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Unleaded Fuel: E10 $1.329/L, U91 $1.349/L, U95 $1.469/L, U98 $1.549/L @ 7-Eleven, Wantirna


Edit 8:45pm - removed expiry as it seems prices at the bowser back down. Mods feel free to mark as expired if not the case

Cheapest I've seen in a while

Notification from ElevenMe app

Coordinates: -37.848454614997,145.23186101963

You all know what to do (hopefully) - choppers ready?

Read here if you need a reminder on how to fly your chopper

Check prices for other fuel types here, credits to Master131

Enjoy :)


[VIC] tag removed due to choppers

Please use Classified (Wanted) if you are requesting a fuel lock.

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  • +4

    Special fuel E10? E10 deez nuts (mine)

  • +1

    That's damn cheap!

    • +39

      Crazy thing is a year ago we'd say this was damn expensive…

    • +4

      na its not mate. You are trapped in an illusion created by the gas companies.

  • +1

    U98 for $1.549, go go go.

    Thanks OP.

  • +8


  • +4

    Just flew the choppa. Cheers man

  • +4

    That looks like someone's entered a '1' instead of a '2'

    Better get it quick boys, before they fix it

    • +3

      I hope we don’t see the day ‘2’ is typo instead of a ‘3’

      Although I’d rather a ‘0’ instead.

  • damn it, just filled in half tank.

    • +1

      Same here, I've been topping up only 15L at a time and on Sunday I went 25L because I got caught up having to stop at BP and pay $2.4. $2.09 seemed cheap back then… We'll, at least it wasn't a full tank!

  • This is crazy I wonder why they are selling at these prices but I am not complaining.

  • +1

    Chopper landed x4 acc's ;) cheers!

    • Those are rookie numbers

  • +1

    Thx locked in U98..

  • +1

    Thanks OP, you’ve saved over 40$

  • +11

    First time locking without chopper
    apparently just next to my home LOL

    • Congrats!!

    • Wow - can you check if they're organising a revolt against corporate or something? :)

    • Curious if its actually displayed as those prices as you drive pass?

      • +1

        Apparently it did and there was a huge line of cars too

        • Been there 20 minutes ago, display changed to normal, hence did not go through the line of cars.

  • +21

    PM with your details and fuel type if you want a lock. Will be doing it for the next 15 or so mins

    Edit - no more for now. My PM's have been hit and I will try to work through the backlog!

    • Thank you!

    • +5

      Sorry, couldn't get through to everybody.

      Too many people had difficult passwords that I had to manually type in. Got through about 15 or so on my break though!

  • is this on boronia road?

  • locked!

  • Damm looks like they fixed it and can't get it now

    • still working @ 4:35pm

      • still working @ 5:51pm

  • +4

    Locked, thanks to Eleven me for the notification

  • +1

    thanks!! i filled 20L only few days back hoping this sort of would happened!!!

  • +4

    You reckon it's a trap?

    • +3

      Geez that would be so messed up haha

    • +1

      Nah. 0.1c/L was a trap. And the worst that can happen is your account gets banned and you create a new one.

      • +5

        Hmm, I get negged multiple times for asking a question….? I thought it was a very reasonable question.

        • +8

          don't let ozb negs get to you 💪

    • Somebody choppered for me, and that worked (I grabbed a screenshot).

      I then logged into another account myself, as there appear to be some cheap prices around me, and Fuel Lock isn't working.

  • +1

    God damn I’ve just got in a train to go watch the footy.

  • +1

    Thank you for sharing!!!

  • +7


  • +1

    Awsome !! finally some cheap fuel.

  • what happened?

  • My car is going to love the extra RONs i can afford now with this.

  • +31

    The best prime day deal…. Funny part is its not even affiliated to Amazon.

    • +1

      Came here to say the same thing. Glad I was a little late to the party but still able to lock in.

  • +1

    What's the website for the paid service where you can get someone to lock in for you?

    I just stepped out 😑

    • +1

      If you've got FB, '7-Eleven Fuel Lock Friends' should be able to help you for free.

  • +4

    Pity the chopper doesn't also work for ginger.

    But a cheap time to live in Wantirna.

    • Not sure what you're going to do with that much ginger. You can get it for $12 even $10/kg for single item quantities in many asian supermarkets.

    • It's cheap in other places too. $5/kg at my local fruit n veg in forest lake Queensland

  • +1

    The moment I got the Eleven-me notification I jumped to my chopper in seconds! 80c/l saving for me.

    • How do you get notifications??

      • Notification from ElevenMe app

        • +1

          looks like they were the fastest and refinery.fyi aint even updated ?

          also app called pumpitup notif came 5 mins ago

  • Please use Classified (Wanted) if you are requesting a fuel lock.

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Planning a big trip in 2 weeks that hopefully just got a lot cheaper!

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Locked in

  • +1

    You da best OP!

  • +6

    PM with your details and fuel type if you want a lock. I'll take about 10 people in the chopper.

      • +1

        Lol, member since 2012, you should know better

      • Hey Abdul, seeing as you wisely shared your number here, I took the liberty of subscribing you to a variety of 'services '
        Hey Abdul , why won't you pick up man?

    • +1

      Send detail thank

    • Just did, thank you 🙏

    • Cheers!

    • Hey, able to pm me? Not letting me PM for some reason

    • No more seats available. You guys are too quick! See you next time.

  • +1

    Thanks, OP, great deal.

  • +1


  • +2

    I've read the guide about a dozen times, I'm never going to understand how to do this.

    • +5

      It is easy with an iphone.

      • Really? Can you share a little guide please?

        • +7

          Use the program from this comment & use the coordinates OP linked. Just did it for the first time before and it worked like a charm.

        • +14

          1 - Download Ifakelocation to your PC.

          2 - Connect Iphone to your PC, load up Ifakelocation.

          3 - Once it's loaded, select your Iphone from the drop down box under where it says "Device Name:" near the top of the page. If your phone doesn't show up, click the "Refresh" buttton and it should then show up.

          4 - Copy and paste the coordinates of the location with the cheap fuel in the text box located to the right of "Location Search:". Then click "Set Fake Location". Keep your phone connected to your PC for now.

          4 - After you get the message that it's been set, open the 7-11 app on your phone, lock the fuel choice you want. It should scan in the coordinates you pasted in Ifakelocation.

          5 - Lock-in super cheap fuel.

          6 - After locking in, go back to Ifakelocation, press "Stop Fake Location". Once the message pops up saying it's been stopped, click exit, and then you can disconnect your phone.

          Hope that helps somewhat.

          • +1

            @The J man: Very helpful for those with a iphone, which I don't own.

            • @Charlie Dont Surf: Bummer.

              Android used to be easy before they updated the app a while back, now I think your Android has to be rooted to be able to lock unfortunately.

              • +1

                @The J man: Thanks anyway, free pizza and discounted gift cards only for me :)

                • +2

                  @Charlie Dont Surf: I bought a used iPhone from marketplace with a dead battery for like $30. Paid itself off in two fill-ups. Not a terrible investment.

                  • @Chaffix: Good suggestion, if I can sell one of my eight Android phones and find a very cheap iPhone :)

  • +2

    Created a couple of new accounts since i locked in yesterdays prices. Thanks OP

    Im actually inclined to drive somewhere really expensive to see how much i save

  • +1

    Thanks OP. 60c cheaper than anywhere nearby.

  • +3

    I got 11 locks.

    Pm me if you want a screenie. Giving away 5

    1 x 98
    1 x 95
    1 x 91
    2 x 94

    • +1


      Got more than 5 PM's.

      All gone

    • +1

      Curious why you made 11 accounts to start off with. Is this for all your friends and family too?

    • This behaviour is to be admired

    • Mate id appreciate a U91 lock a lot!!!

  • +5

    PM me. ill help lock in for few mins

    • +1

      OK. seats full. Won't take anymore. I will not reply. so don't expect anything please.. I've had over 20 request in few mins

    • +2

      Please stop messaging now. I'm not doing over 50 request

  • Just warmed up the chopper folks……

  • -4

    how do I lock it in if I am not in Wantirna is there a work around?

  • +1

    Legend thank you!

  • +1

    wow thank you, I'm almost empty on a 98, not anymore!

  • +1

    What a bargain. Snagged.

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