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[eBay Plus] Sony WH-1000XM5 Wireless Headphones $494.10 Delivered @ The Good Guys eBay


This deal marks my milestone of 200 deals!

I have noticed that TGG have listed these Sony WH-1000XM5 on their eBay store and great timing to stack with today’s 10% off for eBay Plus members


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  • +15

    Wait a few months for 200$ off. They're not even that much better than the much cheaper xm4s and xm3s on the market

    • +7

      Yeah holy shit I paid half this much for my XM3s in 2019.

    • Wait a few months for 200$ off.

      I'd love for this to happen but I'm not certain they'll drop in price as drastically as previous models, given the XM4s are supposedly staying on the market as a "budget" offering.

      • +3

        The difference between the two is still way too close for buyers to justify paying extra 200$ for the minimal upgrades. the market will decide if they are worth $500

        • Not worth $500, I will get the previous model.

    • Some would argue worse now that they don't fold down like previous gens.

    • +1

      I just got mine and I agree you should wait for a lower price. I was lucky because I got mine for $320 from Sony (due to luck, right time and customer service ppl).
      Anyway I only say that coz I wouldn't want to pay more now I've got them. They are not overall better than XM4s, just different.

  • +10

    $500! Bit too rich for me, I'll stick with the 4's.

    • +1

      From what I have heard its not even worth going from the 4s to this. Or even buying this over the 4s.

      • Thanks, I'd love to listen to the two of them side by side but I'll wait until my second pair, the 3's, die, which doesn't seem anytime soon.

        Love these products.

    • I mean, thats common sense.
      Like i didnt upgrade to xm4s from my xm3s because the differences were not worth it

      • The difference between the 3&4's isn't much, but the pricing is also not too great.

        But $500 for 5's, you can almost get 2 x 4's for that and definitely 2 x 3's for 500.

        • Why would you buy 3s nowadays, they are good but have flaws (terrible call quality, useless touch controls)
          5s should be an improvements in every way, and im sure they will drop below $400 soon enough.
          Xm3s also had a retail of $500 when they first came out.

          • @nikoris:

            useless touch controls

            I've never had a problem with the touch controls on the XM3s. And the controls are the same on the XM4s and XM5s.

          • @nikoris: I didn't like the touch controls at first, but having used the XM3's every day for 3 years, once you learn them they are extremely intuitive and work perfectly every time.

  • +10

    This deal marks my milestone of 200 deals!

    Party time

  • Not available for CnC

  • +2

    2 more days and it could have been your 1 year anniversary too mate!

  • +3

    Upgraded from the xm2's to these through Sony with the recent Amex cash back and cash rewards. Well worth the money compared to the xm2's IMHO.

    • +1

      Same. I've had the XM3 and then the XM4 and find the XM5 is much, much more comfortable based on the slightly larger size of my head.

  • Didn't know the new version was out. Interesting design choice. I like my phone to be boxy and rectangular not my headphones

    • My first reaction was that's a weird design but on reflection, they are on my head, I can't see them and comfort, sound quality and blu tooth connection consistency are the most important thing and it ticks all three boxes for me so far.

  • +1

    Would love a pair so I could hand down my WH-1000XM3's to a family member but not at $500. I think it's worth waiting a couple of months or if you need NC headphones now look for a discounted pair of XM4's.

    • ive also got XM3s, wife is interested in a pair, but cheapest XM4s i can find is GG commercial @ 355.
      Was hoping with the XM5 release theyd be going a bit cheaper by now. Not even any EOFY sales :(
      I cant justify 550 for headphones i dont use all the time.

  • These are ugly unlike earlier models.
    Sony are saving money on design and increasing the price massively. Damn

    • What do you mean 'ugly'? Which ones do you think are stylish?

      • XM3 and XM4 were sleek as compared to this one which looks like it is just 3 cheaply assembled parts

    • +1

      Disagree, these look quite a bit better and more modern.
      the XM4's look plasticky and cheap.

    • As an owner of XM3's, I find the 5's to be far more aesthetically pleasing More sleek and less chunky.

  • +2

    Do they do facial recognition on you when they deliver?

  • +1

    God I miss Sony x

  • +2

    Was hoping they would include a lower latency codec for watching video and gaming in sync, for the price you'd think they could do it. Shame they ditched aptX after the XM3s.

    • Was a concern with me as well going from 3s to 4s, lagged with the tv directly.. saving grace is Chromecast w\ Google Tv, suports LDAC.

    • lol they ditched aptX? What the shit

      • aptX was already removed from the XM4

  • Waiting for this to appear on The Good Guys Commercial

  • For those considering an upgrade, please beware that these don't fold like previous models and will require significantly more space in a bag.

  • Sony's dreamin'.

  • The best thing about 3s and 4s is how they fold up. Only because of this I will probably never upgrade to these

    • -1

      They definitely fold up, really just a matter if you ever want to open/use them ever again.

  • +5

    I have these and the XM4, also AirPods Max.

    FWIW- best sound for me is Airpods Max by quite a bit but they’re horribly uncomfortable for me. Mega heavy and as I’ve a big head they clamp down too much.

    XM4 vs XM5. The 5s win on comfort for me by a distance. Again I got a big head. Sound wise they’re V similar. XM5s sound cleaner to my untrained ears. More balanced but less ‘fun’ vs XM4.

    The lack of folding in XM5 I think is mainly media exaggeration. The case is larger, yeah, but I’ve a small laptop bag for work, I carry lunch, iPad Pro 12.9 and 13” work laptop. The case fits in perfectly well. I’d be amazed if it’s a difference ever between the head phones fitting in the bag Vs not.

    Net result. Gifting XM4s, selling AirPods. Keeping XM5.

    • do you have any issues with wind and talking outside? on any of the earphones/headphones?

      • Can’t say I’ve tried. I use my headphones at home or in open plan office at work. Noise cancelling on XM5 is absolutely incredible, transparency mode is best for sure on Apple set but XM5 is good enough to make phone calls seem natural.

        Feedback on XM5 is my voice quality is great on Teams calls.

    • +2

      I have QC35, AirPods Pro, and the XM5.

      QC35 is still more comfortable, but XM5’s sound and active noise cancelling is leagues ahead.

      However, AirPods Pro’s noise cancelling is not that far behind, the transparency mode is slightly better than XM5. For the ease of use and comfort instead of the headphones, the AirPods Pro is not too bad when we factor in the costs.

      I too think the lack of folding ‘issue’ has been exaggerated. It is not much bigger than the QC35 which also folds.

      • do you have any issues with wind and talking outside? on any of the earphones/headphones you own?

        I was looking at the QC45 and saw they have this issue.

  • -1

    Typical Sony. Releases a 900 USD 27 inch monitor because oled tvs and monitors are very expensive and they can get away by providing a good led hdr panel while making a good profit.

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