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20x Flybuys Points with Apple Gift Card Purchase (Limit 50,000 Pts/Account, Excludes $20 GC) @ Coles


From the upcoming Coles catalogue sale starting Wednesday July 6.

$30 = 600 FB Points
$50 = 1,000 FB Points
$100 = 2,000 FB Points
$200 = 4,000 FB points

Any questions, check out the FAQs.

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  • this means 10% off right ? last time we had the 30x flybuys point ?

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      30x points is a ~15% discount. But 30x hasn't happened for a year or more. It seems 20x is the new normal.

      • Yup, 30x points happened on and off around this time last year when they first introduced Apple Gift Cards. Has been 20x points since after Sep last year, don't think they'll do 30x again.

        • I think 30x and even 40x promos will come back eventually when the economy recovers some more.

          I'm guessing another 12 - 24 months …

          • @papapanda: The problem is now that there's only 1 kind of Apple gift card any of these promos now apply equally to Apple hardware where a 15% or 20% discount will have a big impact.
            Previously for iTunes credit (where Apple takes a 30% fee on sales) it was easy for them to just offset the discount with their fee. With hardware that's not possible without greatly reducing profits…

            • -2

              @stirlo: I remember redeeming iTunes GC to purchase Apple hardware at Apple Store on more than 1 occassion 3 - 4 years ago.

              Yes it will hurt their pockets more, but they have enough fat in their margins to bring back 30x and 40x promos; even if it applies to hardware purchases…

              And with increased competition in a recovered economy, they will have to compete hard to maintain market share.

              • @papapanda:

                I remember redeeming iTunes GC to purchase Apple hardware at Apple Store on more than 1 occassion 3 - 4 years ago.

                Sadly your memories are wrong. The new single Giftcard system only launched in July last year.

                but they have enough fat in their margins to bring back 30x and 40x promos; even if it applies to hardware purchases…

                True, but this is Apple not Samsung. They avoid discounting at all costs.

                And with increased competition in a recovered economy, they will have to compete hard to maintain market share.

                This makes no sense. Apple is a premium brand with premium pricing. In a good economy they have even less reason to discount…

                • -3

                  @stirlo: I said I redeemed ITUNES GC, not Apple GC. You will agree that iTunes GCs were around 3-4 years ago, yes?

                  Or maybe I am imagining my iPad which I purchased with it…

                  Competition is competition, whether you are at the upper end of the market, or lower end… and Apple Definitely has competition, and always will.

                  In any case, you seem to have a pessimistic view of the future… for both our sakes (and every other consumer of Apple products), I hope I am right..

                  • @papapanda:

                    I said I redeemed ITUNES GC, not Apple GC. You will agree that iTunes GCs were around 3-4 years ago, yes?

                    iTunes (and App Store) gift cards have never been redeemable for Apple Store products prior to 2021. There were seperate "Apple Store" gift cards that were (but couldn't be used on iTunes/App Store). You're obviously getting them confused.

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    Before anyone asks, 2000 FB points = $10 FB dollars to be spent at FB affliliated stores.

    You only get the true benefits of these "bonus points" deals when you pay $100 for the gift cards, then spend the $10 FB dollars. Essentially, you are paying $100 for $110 worth of goods, i.e. 9.09% off.

    • -6

      No 10% extra value

      • +13

        Both - 10% extra ($10) becomes 9.09% of the total received for $100 spend ($110).

        • +5

          Finally, someone who understands basic maths. This argument comes up everytime.

        • If I spend $100 and someone then gives me $10 they have given me 10% of the value I spent.

          • +2

            @Fancydancer: If something costs $110 but they give you a discount and it only costs you $100, you got 9.09% discount. No one said you were wrong, but implying the OP is wrong is wrong.

            • @chefff: But you’re not describing the deal. Deal is you spend $100 and get $10 extra.

            • +3

              @chefff: If you value FlyBuys Dollars as regular money because you regularly shop at Coles. You are paying $100 and getting $10 back. Therefore, you paid $90 for something that costs $100. Therefore, getting a discount of 10%.

              9.09% holds true only if bonus was something that cannot be traded back. E.g. getting 10% more of shampoo. You are unable to trade this 10%, so you got discount 9.09%. If the bonus is "cash" then bonus = discount.

              You cannot just apply math as a sledgehammer and completely ignore externalities.

          • +1

            @Fancydancer: A BONUS is not the same as a DISCOUNT.

        • Take my vote!

    • +13

      Surely it depends on the context of the spending.

      If you were going to spend $10 in Coles anyway, lets say for your regular food shop, then you could mentally say that you have paid $10 cash for your groceries and attribute the $10 FlyBuys Dollars as $10 off the gift cards, therefore equaling a 10% saving off the cost of the gift card.

      If you don't normally buy anything at Coles and have to buy something you wouldn't normally buy to use the $10 FlyBuys Dollars, then the logic of 9.09% holds up.

      I would argue most people shop at Coles or Woolies, so these deals can be seen as 10% off despite the math provided.

      • +1

        A BONUS is not the same as a DISCOUNT.

        This becomes a lot more noticeable with higher bonus/discount amounts.

        Let's break it down slow… imagine 2 promos with a much higher amount:

        A. First promo is for 50% BONUS:

        • You buy a $100 GC, and you get $50 bonus value
        • You've now spent $100 of your actual money, but you have $150 value to spend later
        • In effect, you have received $50 discount off your total $150 GC value
        • In other words; you've received a 33.33% discount ($50 / $150)

        B. Second promo is for 50% DISCOUNT:

        • You buy a $100 GC, and you get $50 discount
        • You've now spent $50 of your actual money, but you have $100 value to spend later
        • In effect, you have received $50 discount off your total $100 GC value
        • In other words; you've received a 50% discount ($50 / $100)

        … I'll take a DISCOUNT promo over a BONUS promo any day…

        • +7

          I understand how the promotions work in the eyes of retailer, and factually you may be correct, but my point is that if you were spending the BONUS amount anyway, you can think of it as a DISCOUNT against your original spend.

          Here is an example. I buy $1000 worth of Apple Gift Cards and received a BONUS $100 worth of Woolworths Reward Vouchers. I do my usual weekly shop at Woolworths and use the BONUS $100 Rewards Vouchers in place of cash/credit. Mentally, I take that $100 cash/credit saved on my weekly shop, and apply it as a DISCOUNT off the Gift Cards.

          • @Master Bates: I agree in principle that any promo is a good promo as it saves you (us - the consumer) money, but…

            That psychological trick is precisely why Retailers prefer BONUS promos. It costs them less to run the promo, while making you feel like you are getting the same value as a discount.

            Consider an even better ongoing promo where you get the choice of either a 100% BONUS on all your spend, OR, 100% DISCOUNT on all your spend…

            I know which one I'd pick…

            • @papapanda:

              Consider an even better ongoing promo where you get the choice of either a 100% BONUS on all your spend, OR, 100% DISCOUNT on all your spend…

              Again, it does not change a thing if you shop regularly. If your weekly expense is $100, and you get one week for free it is the same as getting the second week for free.

              The bonus argument would hold if I were going to buy something with it I normally do not buy, and it is one off expense.

              I understand it is 9.09% mathematically, but practically it is 10% because I need to eat.

        • That's why the percentages mentioned are not the same.

      • Exactly how I see it.

  • Is this a good deal to buy next iphone

    • +2

      This or Woolies, choose your poison. Best way I know of to get 10% off from apple store.

      • Flybuys has a much lower chance of fraud and points being stolen before you spend them. Check out the EDR groups on facebook, constant posts about fraud.

      • +2

        Flybuys gives you a bigger variety of options to redeem your bonus points where with Woolies you’re restricted to Woolies, Big W, EG Servos and converting to Qantas Points. Whichever works for you but also comes down to timing. I personally don’t mind bonus points with either scheme, if it ties in with needing to buy something or a bonus cashback offer.

    • +23

      2019 called. They want their lame joke back.

      • How many gift cards is that?

      • Was it James smith who called?

  • +1

    good for Zwift discount

  • Can I use the recently purchased $250 visa gift cards from coles that were ten per cent off to buy the apple gift cards?

    • I’m assuming you’re referring to the Coles Mastercard gift cards?

      Officially speaking, you’re not allowed to use Coles Mastercard gift cards to purchase any other gift cards at Coles (which includes Apple gift cards). (This was in the fine print of the recent deal.)

      If a staff member notices you attempting to use a Coles Mastercard gift card as a payment method and they want to (or have been trained to) stop you from doing that, they can do that. However, there appears to be no restrictions in the checkout system itself (at the moment, anyway) that will stop you from using Coles Mastercard gift cards as a payment method.

  • Can you use gift cards on the union apple store ? The one with the best discounts ..

    • Yup you can. Up to 8. Alternatively add the gift cards to your apple balance. There’s no limit to his much you can have on it I think, and you can use it to pay on the AOC store.

      • There’s no limit to his much you can have on it I think

        Limit is $5000. Not much you can buy that would cause you to hit that limit however.

        I just bought a $3300 MacBook Pro from AOC using store credit with no issues.

  • How much gift card to get the maximum? Want to use it for next iPhone

    • Limit 50,000 Pts/Account means you can buy $ 2,500 gift cards per flybuys account. If you want to get more than that, just apply for another flybuys account.

  • Perfect timing! Preorders for M2 MBA should open this Friday

    The variable denomination card qualifies as well right? It is shown in the thumbnail but the T&C doesn't list it as an example (it lists all the other card denomination).

    • +5

      I would say it qualifies, because:

      • It is pictured in the catalogue. It would be odd for Coles and Flybuys to show a particular denomination in a deal and then turn around later and say "lol jk sorry, it wasn't actually included".

      • It is not listed as an exclusion. The only exclusion listed in the fine print is the $20 fixed denomination.

      • In previous Apple gift card deals at Coles, the variable denomination has been included in the deal.

    • How do we buy the variable denomination gc? Also looking for the M2 Air.

      • +3

        They have $20-$500 shown on the card.

        You scan it and then just enter the gift card amount at the self check out.

        Before payment you need a staff to scan their pass to approve the transaction.

        • Thank you so much!!

  • Waiting for 3x … thanks OP

    • 30x points haven’t happened since the first few months of the Apple gift cards being released last year.

  • Does anyone know if the cards can be used in the Apple Refurbished Store? Has anyone used the cards to buy a refurb?

    • +2

      Yes you can. I bought $1500 worth last October to purchase a refurb MacMini. Also received the complimentary lecture and flyer on not using them to pay off an ATO debt.

  • Basically you received goods worth $110 ($100 gift card + $10 groceries) and paid $100 at the store.
    This equates to 9.09% off (NOT 10% off).

  • +2

    Equal to 9.09% discount (off) or 10% bonus. Hope this help someone.

  • Says limit is 5 GC per FB account. Does this mean If I want to purchase $2k worth of gift cards I need two FB accounts?

    • You could get 4x $500 dollar as long as the variable ones are included (which it seems from the catalogue they are)

  • I’ve just activated a flybuys offer of “collect 5 x points” for every transaction… will that apply to this promotion ?

    • I've been trying to get those kind of bonus points offers to stack with purchases of gift cards at Coles for a few years… with no success.

      • +1

        That’s odd because I get them just about every week

    • Not apply to GC

      • It’s worked for me in the past with the coles Mastercard gift cards

  • Can I get a new flybuys account when I’m buying these in store? Those paper temporary cards they have at the self checkout? Will the points register on the spot?

    Wanna buy more than $2500 so need to get past that 50,000 bonus points limit.

  • +2

    Bought a variable card this morning $500 value, waiting for points to be added still.I like Woolies better as you see immediately that value is there during purchase.

  • +1

    I just bought a $500 apple gift card using a $500 Coles gift card. Self checkout. Only thing I bought was the apple gift card.

    • Can we buy gift card at self checkout? I thought gift cards need to be activated by cashier. Asking as it would be much more convenient for self check out as I plan to do split payments of $99 to utilise HSBC 2% CB.

      • A team member has to come and blip their barcode before you pay. You can pay how you want.

      • You can buy gift cards at Coles self checkouts. However, you can only do split payments for purchases of gift cards if the first payment method you use is cash and then you use one card (or if you’re lucky, one gift card) to pay the remaining amount owed.

        If you want to use multiple cards (or the same card multiple times) in a transaction at Coles where you are purchasing a gift card, you’ll need to go to a standard checkout (i.e. the service desk or a checkout operated by a dedicated checkout assistant).

        • Thanks both. Interesting - wasn't aware that the first payment has to be in the form of cash.

  • How long does it take for points to be credited?

    • +1

      Usually a day.

      My partner went to coles on July 5 3pm and the points appeared yesterday afternoon.

    • Still waiting for mine from yesterday morning

    • Usually about 5pm the next day.

  • I just got the points for the $2500 I spent yesterday on the 5x$500 gift cards

    But beware they appear in two lots:

    • 2,500 points for the money spent
    • 47,500 points for the bonus

    So the total is 50,000 points for $2500.

    • +1

      Prepping for the m2? :)

      • +2

        Yeh mate.

        Midnight M2 MBA 8C/10C 512GB SSD sorted for tomorrow night :)

  • Does anyone know if my Apple Card balance will be deducted at the time of the preorder tonight?

    Or will it be sometime next week when it is shipped like when they charge the credit cards only when the product is shipped?

    • You mean Apple ID balance? From memory, yes, it will be deducted at the time of preorder (or order). It's just like buying an app, just that you're now buying hardware. The balance gets updated immediately.

  • Is there a limit on the amount of gift cards balance that I can add/redeem to my account?
    I want to buy macbook around 5K ~ 6K, so can I get 3 different FB's and redeem 6k worth of gift cards on a single purchase?

    • +1

      It’s doable, but will require a little bit of work.

      The current limit for Apple Account Associated Balances is $4,999.

      You can redeem up to 8 Apple gift cards in one Apple Online Store transaction (in conjunction with the Apple Account Associated Balance).

      If you live near a physical Apple Store, you can apparently ask staff to consolidate multiple Apple gift cards into one (with a maximum of $3,000 loaded onto one Apple gift card). You may want to check with your local physical Apple Store first if they are happy to consolidate multiple Apple gift cards into one, as well as the maximum denomination.

      • +1

        Thanks @WookieMonster, Store's too far for me. I've loaded Apple Account Associated Balance to that limit.
        Now am trying to use remaining cards while doing the payment. But, I see an error that says card pin's invalid. I'm applying the 16 characters string starting with X.
        Are we certain that I can use the same gift card while doing the transaction when Apple Account Associated Balance is maxed out?
        Anyways will try speaking to customer care tomorrow… last time they mentioned they can manually add the gift card to my order, via call after I place it. However am skeptical to share gift card numbers over call.

        • Hmm that’s strange. You should be able to use Apple gift cards in conjunction with an Apple Account Associated Balance, because:

          I assume you’re trying to redeem an Apple gift card code that has not already been redeemed onto your Apple Account Associated Balance? (The 16 digit code starting with X is correct.) If so, here are some other questions:

          • Could it be that the Apple gift cards have not been activated yet? Some gift cards can take about a day or so to activate.

          • There has been issues in the past where an Apple gift card sold at Coles does not correctly activate.

          • There have been other issues in the past where someone tampered with the gift card packaging by swapping the slip of paper inside the packaging with a slip of paper with a used Apple gift card code. You can tell whether this is the case by checking whether the long alphanumeric code starting with PBH below the gift card code matches the long alphanumeric code starting with PBH on the gift card packaging.

          It could also be an error that I cannot explain… who knows!

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