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Dell Single Monitor Arm MSA20 $157.92 (RRP $329) Delivered @ Dell AU


The solid-as-a-tank monitor arm from Dell is back on sale again.

Discounted Price $157.92
Save $171.08 (52% off RRP)

Easy installation with virtually tool-free assembly
Supports 19 to 38-inch monitors weighing up to 10.0kg
3 years Limited Hardware Warranty

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    hmm, how do these compare to NB F80 Monitor Desk Mount?

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      Much better mount

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      They’re the best mounts For DELL monitors. I have both the dual mounts and the single mounts. Using two single mounts is has much better flexibility when compared to dual mounts

      • yep definitely single mounts are better i have two NB mounts one for Dell and other Acer.
        Will need to do some research to see how they are better to see if worth replacing the NB mount with this as so far I feel they do the exact same thing.
        Unsure if the Dell one has more manoeuvrability, longer arm, better angles and so on and if so is it worth $100 more as the original price of $329 is a joke

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    $146.86 with 7% off coupon obtained through deal below.


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      That deal isn't expired?

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        Well I guess technically the above deal is expired, but Dell keeps extending it every month so the same offer is still available. Current coupons expire 31 July.

  • Can I use it with S3423DWC? TIA.

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      Under 38" and 6.65kg (<10kg limit), I'm pretty sure you can use this arm with that monitor.

      • Ordered one, thanks.

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      I have this monitor arm for my AW3821DW. As OP says, the arm is solid as a tank and a perfect fit for the monitor. So I imagine it’ll manage fine with the S3423DWC. I haven’t regretted getting the arm.

  • Will these clip ok onto an omni desk? The desk tops are fairly thin

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      Considering Omnidesk sell an single monitor arm on their website that will hold up to 15kg monitors and I have a double arm and single arm mounted on an Ikea 'cardboard' desk for years with no problem, I would think you would be fine with the Omni.

    • +1

      Using this one on my omni desk, and it's perfectly fine.

      • Does it fit alright the the cable tray underneath?

        Also did you need to stick in any packers when attaching to the desk?

        • Hey
          Have my cable tray on the back under the table (it's facing the wall), so no issue on that side for me.

          Also, I'm just using the monitor stand straight on the table.

          • @Jayjay93: Awesome im glad i bit the bullet last night before the sale ended

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    Any idea if these would clamp an Ikea Lisabo desk? Or is anyone aware of a workaround due to the underside bevel?

    • +2

      Yes , a small piece of wood/timber to "thicken" the desk. No need for screws/adhesives, just pure clamping force :)

  • Is it any good with a non-Dell monitor? Currently using MPG321ur-qd

    • I'm using this with an x34p.

      Small issue where it uses a VESA bracket, which fits fine. However the bracket mounts onto arm, however the VESA mount on the monitor is recessed so the mount interfered somewhat with the recessed bit. Had to use a dremel to file off a small bit off the arm.

      tl;dr: If recessed, might be a small issue.

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    Bear in mind that the item is not in stock. You are placing an order for dell to make it. I purchased this monitor arm around the 5th of Jun same discounted price but I'm waiting for it to ship. The order status is currently still in production.

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    Just a heads up, I bought this in mid-June and delivery date got pushed out to late August. I tried to expedite it but they said they can’t do anything about it. I cancelled the order and ended up buying one from Amazon for $60. It holds my 32” 4K quite well.

    • +1

      I ordered a MSA20 in mid June with a August date. Was delivered on June 29th.

    • I ordered on Jun 13, est delivery Sep 5. According to Dell CS, there's a shortage of parts.

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    No way I could see myself buying this for $300+ even $158 seems a lot, is this a normal price for monitor arms or just Dell overpricing?

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      im sure companies or offices buy these at full price without a hesitation, general population not so much. I don't know many with a $300 single monitor arm.

    • For the similar feature and quality, you can't get anything lower than $200.

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        can you tell me what this has that others don't as I am having trouble finding a key difference in the sub $50 one like NB and this. Have had NB for 2 years without issues and expect it las a very long time so really interested in finding something that actually has a key feature that mine doesn't have (not including quality)

        • +1

          This. ^^^^

          I would like to know too!

          • @lordra: Service, return policy, design, materials used?

            I don’t own either but hazarding a guess.

  • Been using New F100A Full Motion Gas-strut Desktop FlexiMount Bracket TV/Monitor Stand for couple of months and like it. It's sturdy. Can't justify 3 times the price of dell, fills overpriced.

  • this is a great monitor arm. currently using it with the AW3821DW and fits nicely. no regrets.

    got mine early this year for $135.20 from the deal I posted.
    the seller might have a bad reputation, but my order arrived earlier than expected.

    this is still a good deal at this price, but I'm pretty sure there are cheaper options.

  • Any recommendations to hold 15kg 43” Ultrawide?

  • Still waiting for dispatch from last deal…

  • I really want this arm, but my antique desk has a small vertical "wall" at the back that stops the arm to be clamped to.
    If the clamp can take 70mm of desk thickness I can install it over that "wall". Unfortunately, the max it can take is only 53mm.

    • You can look for a free-standing dual monitor arm

      I have this Brateck monitor stand as I am very OCD about not wanting to clamp and ruin/mark my beautiful desk. It works well enough but is more of a set-and-forget kind of stand that I don't need to adjust daily (some people want the flexibility of moving the monitors around their desk, but I don't need that).

  • +2

    Ordered 7 June. Still not dispatched a month later and date listed on Dell order status page as 22 August. A bit of a joke to wait 2.5 months for such a simple product.

  • +1

    Ordered 1st July, estimated date 13 Sep 2022 thinking if I should cancel it or not

  • bought this a month ago and ETA is August…arrggg

  • +1

    Ordered 2 arms on 1st July
    Eta 13 September

    and….. I got shipped notification 2 minutes ago that it will arrive tomorrow

    • +1

      Same - looks like those July orders are shipping early. Awesome.

      • +1

        I was thinking about contacting them later today to see if they can do anything for it to come any sooner or something…

        anyway, happy they are coming finally
        Huge time difference, just under 2 months

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    Same here, getting it delivered tomorrow instead of September

  • +2

    Arrived yesterday arvo and all setup now (original sept date).
    Sturdy as which is great and no tools. Got s2721dgf and 3422dwg and they just clipped on. So worth using with dell screens

  • Full price again. Hopefully goes on sale again soon, want!

    • It seems to be a pretty regular occurrence so I would look again mid to late August.

  • Set mine up a couple of days ago, holds my AW3423DW much better than the $40 amazon one I had and it adds a lot more height range. Very well made and love the little rotating lock mechanisms if you need to restrict movement at two different points.

    Now that I have it, I agree it's much better than the cheapo ones I've got in the past. To be fair, I wanted something quality to hold up the AW3423DW as it is by far the best monitor I have ever owned and didn't want to cheap out this time. If it was just for a basic work monitor, I would still probably get the budget ones instead.

  • I purchased two for 2x 27" screens on the desk however the footprint is fairly chunky. Is it possible to attach two to one arm?

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