Have Applied for 300 Jobs in 3 Months. Still Unemployed

I’ve been with a few recruiting agencies. They mostly put forward my resume to bolster numbers and I now I don’t trust them nor will work with them anymore after being burned by them.

Everything from corporate, retail, hospitality. They go on about a worker shortage but it’s lies. They just don’t want to hire people - particularly the unvaccinated.

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    How would they know that you’re unvaccinated?

    Did you proudly announce it on your resume?

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      Every interaction:

      Thank you for reaching out to me in relation to the position of [insert role here].

      Before we begin, I would like to tell you I am unvaccinated and will under no circumstances get the jab. I do not believe in it, COVID is fake, the earth is flat, and nothing you say can convince me.

      So now… let's begin that interview shall we?

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        Excellent comment, 5/7.

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          Not just 5.7..

          A solid 5/7.

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            Not just 5.7..

            A solid 5/7.

            With Rice

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          Haha good ol times.

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        Is this a joke?

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          Are you hearing that a lot when you apply for jobs, unvaccinated?

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          I'll ask a few questions if I may.

          You state you're from a Communication and marketing background, you limiting your applications to a specific minimum salary or position type?

          Are you only using recruiting agencies or are you actively persuing these applications yourself? (many places will prioritize people with the motivation to apply for roles directly as it shows good work ethic)

          Have you thought about a "filler" job in the meantime whilst you're still looking for something on your field? You could literally walk into just about any retail job with little to no experience on the sector and get hired immediately at almost any major shopping centre I've been in lately. It always looks good to be actively working when applying for new roles over being unemployed.

          Why are you focusing on the vaccination side of things so heavily? If your background really is in marketing then you should be equiped with the skills to creatively sidestep this issue relatively easily. Is there a particular point you're trying to make in focusing on this point?

          Are you able to get to/from work places without issue, is there some other reason that may be affecting your applications?

          Some answer's to these questions will help in working out what the problem with getting employment may be.

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          You started it.

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          I'm vaccinated and I've never been asked by a workplace if I'm vaccinated.

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          "I don’t trust them nor will work with them anymore after being burned by them."

          Everything from corporate, retail, hospitality. They go on about a worker shortage but it’s lies. "They just don’t want to hire people - particularly the unvaccinated."

          The whole sentiment seems to be me me me vs them them them.

          Have you ever considered how they perceive you, and how you would react if you were in their shoes?

          I've hired two unvaxxed guys, they were very polite about it with a decent attitude. I did not hire one particular unvaxxed guy, not because he was unvaxxed, but the manner in which he said it and then proceeded to blame xxx for being unvaxxed led me to believe this is the kind of guy in the team who would blame everything that went wrong, on someone and something else, rather than taking responsibility for his own actions.

          You may need to come to terms, in your time, that perhaps the problem may lay with you.

      • Yep that would do it

      • The OP is a Proud Boy and QANON.
        top quality candidate right there 😂😂

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      yep like crossfitters and vegans it's the first thing they say when they met people

      he wrote 3 sentences and threw in the unvaccinated already lol

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        Yes but did you see those clouds today?

        WOW that sh!t ain't normal.

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          i saw a cloud that looked like a crossfitter
          it peed on me
          prolly deserved it lol

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        Yeah, because vaccinated people are so humble and private about it.

        Just announcing it in their Reddit tags (along with preferred pronouns) and demanding that everyone show theirs upon entry.

        These people didn't shut up with 2 years about their superior social status.

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      Because the majority of places ask it during the application process. Recruiters ask it before anything else.

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        Now just sit and wait for the common demoninator to hit you.

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        • recruitors?

          d9nt leave me hanging

        • Now just sit and wait for the common demoninator to hit you.

          After thinking about your comment, the context of your comment has sank in, I wish OP luck.

      • Why is this comment so downvoted? Is it obviously incorrect or something? I wouldn't know, as I've had the same job for ages.

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          It's also the elephant in the room.

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        Lie about it, most people don't ask for proof. If they ask you tell them you will submit it later ;)

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        no they dont

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          Yes actually, they do.
          Source: Deal with these recruitment agencies myself and they are strict on that requirement and do require proof of vaccination for contracts.

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          They actually do ask, I've lost several good co-workers for this reason (I wish we didn't lose them, because we're struggling like hell), my workplace asks you to provide the certificate from the mygov, no getting around that unless you can photoshop a convincing fake.

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        Can’t u just lie and say Yes?

      • So if you’re struggling and unvaccinated, why not get the vax? I mean 95% if aussies have it, and 100% of us haven’t yet died from the vaccine.

    • A lot of positions require proof of vaccination…..

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        No, they do not.

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          Yes, they do. You don't work with them which is why you don't know.

          Typical ozbargainer talking shit about stuff they don't know.

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            @Willy Beamish: Looks like you've been triggered, William.

            • @kajke: Looks like you're still wrong.

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                @Willy Beamish: Keep negging Billy if it makes you feel better

                • @kajke: Being right makes me feel better, negging you just triggers you, clearly.

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                    @Willy Beamish: William - it's time to grow-up

                    • @kajke: Yeah you're triggered, you've got nothing to add to the conversation but your 0 experience takes. You weren't expecting to get called out on them were you, bl.

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                        • @kajke: And now you're deflecting with a straw man, solid attempt but yet another fail.

                          Try to stay on topic, maybe your take your meds for the day to keep you focussed.

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                            @Willy Beamish: *focused

                            Comms wasn't your major, was it now, Willie

                            • @kajke: Again, deflecting because you have absolutely nothing to add, yet another fail from you. Your parents must be very proud /s

                              • @Willy Beamish: & you seem to have issues with your parents, Billy-Bob - I hope you find peace with that

                                • @kajke: Keep digging that hole to nowhere buddy, you were done from your first post.

                                  • @Willy Beamish:


                                    Hate to break it to you but we're not friends, Willie

                                    • @kajke: Poor you, you almost had 1 friend. No wonder you're so salty being that alone.

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                                        @Willy Beamish: I get it, Will - you're projecting 'cause you're hurtin'.

                                        Things will get better

                                        • @kajke: Yes you sure are projecting aren't you.

                                          • @Willy Beamish: It's getting tiresome now, small-willy

                                            You take care!

                                            • @kajke: Good luck at the Dr's this week, make sure you tell them all the issues you've been having.

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                          @kajke: Heh, I will admit my view is out of touch because I'm in a position where I can make demands in most jobs (concentrated skillset and licensing with experience in a niche industry).

                          That's why I have so much time to post here. I get to work on my terms.

                          As for jobs that require vaccination, with my contacts and network in the corporate world I can confirm most major companies are starting to revoke these policies. Checking everyone's vaccination status every 3 months to ensure they are actively protected is simply not feasible, especially since the public sentiment has worn off. There was a time when Bunnings and Officeworks offered their stores as vaccination hubs while regularly tweeting how uncompromising they are in their belief that everyone should be vaccinated. Nowadays, they're silent. Nobody gives a shit so neither do they.

                          The only roles that seem to still have strict vaccination policies are canon fodder like Woolies or hospitality. I suspect this is mostly a policy lag. Doubt they'll be keeping this up much longer.

                          Kind of makes you wonder what the point was in the first place if they're just revoking these policies after a year or two.

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                            @SlavOz: You're a sad case indeed.

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    Have you gone into any F&B venues and handed over your resume in person? Perhaps if they could put a face to the person, it would aid your search.

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      Thanks. I’ll try that.

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        You…haven't tried that? Wth?

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          But sent 300 emails…. And waited…. 🤦

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            @Penguin30: My son was in a similar position pre Wu Flu, he would front up in person only to be told to go away and apply online, he applied for hundreds of positions and did not get a job either via an agency or independent. Eventually a mate landed him a job. Apparently putting a face to a name is soooo last century

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              @Socialsuicide01: Thanks for your absolutely moronic comment.

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              @Socialsuicide01: My workplace used to be like that, then they stopped because it just didn't work doing it that way, so now they happily take in-person resumes, wish they did that when I was hunting for a job there (I used the website to hand in my resume, but got the interview/job).

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        I think unvaxed people might have a better chance of getting a job as a cleaner (specially toilet cleaner), as they tend to interact less with humans.

        Just a thought

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      OP also refused to wear a mask and was turned away at the door. because “things gotta breathe”

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      What are ' F&B venues'?

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        Food & Beverage

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    Let me guess, 299 of the applications were for roles in organisations that state they require workers to be vaccinated, just so you could prove a point?

    Also, where’s SlavOz. 3….2….1….

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      Isn’t he/she in Serbia? Last I read he was leaving this place due to its uncivilised stance and management of the unvaxxed but couldn’t leave due to travel restrictions, that was in Jan oz open time.

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        He's off to join Novaxx Djokovidiot?

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          he is off to start a neo nazi militia to fight the bosnians

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            @striker5950: Shouldn't joke about wars bro. It's insensitive.

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    particularly the unvaccinated.

    Should have been honest with us and tell us this most important fact first.

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      You sound like you could have been one of the 300 employers.

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    What are your qualifications? What jobs are you going for? I assume there will be a massive disconnect between these two things.

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      I come from a Comms/marketing background. I am mostly applying for corporate Comms roles. I’ve been out of work for year now so I’m not sure how the gap in resume is looking for employers?

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        I come from a Comms/marketing background

        I just hope the way you have written your post and your reactions in comments isn't a reflection of your skills in your said area of expertise. Otherwise it's the elephant in the room.

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        Ensure you are tailoring your Resume to each industry.

        If you apply for a Hospitality Role with all Marketing experience on your resume. Ensure this is explained that you are "Looking for a shift back to direct customer service" or some dribble, even if your not.

      • So what do you say when the interviewers ask about your gap in the resume?

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