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Apple MacBook Pro with Apple M1 Chip (13-Inch, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD Storage) - Space Grey $1,499 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Apple MacBook Pro with Apple M1 Chip (13-inch, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD Storage) - Space Grey

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            @TheContact: That's impossible. It is common knowledge that all non-mac laptops self destruct after 6 years.

  • Can we Price beat @ officeworks?

    • pretty likely as they'd be stocking m2 13" pros soon

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        Why anyone would buy one of those M2 Pros, I don't understand.

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          You made me look into it.. upgraded chip.. that is all.
          What a dud. I'm surprised apple are releasing it.

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            @Salmando: it’s a downgrade every aspect except for the m2. uses the old chassis design with the touch bar. it’s like they had to get rid of old parts.

          • @Salmando: apple moving from M1 to M2 across more machines means less hardware inventory and more common performance across platforms and the cost of moving the macbook pro from M1 to M2 wouldn’t be a big deal for them …. of more interest is the macbook air M2 as it’s new design physically , charge connector options, etc.
            i’m personally waiting for macbook M2 air stocks and a jb10% off apple computers weekend and then price match at office works.

    • Give it a try. Staff at my local OW never pricematch amazon.

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    Up voting because the device is amazing.
    I've been one of those annoying anti-apple guys for over 10 years but this thing is awesome and I do most of my work on it now.

    edit: don't know if the price is good or not, I paid 2k for mine in 2020.

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      they have to move stock because the M2 is out. But i think the M1 is plenty good, and it's not a bad machine at $1.5k - it's unfortunate though, that it's not a suitable gaming machine.

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        most gaming laptops look goofy af anyway so works out afterall

        M1 can actually play a good chunk of games just not as well as a dedicated gaming windows machine

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          This laptop won't come close to the gaming performance of a gaming laptop. I am sure it is fine for Dota or CS:GO @ 1080P

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            @Aureus: I've tried both on an M1 Max and they're both stuttering messes. I can get 120fps+ max settings no issue, but good luck actually playing it.

        • Can’t play red alert remastered

        • Nah, most modern ones don't look goofy.

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      Welcome to the power of the dark side.

  • over to you JB

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    M1 Macbook pro is better than M2 in every way. Just get 16 gb ram and 512 of storage to make it work like dream. The M2 is slower because it’s ssd is Slower than M1.

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      My understanding is the slow SSD on the M2 is only limited so some particular models, though I can't recall the details.

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        They use 1 256gig chip instead of 2 X 128, this is the main reason the base model is slower.. I don't know but I would assume the 512 is 2 X 256 which will then be same speed as last generation.

        The M2 chip itself I believe is faster than M1

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          Yep, it’s just the 256Gb version that has the slower disk benchmarks. A 512Gb M2 MacBook is way to go if can afford the upgrade.

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            @dlcx: The M1 base model is acceptable too. I upgraded from Macbook pro M1 to Macbook pro M1 pro chip 16'' and can't feel any difference except more external displays. External display support is a deal-breaker here. If you use only one monitor, the M1 base model is perfect.

            • @Aftabsial: No doubt the M1 is great value (have an M1 air) and good points. My point wasn’t very clear, I was more referring to if you really wanted an M2 you’d want to pony up the upgrade to 512GB if wanting best performance for that system.

        • yes M2 CPU is significantly faster. Just a note that as of now there is no way to properly run X86 Windows or Linux on these devices, not via Bootcamp or Parallels, if that's needed for you.

        • the M2 is a big uplift from the M1 but for people it depends on their budgets and whether you’d want an M1 pro or an air M2 for the same money ….
          the M1 wa their first crack at it ….they have added a fair bit more to the M2 chip ….i’m more curious if apple will get back into the cheaply plastic laptops for schools like they used to have or if they will just push ipads , which would leave laptops for the windows market …..my sons school has ipads for tablets and windows laptops for …well laptop … and stuff tablet wasn’t designed for.

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    For this model SSD and Ram Upgradeable?

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      No and no, everything is built in. You are stuck with whatever specs you choose for the life of the device.

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      Nope, pretty sure the M1 architecture means that the RAM is integrated with the chipset.

      • not so much integrated, soldered in more correct ….yeah, apple are moving away from DIY upgrades even on their mini platforms ….less support hassle, smaller designs, and for them they probably don’t loose customers …. apple users are a different demographic to DIY PC builders or android users who root their phones.

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      You're funny.

  • What is difference with m1 MacBook Air other than 1 gpu core?

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      Hdmi, brighter screen, sd card, Touchbar, not too much else.

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        Where did you get the HDMI and SD card from?

        • +1

          Out of my butt apparently :(

          Thunderbolt 3 digital video output
          Native DisplayPort output over USB‑C

          VGA, HDMI, DVI and Thunderbolt 2 output supported using adapters (sold separately)

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        Don't forget the fan.

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    • $1499 - Air M1
    • $1499 - Pro 13 M1
    • $1899 - Air M2
    • $1999 - Pro 13 M2
    • $2999 - Pro 14 M1 Pro
    • $3749 - Pro 16 M1 Pro
    • +8

      They hook you in on the 13 then if you want anything larger it’s 3 grand + Lol

      • +3

        To be fair, the Air M2 is 13.6".

        • +1

          With the infamous notch of course.

        • the air M2 looks to be a nice machine as an entry level model and it has had a fair bit of resign …. i’m waiting they they displays somewhere …..M1 was first gen …. M2 they have incorporated lessons learned.

    • The touch bar on the MacBook Pro 13 is phasing out.

      • touch bar was added cost, might not be used by as many people as they thought, another item to warranty and support in software, i’d say marketing sent engineering an email, great apple tried something innovative but sometimes the user base of a feature is limited.

    • +1

      I upgraded from a 2019 Intel MBP (15 inch) to a 14 inch Pro 14 M1 Pro.

      It is so worth the money. I don't do anything very intensive, but my intel MBP would heat up like crazy, fans cranking all the time, and it would freeze momentarily from time to time when switching between dedicated graphics and integrated graphics. All super annoying.

      My Pro 14 M1 Pro, on the other hand, is cool as a cucumber in all circumstances. And battery life is off the charts.

      • I don't do anything very intensive

        To be honest, my M1 Pro CPU based MBP does get warm regularly (and no, not with crazy amount of workload). The I/O part is also a disappointment. If you use an USB 3.2 gen 2 or gen 1 external SSD, the result is simply subpar (only Apple can get away with that kind of performance issue). Thunderbolt 4, let's face it, it's at most PCIe gen 3 x4. We know that Thunderbolt 4 chip is from Intel so it is so weird why it has issues at USB 3.2 compatibility mode. The internal SSD, if you get the base model, will never reach the full bandwidth of PCIe gen 4 x4.

        There is still some growing pain with Apple Silicon as there are still apps which are not yet native. The notch is something I don't get. The front Webcam isn't huge so why have such a big notch? Also, Apple forces you to run display scaling mode on the laptop, as native 1:1 resolution on the internal display is not possible.

        • 1:1 scaling is possible with a third party app like EasyRes (though I'm not sure how usable it is at that size…), and I think there's a few more options between that and the built-in ones. I find the default 2:1 scaling (integer!) is ok for non-multitasking work and naturally media consumption.

          • @Raeservoir: Well, it would allow 4K on 16 inch MBP. The default scaling is there for a reason as that scales well. The uneven scaling issue is present in both Windows and Mac, but I guess with Mac getting more attention, the scaling issue was recently brought up again (i.e. 2K and 5K scales better on Mac).

  • +3

    I had an Apple Macbook Air M1 (not pro). I did end up selling it because I had my own reasons for preferring windows ecosystem. That said it is a beautiful device. I miss the battery life and the natural cooling which means no need for a noisy fan.

    • +1

      Some of the AMD 6000U series chips seem to have very good battery life.. Can't get away from the cooling though…

    • That, my friend comes at the cost of throttling your processing power. MBA does that as soon as it sees the chip is heating up.

  • -2

    Wish they would come up with a decent imac with m1 or m2

    • +1

      What's wrong with the current iMac? The size?

      • +1

        Thicc bezel aesthetic and no 27’ size. Apple has obviously done it on purpose so they delay these “premium features” for future models

        Current one isn’t bad value though. M1 still pulls its weight and then some.

      • +1

        My main issue is the size. 24 inch are just to small, hoping for at least a match of the 27 inch, or even bigger

    • Can you define ‘decent’?

      • Proper screen size

        • +3

          Why don’t you mention a screen size in your original comment? I.e. be more specific, because ‘decent’ does not mean ‘proper screen size’ to most people or the dictionary

  • -1

    Damn only just got the M1 14" 1TB 16GB from JB for 3749, is now 3499 on Amazon. But I shouldn't complain, I did want to get it before the end of financial year.

    2021 Apple MacBook Pro (14-inch, Apple M1 Pro chip with 10‑core CPU and 16‑core GPU, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD) - Space Grey https://amzn.asia/d/dfGw4D3

  • +1

    Aw man.. I just bought the MacBook M1 Air (amazing device btw) a couple of weeks ago for $1437 and now the Pro is only about $60 more. Oh well, tough luck!

    • +2

      Air is still decent. Lack of multiple monitor support sucks a bit if using in an office setup

      • That is good to know. I’d hate to spend that kind of money and then find out these kind of features are lacking.

        • Yeah Air can only drive one external monitor.

      • Yeah that is true. I bought it for mobility, so doesn't bother me, but for people who do need for wfh would probably want to upgrade to the Pro.

  • Will there be m2 pro 14 or 16''?

    • +1

      Tim Apple says yes…

  • Some days I seriously consider canning my iPad Pro m1 with magic keyboard and just going to one of these.

    • +1

      iPad Pro is better in bed and on the couch for media consumption.

      • +7

        better in bed and on the couch.

        That's what she said

      • Some days I think I should cross grade to the apple folio , sure I’ll lose trackpad but so much better for couch use

        • Why don't you just take the keyboard folio off when you don't need it? It's magnetic so should be pretty easy to do it.

    • Get the Apple Pencil, makes the iPad Pro more fun

      • +1

        Got the Apple Pencil it’s ok - good for notes, but have no artistic skill haha

  • +4

    Crapazon lifter the price to $1699

    • +2

      the timing lol

  • +3

    Comes up as $1,699?

    • Same here

    • Likewise… I'm guess that we're too late to the party. :(

  • +4

    As much as I love apple products, 8gb RAM and 256gb SSD has no place in 2022.

    • +2

      This. And Charging hundreds of dollars more for an SSD upgrade is also a bit cheeky these days.

      • +1

        i can even take the SSD upgrade because i have external options but $600 to upgrade from 16gb to 32gb RAM is robbery.

        further to my original point, can you call something with 8 / 256 PRO?
        they should at least give you 3 years of 2tb cloud storage or a tank of gas

      • Cheeky? You're incredibly generous. Especially with the M2 model with one SSD chip and half the speed. Add another optional SSD chip so you have double the storage and double the performance. This is going to be a problem for the Air as well.

        • at least the air got a magsafe charge port and larger screen.

          there is 0 reason to buy a 13” mbp unless you absolutely love the touch bar which will not get any new features now that it’s been wiped from the real pro machines

          the 13” pro is just clearing why’s left of the 2016 stock

  • +2

    Apple should really just drop these 13 inch pros for good. Unless someone needs a put a sustained workload on their laptop, which makes a fan useful, the MBA is the go to device.

    • Apple is clearing old parts. Apple crippled the M2 MBP 13 laptop a bit (with the fan not kicking in earlier).

      The SSD gate is likely to remain for MBA M2. So, will people be game enough to go M2 MBA 256GB SSD or people will go for 512GB SSD? Also, how will MBA M2 deal with thermal?

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