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Dell 27 USB-C (65W powered) FHD 75Hz Monitor - S2723HC $277.27 Delivered @ Dell AU


I was Looking for a budget 27” with USB-C for the laptop. This seem to fit the bill. The useful feature for the laptop is USB-C upstream/DisplayPort 1.2 Alt Mode with 65W Power Delivery. Apply code at check out

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    1080p though 😞

    • For office use i found UHD or even QHD is too small to be useful. They have both deal $390 ish and $490 ish few weeks ago (40% off EOFY)

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        Even if that's the case, this is clearly still paying premium for USB-C support and getting the dated USB-C/alt-mode DP 1.2. At this resolution, obviously DP 1.4 is pointless (given that there is no way Dell would implement MST for this series of monitors).

        On Macs, this resolution makes no sense.

        1 HDMI port only. Gosh, Dell, more cost cutting for the new models?

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        I had that problem as well on my Windows laptop. The scaling feature addresses this — set to 125% or higher and small text is much easier to view.

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        I have the S2721QS which is 4K and it’s unreal. Better half has a 1080p and it’s so pixelated for office use it does my head in.

        • Agreed. I bought the same monitor in June, it’s fantastic.

      • Interesting, I thought the world has moved on from FHD on 27" ?

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        Seriously, get your eyes tested.

        1080p looks pixelated on a 27 and ridiculous on a 32. It also seriously interferes with even office use on a 27.

      • 1440P (QHD) @ 27" (~109ppi) is pretty nominal for UI sizing, perfect at 100% scaling (which is great as it avoids any UI scaling bugs some software have).

        1080P (FHD) @ 27" (~81ppi) makes the UI far too large imo, and looks quite pixelated. Practically unusable for any productivity work as text and UI look pretty bad. Maybe acceptable for content consumption or gaming - but generally speaking similar 27" panels aren't that much more cost from FHD to QHD anyway (plenty of previous deals of Dell 27" 1440P 75Hz monitors for <$260).

        • Plenty really? link usb-c under $300 for QHD

          • @huu: Fair observation - I suppose I was speaking more broadly about the value proposition between FHD 27” and QHD 27” - would rather get a type C hub + non-usb-c QHD 27” monitor over a FHD one

            • @unknown-entity: getting a HUB beat the purpose of one cable convienient, beside a good USB-C Hub aint cheap

              • @huu: I have a USB-C extension cable running from my laptop down to the USB-C hub that is under my desk. This actually results in a cleaner one cable set-up than a USB-C monitor:

                My peripheral cables can run down the desk to my USB-C hub - whereas a USB-C monitor would require you run these cables up to it's integrated USB-A ports.
                Only power and HDMI cables need to go up to my monitor.

                The USB-C hub I have cost $49 and also has Gigabit ethernet which is another bonus - something this deal's monitor is lacking. I paid $220 for a Dell 27" 1440P 75Hz - works out about the same cost as this deal - and personally getting QHD instead of FHD was the best bonus of all :P

                • @unknown-entity: As oppose to just one power cable to this monitor? ;-P if i am near all that point i wouldnt need a usb-c monitor in the first place, different usage case and budget

                  • @huu: Not sure what you mean by "just one power cable to this monitor" -

                    The USB-C monitor in this deal would require you run a minimum of 2 cables - mains power for the monitor, and the USB C cable to your laptop.

                    More likely you could be running up to 4 cables if you're using the integrated USB-A ports for USB peripherals.

                    In the setup I personally use (and described above with a USB-C hub + non-USB-C monitor) - I only have 2 cables going up to the monitor (HDMI and power). If I were to use a USB-C monitor, I'd have 4 cables going up for USB-C, power, and 2x USB peripherals.

                    Besides all of that, I got QHD + hub for the same price ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

                    I just really don't think 27" FHD monitors have any value if you're paying ≥$250 for one.

                    • @unknown-entity: hmmm… Just one cable from power point to monitor..
                      usb-c cable to charge the laptop and graphic. got the logitech dongle plug integrated USB-A port for mouse and keyboard. But you are correct why need a USB-C Monitor in your set up? plenty sub $200 one your are comparing two different thing

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                        "As oppose to just one power cable to this monitor?"

                        I'm running HDMI and power to a monitor - you're comparing running USB-C and power to a USB-C monitor - if anything, they're equal in cables, hence why I don't see your opposition/comparison.

                        My point is that by the end of it all, even if both setups are running the same number of cables (2) to the monitor - one setup is QHD @ 27" and the other is FHD @ 27" - all for roughly the same cost and features - so is it really worth going FHD??

                        $277 is a lot for a 1080P 27" monitor, even with its USB-C feature imo

                        • @unknown-entity: HUH? USB-C also power the laptop!

                          • @huu: The $49 USB-C hub I have has PD power pass through, delivers 65W to my laptop through the single USB-C cable.

                            • @unknown-entity: then what power the hub?

                              • @huu: Any (sufficient) USB-C power source. I'm using the charger that came with my laptop.

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                                  @unknown-entity: so the hub is self power ? huh? adding a hub between the monitor and the laptop use less cable then just a usb-c hub monitor defies logic to me

                                  • @huu:

                                    so the hub is self power ? huh?

                                    My USB-C hub is powered by my USB-C laptop charger - I literally said this above.

                                    adding a hub between the monitor and the laptop use less cable then just a usb-c hub monitor defies logic to me

                                    It is much easier to manage any additional cables beneath the underside of my desk, because you cannot see them.

                                    The set up I have (of a USB-C hub + monitor) uses less cables in visible areas than a USB-C monitor would have (in my case).

                                    If using a USB-C monitor - it would be much harder to to manage 4+ cables that would be required going up to that monitor, because then the USB-A ports would be above my desk on the monitor. Keeping the USB-C hub below my desk makes this far easier to manage.

                                    In my set up, on top of my desk, there is a single USB-C cable going to my laptop, and HDMI+power going to my monitor - the rest is hidden away on the underside of my desk.

                                    • @unknown-entity: My desk is not against the wall, i have just 1 power cable to the monitor. then 1 usb-c cable to the laptop. thats it.

                                      You have 1 power cable to the hub, 1 power cable to the monitor, 1 usb-c cable to the laptop. 1 hdmi cable to monitor

                                      as i said different use case

                                      • @huu: For an open desk setup (like you have) I agree that a USB-C monitor is a much cleaner set-up. I still don't agree that FHD 27" is a good choice for value at this price point, the pixel density is too low for $277 - having integrated USB-C doesn't make up for it imo. Would rather spend $329 to get a QHD 27" USB-C monitor if integrated USB-C is a must have. Or if integrated USB-C isn't a strict requirement, Dell QHD 27" monitors are more affordable than this deal.

                                        If 27" @ QHD (or UHD) feels too small for you at native resolution, you can use scaled options in your OS to increase the size of UI and text, whilst getting the benefits of the higher pixel density.

                                        • @unknown-entity: for me it combination of usb-c , txt ui too small, and native laptop res is 1080 or i would go for the QHD deal earlier. The est 36 days delivery further put me off that deal

                                          • @huu: I believe you can set different scaling factors per screen - can leave your laptop as 1080P 100% and a monitor at a different resolution and scale factor.

                                            • @unknown-entity: well for me i have to set a arbitrary budget some where, else it be like $100 more for a QHD, or $100 more from that for UHD, or just $100 more for 144Hz etc where is the line? anything above 1080 is a luxury 😁

                • @unknown-entity: What USB-C hub have you got?

      • 1080 is a tad pixelated for 27"

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      Yep, FHD on 27” is bad, you will see everything pixelated from normal viewing distance, better to go with 2k on a 27” monitor

    • And also an S low tier panel

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    Probably worth mentioning that this is only - Native Resolution Full HD (1080p) 1920 x 1080 at 75 Hz.
    2k is the ideal resolution for a 27"

    • I would argue 110ppi or less is around the limit. That is 2k at 27 inches starts to become visibly pixelated. I have a 25 inch 2k monitor at around 123ppi and it's passable, my Ultrawide 34" has same vertical pixel count of 1440 and is 109ppi and noticeably more visible pixels. 27 to 32 inch 16:9 ratio should really be 4k IMO. Just wish there were more affordable 5k2k 34+ inch ultrawide monitors on the market. I think Dell has been recycling their screens for the last 3 or 4 years with little improvement.

  • So:

    • USB Type-C upstream port (Alternate mode with DisplayPort 1.2, Power Delivery up to 65 W)
    • USB-C to USB-C Cable (USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type C™-DP/PowerDelivery)

    Better assume AMD FreeSync won't work through HDMI.

  • I remember 4k version is like only $100 more

    • Yeah DELL have deal on 1K , 2K and 4K about $100 different from each other. But not at the same time. So depend on your need.

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    I have the same monitor but the 1440p version and it's working great so far, had for about 6 months now. Got it for $350 on sale

  • For businesses it’s ok, cheap and reliable.

  • Spent less than this on the 1440p model last year

  • I got the 1440p last week for $329 … i think if you are old with poor eyesight 1080p is okay, but it will have zero resale value later. 1440p is now baseline.

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