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Xbox Wireless Controller (All Colors) $89.95~$94.95 Delivered @ Microsoft


I know this is not the best price so far but keeping in mind the shortage of Xbox controllers in market, you can try to get the price down by:
Starting this Spend $50 - Get $20 challenge {82/150 claimed at the time of this post}
Buy Xbox gift card at 10% from Shopback for further savings.

Price can go around $60~$65

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    Give me mmmmmmmmmmmuh Deep Pink controller!

    • i know right, hope we get it!

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      they were never in stock when I checked it last time.

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        just picked up a red and a white for $158 delivered.

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    When it rains it pours controllers

  • Just a heads up, you can get a base model customised controller for just under $100 from Lab Design (No engraving, rubber grips, metallic buttons etc).

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    I almost bought one from Microsoft yesterday. Glad I waited and saw your spend $50 get $20 tip :)

  • is the app challenge still working? can't see anything about it on the shopback app or shopback website.
    does purchase need to be from app?

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      You needed to have enrolled the challenge when it was visible. You don't need to use the app either, once activated you can complete the shop on any device you want.

      • Ah damn, too late. Thanks

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    Still have 3 Xbox controllers sealed. Can not help myself everytime when they release something nice.

    • same, my wife doesn't get it though, hahaha

  • Can you buy the Xbox One controllers new from anywhere? As I prefer those to use with my Series S.

    The One controllers have less clicky D-pad - don't have that rough grip or the silly share button which I always press by accident!

    • I thought I'd miss the old-style D-Pad but the new one hurts a lot less when playing 2D Sonic for hours at a time.

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    Thanks OP.

    I think a lot of people are looking at the prices quoted in the title, and not realising your comment "Price can go around $60~$65" after you stack those 2x items you mentioned - which might also get a smidge more if it stacks with the 1.5% Microsoft cashback at Shopback (not 6%, due to controller most likely falling under "Xbox (Consoles, accessories, Game Pass and Live)".

  • Thanks
    Hopefully shopback challenge tracks

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    i understand that this is a deal, but Australia now has design Lab
    no more single colors, but its only if you can afford it


  • does this have any input lag when connected to PC using bluetooth?

  • Still waiting for tracking. Lodged enquiry. Being reviewed. But as the deal only has 13 remaining redemptions, and the $20 only applies once transaction is "tracks", I may miss out through no fault of own.

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