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[VIC] Free Ticket for Cake Bake & Sweets Show, Melbourne Friday 8 July


The code works for free tickets for Friday. Something to do with kids if you are free specially school holidays.

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Cake Bake & Sweets Show
Cake Bake & Sweets Show


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    If it's anything like Sydney, don't go expecting something you should pay high entry for. There were some shows with known chefs/celebrities when I went (not sure if there was another money barrier to be seated) but everything else was a food truck of similar stuff.

    It just felt the venue size was way too big for the contents, making it feel empty. The emptiness was amplified by the lack of visitors too. The event could have felt much more exciting if they made it free from the start to bring in people and reduce the venue size or in increase the food stalls/event stages.

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      Did they have free samples etc

      • Like sweets and free baked treats ? Or free spatulas?

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          0 freebies found

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            @mafmouf: Welp, there goes my entire reason for potentially going.

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        Nope. It felt… Half baked in some ways

  • Oh love to go but I see on schedule Adriano Zumbo only on stage on the Saturday, but as he doing churros choc & orange flans so I might be ok to miss him. I'll think on it thanks for code.

    • MIGUEL will be there too !!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Love Miguel

      • Do you know the future?

        • I see dead people.

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    Free family tickets. I copy paste and hold no responsibility for the typo:

    Use Code (Free 3 Flexi or Reguler tickets)


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      Reguler tickets

      RegulĂ©r tickets only get you into the French section…

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      nice code, been waiting for this. Also FYI this code appears to allow you to add more than 3 tickets at once.

    • Thanks it is much easier to input for whole family.

    • Good stuff, can use this to get there on the weekend

    • You the real MVP!

    • Thanks!! This is even better

  • I'm like Karl Pilkingtonm, i'm always free, never plan anything

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    Went to the Sydney show in Olympic Park with family. Rubbish. So just a word of warning to people. Keep very low expectation.

    They hand out these free tickets because they obviously cannot sell, and they need foot traffic; otherwise the takeaway shop will have nothing to do.

  • Lots of free tickets available…
    But, please read comments..


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