5 for small-handed.

      • what about large hands? hahaha

        • Joystick, LUL

        • Then either is fine. I think the implication is that the Xbox controller can be considered chunky in smaller hands, but I've had friends say even the PS5 feels noticeably bigger than the PS4 (I don't really notice a difference)

          • @Erwark: I have long digits and large hands. The 360 controller (use it on PC) is much more comfortable than any Dualshock controller (have owned PS 2-5).

            The PS5 version is a big improvement but it's still cramped, if I hold the controller how I assume most people do I could comfortably use the right stick with my left thumb.

            Because of this when I play games where you frequently use both sticks at the same time (like FPS) I have to have my thumbs pretty much vertical and my wrists bent with the ends of the controller resting in the gap between the (palm side) knuckles of my ring and little finger. This is definitely the most comfortable Dualshock for holding like that as the others were shaped wrong/pointy and I'm just kind of used to it, but if you use a different controller for a few hours you realise how not ideal it is.

            Unless the newer Xbox controllers have shrunk massively, I can't think of a way that they wouldn't remain more uncomfortable to use than a dual shock for people with large hands. Because of the stick lay out there's never any worry that you might hit the wrong stick with your thumb.

            • @Quom: Imo the only time Playstation had a superior controller was the PS1 era in the 90s (not hard to beat the 64 controller and Saturn controllers) and PS2 era before Xbox brought in the slim version of the OG Xbox controller. Have used all consoles and all controllers of each era extensively.

              • @Canberralad92: Quality-wise, the PS4 controller felt lacking compared to the XBO V2 controller, but the PS5 controller is on par with the Xbox offerings now.

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          The Duke!

  • +1

    Is this the Series X?

    • It’s a controller.

    • +1

      Yes mate. D pad is new

    • +1

      It's for XBot. Only kidding.

      It's for XBox One, One S, One X, Series S, Series X and PC (officially). Most likely works with Android and iOS (okay also linux and MacOS as well).

      • +1

        I mean is it series x controller or xbox one controller.

        I think should be series x controller, xbox one controller may not available anymore.

        • Series X/S controller as it has the extra button in the middle.

        • It's Series S|X controller. If you already have a Series S|X, then it should be obvious this one looks the same.

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      Shh, nobody tell him.

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        What? Even that his undies are made there Lol.

  • looks like its 30k points on telstras website I could just get it for free with telstra I guess, but I use the old xbox one controler with the official microsoft wifi adapter.

    • +2

      Out of stock on Telstra plus.

    • The new one can use the adaptor also, less latency apparently.

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    All gone now !

  • Bugger, went OOS before I could complete checkout 😐

    • Back in stock.

      • Cheers πŸ™‚

        • OOS again :(

  • +1

    Still available, they added more stock just then

    • Cheers, got in and managed to grab one after all! πŸ™‚

  • Still in stock for me. Was able to check out.

  • I would like to have a blue one. But no stock.

  • Cheers OP ;)

  • nooo im 3min too late

  • BIG W BS again, never had stock for the last sale, maybe 3 stock for this one.

    • They had 35. May as well have been three though…

  • +1

    Is this suitable for Xbox one? And if I ever upgrade to xbox x obviously good for that yes?

    • +1

      This is good for xbox one

  • Back to stock, just purchased one, thanks OP

  • Back up grabbed one thanks!

  • got one thanks!!

  • Is it only free delivery if your eBay plus?

    And is this code only one use as done it already if so

  • Ok one use code and no free delivery so I’m out

  • Thanks OP. Got one.

  • Damn, literally sold out as I was checking out…

    • More available. Get on it!

  • OOS OP

  • Just bought partially paid by gift card, as of this moment still 1 available.

    • nice, one left

      • Time to try $1 xbox cloud with my Google Chromecast TV, even I found that 360 wireless controller still work with it.

        Seem Xbox app won't sideload on it.

      • +1

        Now 3 available.


        10 available now

  • Nice got one, made use of forgetting to unsubscribe from ebay plus

  • This is back up. Just grabbed one. Only 7 left.

  • Just grabbed one, thanks OP

  • Is anyone else getting the error when paying "Please check your payment details or use a different payment option."?

    I've tried 3 different cards as well as using different browsers as well as on my phone, all getting the same error… I am sure the details and billing address match… Is anyone else getting the same error?

    • No problem here with PC browser and debit card

      • Thanks for confirming. So sad… spent 30 mins trying and watching the stock deplete 1 by 1 until OOS… I am going to make myself better by ordering one through the design lab now…

        • It said 3 available again

          • @superforever: Thanks, just spent another 15 mins trying but still can't place the order… Give up… >.<

            • @akanian: Can you select C.C. option and add your credit card?

              • @superforever: Absolutely, have tried adding it in the checkout page and also in the accounts page as a payment method, and both accepted fine. Tried 3 different cards also.

                Just won't confirm the payment…

                • @akanian: Are you sure you have no VPN, AU cards and AU eBay account?

                  This is also the first time I use C.C. , only used PayPal before.

                  • @superforever: Yea 100% AU card and account. You raised a good point about VPN, my PC was connected to work VPN. However, I had the exact same error when trying on my phone via eBay app.

                    I will take note next time or if they restock, thanks for helping.

  • Just got one. Thanks.

  • OOS again

  • Pulse Red is up. Will not last long so get in quick!

  • Cheers OP! Grabbed the Pulse Red :)

  • +1

    How does warranty work when buying from Big W eBay? Can it be returned to a physical Big W store?

  • Following for Black if in stock

    • 3 black available

      • Just saw this, cheers!

  • +2

    Fark, red is OOS

  • Both back in stock

  • The code has expired.

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