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[VIC] Indomie Mi Goreng 40x85g $10.99 @ KFL Footscray - Best Before 15/8/22


First post and an Oz Bargain special. Enjoy :)

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    Enak bgt, tp harus makan dengan cepat 😯

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      translation: Very tasty, but must eat quickly

    • This! I will not share it with anyone

    • Wish everyone could speak your language :)

      • Not exactly "my" language but you should definitely give it a go. It's pretty easy to pick up the basics as the alphabet is the same and each word is completely phonetical.

  • +29

    And here I was thinking you couldn't buy irritable bowel syndrome in a box, yet here we are.

    • Nobel price of a comment

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    dinner for this month sorted, thanks

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    I just had some for dinner!

    This stuff is a little boring on its own but add some flavoured tuna and some mixed veg and you have an awesome and simple meal!

    Great bachelor food!

    Mod: Fixed spelling

    • I like to add - Boiled egg (with a runny yolk), bacon and fried/caramelized onion. If I don't have any boiled eggs ready in the fridge I'll generally scramble the eggs.

  • That’s a good deal. They sell this for $16 over in Ringwood

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    Would’ve been an instant buy in my teenage years.

  • Does this one use palm oil?

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      I didn't know there was a version without it?

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    If it's not the export version, I wouldn't bother… the flavour satchels are undersized on the non export versions..

    • How can you tell which version it is?

    • I got a box for the first time (from same Asian grocery chain) and packaging feels a little different (thinner) and doesn't taste as good as super market colesworth ones. Today I actually found a small piece of white porcelain in mine. I was surprised.

  • -5

    40 packs expire in 40 +/- days? no thanks :P

    • +7

      Do you even Ozbargain? Best before is not expiry.

    • +3

      They never expire. It's a best before, not a "use by'.

      Crack a packet in 5 years time and the only thing you will notice is the sauce satchet may have seperated slightly. But once cooked in a bowl, u will never know the difference.

    • +1

      They expire in the year 2122, my friend.

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    Inflation diet

    • Yes . It's a hedge against inflation.

  • +2

    Inflation sorted

  • Indomie seleraku 😍

  • +1

    I love how the comments above took off just over one spelling error haha

    • +11

      … there was no spelling error…

  • 13 different ways on how to Pimp your Mi Goreng https://www.theurbanlist.com/nz/a-list/pimp-my-mi-goreng-13-…

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      Any site that pops up a window to disable my adblocker whilst simultaneously asking if it can send me notifications is a hard no

    • +1

      I don't even have to open the link to know a white person probably wrote it and it's probably full of mostly garbage recommendations.

  • Never though indo mi would expire. Always thought it was what the end of the world guys would stock up on.

    • It probably lasts but they're required to stamp a date anyway due to regulations.

      • It's "best before", I'd say if they stay sealed and are kept cool they'll last a while longer

  • Amazon needs to stock up on these

  • Just in time for the recession

  • Anyone else notice urine being darker after eating indomie?

    • If it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger!

      • really though, ive got responses from reddit saying its just the extra salt. well ive had salty stuff and it never made my urine darker than usual. must be the powder that contains coloring?, its the only thing that concerns me lol

        • Not personally, but I've pissed green after drinking energy drinks and orange after drinking orange poweraid.

          I'm no expert but I would stab a guess that you're consuming enough fluids that when the kacep manis is hitting your kidneys it's just filtering straight through with the excess water. This is just my opinion and if you are concerned I would suggest seeking professional advice.

    • I like mi goreng here and there but I believe eating too much of it is not good for your health. Plus after marrying an Indonesian women, eating mi goreng has turned me off so I’m glad I don’t eat mi goreng anymore lol

      • +5

        Never thought instant noodles could turn someone off their wife!

        • Does it make you too spicy for her.

  • This far down and noone bitch about MSG?

    Soo gooooooodddd

    • MSG = Makes Stuff Good

    • +1

      Being brainwashed about MSG is a boomer thing. Everyone else knows it's the freakin bomb.

  • +2

    Came here for the comments. Was not disappointed!

  • Refined palm oil

    • Your point? Also, who apart from you calls it an 'Australian food market'?

    • are you a white washed asian?

    • Hi Pauline

      • -2

        Just supporting the country I live in. Nothing wrong with that is there?

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    Oh no! which mod came in and killed the fun :(

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    WOW! almost past Best before date box of indomie goreng, upvoted more than 130+ !!

  • Indomi. Whoever created this noodle deserves a party on the back for bringing smiles to millions of low income people 🙂

  • Certainly a good choice for those looking to get ahead of the inflation and recession

  • They're $7.99 at the Springvale KFL store. Exp 20th or 22nd August, can't remember.

  • I add in peas and silverbeet / leafy greens into my instant noodles!

  • kfl doncaster

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