SodaStream Source Element Starter Pack $80.10, Hydration Pack $116.10 (with 10% off Coupon) Delivered @ SodaStream


Spirit Designer range is also on special.
Starter pack for $88 and Hydration Pack for $99 before 10% Off.
I have been wanting to buy one for a while now and never got around doing it, I was browsing SodaStream website and came across this and got one. I am yet to receive mine but reviews on Amazon looks solid.
Apparently one can get a bigger gas bottle with adaptor from Kegland to refill and no need to buy SodaStream refills.

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    Seems like a reasonable price. I picked mine up from an Aldi that were trying to clear them out at half price for $44 for the starter kit. Im pretty sure Costco has a lower price on them as well.

  • I have only had sodastream drink once and noticed it wasn't as fizzy as a purchased soda. I would rate it likes Q Soda from Coles, just less bubbble. Was it just a poorly-made drink? The lady that made it for me doesn't like me much so might have cheaped out on the carbonation process.

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      i think you might have hit the nail on the head there ;-)
      seeing as you can control how fizzy you want to make it, i'm guessing they either put less "pumps" in or they may have just been running out of gas in the cylinder.

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      Mother in law huh?

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      you can control the carbonation, so this shouldnt be an issue.

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      I would recommend Source Power (I think it's the most fancy one) which has 3 levels of carbonation and requires a power point. It seems to control the level of carbonation best, and the top level is so fizzy you'll be floating.

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        I wouldn't recommend any power one tbh.
        Sort of defeats the purpose of having one.

        • How does it defeat the purpose?

          • @wearytraveller: Besides now costing even more than store bought soda….

            • @FredAstair: Got it. I bought one on Marketplace for $25, added the kegland hose and Co2 bottle and I'm at about 11c a litre. It all depends upon volume of course.

              • @wearytraveller: True.
                I haven't made the upgrade to a large CO2 bottle yet.

                Any tips.

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                  @FredAstair: What! Hand in your ozbargain membership 😅

                  72 inch FreedomOne Sodastream Adapter Hose
                  6kg CO2 Gas Cylinder

                  Both from kegland. High up front cost but you get it back quickly depending on how much you drink.

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                    @wearytraveller: Cheers for that.

                    Looks like I’ll need to earn my ozbargain membership back by buying these.

                    Curious toward how many litres/day of it you drink.

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                      @FredAstair: Depends if we're working from home or not but could be anywhere up to 2 L a day if so.

                      • @wearytraveller: Fair call.

                        How's your set up look like.
                        Is it on your kitchen bench?
                        Or something else…

                        Keen to know

                        As I, not keen on having a big 2.3L or larger gas cylinder sitting on my bench top, and as I have a new house and don't feel like drilling a hole in the bench in an attempt to hide the big gas bottle, I'm wondering if there's a way to use the same adapter hose and use it to fill the existing co2 sodastream bottles themselves.

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                          @FredAstair: It's not an elegant look! It sits on the floor between the bench and the fridge, but it looks good enough I reckon.

                          It sounds like you might be after something else - look up Sodastream Cylinder Filling Adaptor (Refill Fill Station) with Bleed Valve (from Kegland)

                          • @wearytraveller: Ok cheers

                            Wow. Super cheap alternative.
                            I already have 3 sodastrea, bottles (never wanted to run out at any time), so for the cost of 1 sodastream refill ($19) this adapter (and the cost of the 2.6kg filler bottle) this system would keep me from having to get a refill done for months.

                            I can't recall the exact figure, but with the 2.6kg bottle costing me around $69 to buy, and it giving me at least 9 refills of the sodastream cylinders, that's already paying for itself too.

                            $19 adapter
                            $69 gas bottle (2.6kg)

                            $105 3xsodastream bottles

                            $193 total initial outlay

                            Provides 9 refills (which would cost)


                            $30 gas bottle refill (2.6kg)
                            Means that's it's already paid for 4 refills of the 2.6kg bottle.

                            The maths concludes…

  • My SodaStream Genesis still in the box

    • Are you selling it?

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        Not really I think I will use it during summer.

  • Now you can buy fizzy water and soft drinks for 69c per 1.25 litre, why bother with soda stream? Genuine question.

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      I use it to save on plastic waste and carting bottles or cans from the shops.

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        Also, I want to wean myself of soft drinks I could add a b I t of soda water, and slowly increase t y e amount of soda versus soft drink ratio over a period.

        I now basically put in the amount of soft drink in the soda équivalent to 1/2 strength cordial.

        And when not at home I either just buy soda water/water or buy a bottle of soft drink and a bottle of soda and mis it in a glass (more expensive, but can't stand the taste of straight soft drink mix now… Far too sweet).

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      You can get a keg of C02 and refill the little ones yourself and then refill the big one for much cheaper per volume.

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        If you go to the effort of getting the keg of CO2 you might as well direct plumb it into the Sodastream using a conversion kit. A 2.6kg tank last me many months.

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      +1 for plastic. Biggest driver.

      But I don’t drink soft drinks as frequently. Most 1.25L goes flat before I finish it.

      Basically if I want it carbonated, I can make it fresh, and use the smaller bottles to do so if I do only want a glass or two.

    • You get to choose your own water as well as saving plastic and the weight of carrying the bottles

  • I have moved from an upper end Sodastream to an Aarke (Sodastream have their own "imitation of the Aarke called Ark!) and it is so much better than the sodastream in every way. Not cheap even on special at $190.00 delivered from Costco but I am more than happy with it on a 6kg CO2 bottle.

    • What is good about it compared to this?

      • Solid build, steel v plastic and no wasted gas.

  • I received the hydration pack today and can confirm that it works with the SodaKing gas cylinders and their plastic bottles. As well as the listed syrups, there was also a small Kombucha syrup sample as a nice little bonus.

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