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Apple iPhone 11 - 64GB (White, Black $647), 128GB Black $727, 128GB White $727 (Back Order) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Amazon has further dropped its price on the White model to match Officeworks

128GB Black ($727) (in stock) and White ($727) (back order) available too

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Race to the bottom

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    2% cash back at cashrewards

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      it’s Apple with A-series chip, FaceID, iMessage, FaceTime, etc AND most importantly Apple customer cares (after sales) + reliable and fair warranty aka, YES

      • Did you really just say iMessage and FaceTime as something unique lol

        • yes. when u can do it from a desktop or laptop - 100%

          • @Nilfunds: I mean you can do that with teams as well or zoom…

            • @KnifeEnthusiastBoi: how do you txt with zoom?

              please let me know how to txt from a windows machine. im serious. its annoying af that u cant

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            @Nilfunds: Indeed. Seamless with macOS. Works first time, every time.

      • "A-series chip"?
        Like that's a selling point?
        Everyone iPhone since the iPhone 4 has run an "A-series chip"
        Nothing fancy

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    IPhone 13 for this price then maybe apple prices are crazy for old hardware

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    Nearly $100 for a mere 64GB extra storage. It costs Apple just $5 dollars for extra storage from 32 to 64GB.

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      That's not a complaint unique to Apple though. They aren't too far off Google or the other manufacturers with the iPhone 13 128GB -> 256GB upgrade costing $170 whereas the Pixel 6 Pro costs $150.

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        Let's not kid ourselves here though, the trend was started by Apple and picked up by other companies when they realised how much Apple was raking it in. Consumerism 101.

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      How do you get to that figure?
      You talking raw materials? Because obviously that would be much cheaper

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    What's a good phone for this price range these days? Am I better off with a pixel?

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      The mobile section on the forums has pinned threads with polls on the best phones in each price range. The Pixel 6 has the most votes in the $500 - 800 range thread, though the iPhone 11 was not in this price range till now. The What should I buy? page also has more poll threads.

      So it is up you if you prefer a recent Pixel or older iPhone (still on latest iOS) or one of the other options if you're set on sticking to this price range.

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        I did look through there but found it ironic that the top voted phone in the $500-$800 range was $1,000 unless getting a import and the others only had 7 votes. I'll dig around the other forum, cheers

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    Almost 4 generations behind in technology and functions

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      And still very popular

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      It will take the latest IOS and continue to be updated for quite some time.

      Functionally it’s not far off the latest iPhones.

      • Sorry the latest iPhones has security for every parts so when you go for repair you know you are going to be shafted whether it's applecare or third-party. Pray that you have warranty when your phone gets sick.

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      I have an iPhone SE and believe it or not, it still makes calls, takes photos and receives messages. What Earth shattering technology am I missing out on?

      • Depends what you want a from a phone I guess?

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          I'm genuinely curious what you'd want from a phone that you can't get from one a couple of years old nowadays that's practically useful and that justifies the cost. Not even being a smart ass, would love to be educated.

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            @kingdingaling: You are right, that's why you don't get any replies. No flagship is worth its price these days.

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              @bio: Thanks for the reply. I wasn't trying to be judgemental, people can spend their own money on whatever they want. Was just wanting to know what (if anything) I was missing. I like my phone because it's smaller in size and easily fits in my pocket. I know some people prefer the bigger screens, but I would rather something more portable personally.

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                @kingdingaling: I have a Pixel 5. It doesn't have any features I need that my previous phone didn't, and it doesn't have anything missing when compared to current flagships. Obviously every new phone will be a bit faster, have a bit more storage etc but I can't call those reasons for upgrading.

                • @bio: Yeah, that's what they advertise, commonsense stuff like faster, more durable etc. If the new phones are more durable, I'll at least wait for my current one to break before I buy one. I'll need to buy one then anyway… stupid reason just to buy a phone IMO.

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                    @kingdingaling: My teenage daughter, and you know teenagers, has my old iphone 7 and is perfectly happy with it

                    I use an iphone XR for business and its totally fine

                    My wife has an iphone 13, having gone from a 5, and hardly notices the difference (other than, yes, the 5 was getting a bit slow at times)

                    Sure none of these phones have 'very greatest' camera nor will they play some games and dont have the latest and greatest screens, so if that is what people need then go for something new. if you take the odd photo, use it to internet, stay in touch with people, shop and use most apps - its a bit pointless to know you are now doing so 0.3 second faster.

                    • @dtc: The iphone7 will drop off the iOS update list, at the next major upgrade, as will the Apple Watch 3. My other half will be looking for a new phone and watch combo.

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      Flagship Android is usually about 2 gens behind the latest iPhone. The A13 bionic is still competitive with phones in the same price range.

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      Still gets the latest iOS. Most 4 year old Android phones don't get the latest version officially, even Google's own line of phones.

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    Officeworks have just dropped their price for the 128GB to $727… https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/c/technology...

    • Yes and they have all the colours at this price not only the black and the white…

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    Apple iPhone SE 3rd Gen would probably be much better choice that comes with same latest CPU as iPhones 13 if you don’t mind spending a bit more & classic ecstatic imo.

    • If you were willing to spend more you woulda got a 11 pro or 12 or something

      • +1

        If iphone 12 64gb brand new wasn’t extra $450 ish jump from iphone 11 64gb. Then yeah that would be valid option.

        Where as SE 3rd gen is extra $72 & I would be really surprised if there was authorised apple seller who still sells a brand new iphone 11 pro.

        • Yeah that’s why I always advocate to buy used bc it’s so much cheaper

  • Perfect timing thanks - got 3

  • Apple is the king, still selling apple watch 3 officially

    • +1

      Only for a couple months more haha

      • It takes market share away from competitors since most other smartwatches are priced around the 3.
      • It makes the jump from 3 to 7 look significant, making the 7 look much better than if it was compared to the 5 or 6, and thus making the price seem more reasonable.
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        watchOS 9 doesn’t support Apple Watch Series 3 so I expect it to be discontinued this September after the keynote

        • Yeah. Hoping for a price drop so I can consider buying a couple to hold on to to use as future gifts.

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    I would only purchase this if you insist on buying new but at a low cost. I would rather buy a iPhone 12 used for a similar price off fb marketplace or gumtree as some of the newer iOS 16 features are locked behind the A14 Bionic. However if you need something cheaper than that this is the best phone to get just try and get it used for cheaper

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      There’s always a delay with used market and a new “dropped” price. Many will be insisting on 600+ for “good condition” iPhone 11 and some suckers will still be buying.

      • Yep that’s why you set alerts on marketplace and gumtree. Some people will always ask for ridiculous prices

    • Yea this. Although you run the risk of getting a dud.

      • It’s much of the time very easy to check these things when you see them in person 👍

        • How do you check for replaced screens?

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            @onlinepred: if the display doesn’t have true tone it has been 100% replaced

  • Waiting for iPhone 12 to …. Drop

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      Just get a case, $10, drop problem solved!

  • -1

    Very tempting, but I will wait for Pixel 6a coming soon.

    • Why not the Pixel 6?

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    Black now $727 and white too.

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    To be honest though, the 11, despite a newer chip was inferior to the X in many ways. Google it and you'll understand. For the money I would be aiming for an excellent grade used 12, or spending a few hundred more for a new 12.

  • but this apple isn't fresh anymore……almost 3 years old :P

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      Nowadays you can easily get away with a 3 year old (especially Apple) processor, whilst the newest processors are better they are by no means necessary and still get iOS support for years

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    Just sucks that its the non pro variant so you look like you have an old model phone. 3 camera variant even for $50 more and it would sell like hot cakes

    • It literally is an older phone? I don't think anyone buying this cares about making people think they have a newer phone. If you judge people by the number of cameras on the back of their phone, that's just weird. Not everyone needs the pro. I'm glad for the 14, they're going with 14, 14 Max, 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max - so you don't have to get a pro just to have a max.

  • Why is white more popular than black?

  • The problem with the “older technology” is you will drop off the iOS upgrade list more quickly than if you bought the later technology. My other half got an iPhone 7 and an Apple Watch 3. About 6 months later I got an iPhone XS and an Apple Watch 5. He will, soon, have to buy replacement to keep getting iOS upgrades whereas I’ve got a couple of years left. You need to do an amortisation on old/new technology over time.

    My current thinking is wait until the next products are released and then try to get a good deal on the previous level. I would, also, go for, at least, the 128 for music and storage. YMMV.

    • I think the issue here is why on earth your other half got a iPhone 7 and aw series 3 in 2022. We knew that the series 3 and the 7 were gonna be soon phased out long ago.

      But yes you’re right if you can you should absolutely wait until September/October’s keynote to pick up a new phone even if you’re not getting the next generation

      • This wasn’t in 2022, it was 2019; just, before the iPhone 11 was released.

        • Oh well in that case you’ve got a decent run out of it I reckon! Getting a Apple Watch Series 3 in general is a loss imo but ig sorta good to try out the Apple Watch

          • @ThatNintendoKid: We both had iPhone 6 phones. We wanted to try out the watch but the iPhone 6 couldn’t be upgraded to the relevant iOS. It was a “proof of concept” idea. He went with entry level and was happy with the functionality. I went with the latest watch but stepped back a generation from the latest phone. Frankly the phone is, mostly, an access system for the watch and iPad; it doesn’t need to be fancy. I’ve, probably, got a couple more years of my technology being upgradable.

    • The 'problem' here is minaturised electronics manufacturing is getting better at producing healthy parts which has much longer life. The processors are also much more capable so our devices are surviving longer. The let down is the battery lifespan but it's also elevated by more power efficient designs. However, there is no money for the companies to support older phones so they rather kill older phones by excluding old phones in new OS updates.

  • Just nicking out to check the time circuits…

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