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eufy HD 4 Camera & Home Base Kit $799 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ The Good Guys


Wireless el
Facial Recognition
1080p full HD
IR Night Vision
180 days of worry-free battery life

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    I find it strange there is never any mention in reviews that if you reset a camera by holding in the power button on the actual camera itself for 10s it removes it from your homebase along with all recorded footage from that specific camera. Seems like a massive security issue and Eufy are refusing to update the software to fix it. I wouldnt have purchased this if I had known.

    • Druggies and the deranged won't be thinking that far ahead, I wouldn't worry too much for now.

      Unless your worried about the Ferrari, a hard-wired solution would be best.

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        They will just turn off the power at the meter box to try and kill the cameras. Even teenagers do this.

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          that's why I have a UPS powering my home base + modem + wireless.

          • @SeVeN11: That's the only way with the latest scumbags. Ups on router otherwise even ring fails

          • @SeVeN11: which UPS do you use?

            • +1

              @giventofly: I don't use anything special. I picked up a random UPS from FB marketplace.

              Its rated for 650watt which is more than I need to power my modem, eufy and wifi.

              It's a pretty old unit and I got it for $10, then I rewired it with an Anderson plug so I can plug any random 12V battery to it I have laying around… E.g. my jump starter.

              I also modified it to
              1) stop the beeping, i.e. rip out the speaker.
              2) disable eco mode, i.e cut a wire (eco mode was auto turning off UPS when I had less than 100W draw on the UPS which does happen since I don't have much connected to it) it's border line and I noticed it turns off sometimes which was annoying.

              You don't need anything special and no point spending big $ on a UPS. You just need one that works.

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        Thankfully people would need a ladder or step to reach most of my cameras, but its still unforgivable that they are not planning to implement a fix…all they need to do is make a notification pup up in the eufy app to authorise the camera reset and everyone would be happy.

        • +1

          I guess the worry is it may lock you out of your hardware if there is issues regarding the connection with your phone?

          Surely there's some way they can at least attach the serial number with your device so you don't end up with someone using a camera they stole off you (which would be a little ironic)

      • My neighbours house looks far nicer than ours anyway, with their fancy mowed lawns and weed-free gardens. Most people will just target them instead :)

        • -1

          Alternatively, we choose a very rough neighbourhood instead. Theves are too afraid to try something here.

      • I wasn't thinking that far ahead until this post. Also excited for bonus Ferrari joyride. Source : I'm a deranged druggie AND a proud ozbargainer!

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      Yes. Unless it is a bug, otherwise I honestly don’t understand why would Eufy have this stupid function to allow anyone to wipe out the recorded footage without authorised access. It is like an open unsecured wifi network that anyone is welcome to join and change the settings or do whatever to it.
      Thanks to this stupid function I rate this ‘toy’ level not ‘security’ cameras not any better than baby monitoring cameras.

      • No idea about other brands it should be ridiculously simple to do this. Simple solutions that come to mind would be to have some sort of a physical unique key that you insert into the hole, turn and hold for 3 seconds which trips the reset function. Or a software solution would be an NFC tag that you could hold next to the camera while pressing the reset button just so it could verify it's you doing it. A simple reset button just seems so beyond stupid

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          I guess this stupid reset ‘feature’ is to deliberately push consumers to pay extra for their cloud based recording subscription.

        • +1

          "Please enter last 5 digits of serial number of camera to wipe data" or it will just create a new file.
          idk, absolutely everything can be done on the homebase/app side

          but noooo…

          they added advertising on their mobile apps to ask you to buy more of their products.

          what a load of shit coming from eufy.

          • @slowmo: Advertising on a product that most people spend around $1000 to buy different bits and pieces of? Wow that's insane

            • +1

              @er1992: i wish i was joking. but they added all the not too subtle product pushes into their own eufy security app and adds a notification alert on it.
              i was quite neutral to eufy when i first got it, but when the UX in the app get signficantly shittier, I am just outright pissed now. this is even not considering the security reset flaw being talked about in the comments here.

              its one of the core reasons i stopped using some 'popular' products raved by most here, not every app is a platform to push more of the products in the same brand. even if you must, maybe just follow dyson's subtle prompt to go to the online shop to buy filter refill after 4000 hours..etc instead of getting into the user's face all the time.

              • +1

                @slowmo: I haven’t received any off these product pushes that you’ve been referring to.

    • +2

      Thanks, I've been looking at new security cams lately, including eufy, that's a ridiculously stupid flaw that I haven't seen mentioned, will avoid. Do you know if when it deletes the local files if it keeps the uploaded footage in the cloud? I can only assume this flaw is overlooked to upsell customers to monthly cloud storage payments?

      • If you stream to a NAS will avoid this, surely would keep the footage in the cloud regardless.

        • I haven't read any articles so not sure whether the software allows to upload the footage to a private cloud storage.
          If this is feasible, would the reset swipe the cloud footage as well?

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      Just out of interest, how do other brands manage this? For example if you needed to reset your camera because you lost your password, how do you reset them?

      I think the Eufy thing is bad, but want to know how other brands solve the excuse that Eufy give for why the cameras function this way

      • Interested to know this too

      • +2

        I've got a Ring (Ring spotlight battery) camera. When you reset the camera, all events stay in the cloud. Mainly because the camera doesn't have any local storage.

        However, I removed the camera (because it wasn't connecting to the wifi) and readded in the app the other day and all old events gone.

        I wouldn't recommend Ring camera either. It's always hit and miss with notifications and wifi connection. I think nothing beats google nest cam in terms of reliability with recording events and connection, however it's battery life is not as good as Ring.

        • Thanks for the reply, good to know. It's interesting that there are a lot of negatives towards Eufy because of this behaviour, but not much info about how others handle it.

          I'd love to know how Reolink do it - they seem to rate much better than Eufy, but have a price tag to match. After watching someone's cat fail to jump from one car to the other on a reddit post in crystal clear clarity, I think I'm going to put in the effort and get a PoE system for my new house rather than messing around with wifi systems. I've got a few Eufy indoor pan and tilts and one outdoor one which are handy having a puppy in a rental, but they seem to not do a lot of basic things well.

        • just an observation about ring systems (i have both ring and eufy btw), the information is usually lost when you reset the paring and it does tell you about it.
          there are times where the cam just ran out of batteries, and you might temporary lose connection to the app, replacing the battery will let you sync back and access the videos again. (this is a odd behaviour i must say)

          i wouldn't recommend either systems if you dont know what their limitations are. the rings are essentially raspberry pi zeros in a glorified casing with a mediocre battery pack. if you have a combination of power and battery , they can get overheated and lose their brains.

          the eufy are far more responsive and has more battery life, but a lot of others has talked about the -ves, so i'm not repeating it here.

          the cloud video side of ring (a paid subscription) works okay if your internet outgoing connection is good.

          with all cloud things, if you are on a bad internet connection, don't bank of being able to retrieve videos.

          as with all cloud based security products, if you don't have a local secure storage, it's game over when your power is cut (for example).

          do your own due diligence.

    • For me, the Eufy system is just an extra layer of (consumer grade) surveillance and serves its purpose (for the price) reasonably well. For the price and not having any monthly fees (unlike the Ring cameras) is a trade off I'm willing to take in the event these do get taken and wiped for some reason. I have my cameras mounted in a spot which you can only reach with a ladder which makes them harder to steal but if a determined thief wishes to steal my ladder and use it to get to my cameras so be it.

      • What is the first layer of security cameras do you use if you don’t mind me asking?

        • +1

          We all know that a camera doesn’t stop a crime. It simply acts as a deterrent.

          In terms of deterrence, a dummy camera will do the same job as a multi thousand dollar system.

          In terms of post incident review to know what happened then thats a different story. The value of a camera system in a police investigation then goes to the level of crime, that is, will police seriously investigate. After all that, then quality of image is important.

          • -3

            @Vote for Pedro: A dummy camera costs way less than this Eufy baby monitoring system. If any burglar knows this Eufy security camera flaw makes it equivalent to a dummy camera then why don’t we just install a dummy camera? At least a dummy camera gets a burglar to guess whether it could be a real deal?

            • +2

              @wtfnodeal: Let’s be frank here. The vast majority of burglaries are opportunistic. How many of these people do you think there are that commit opportunistic burglaries and have researched the flaws of all security camera systems and in the heat of the moment will go ‘oh, wait, over the road is a eufy hd cam, it has this major flaw, I’ll hit that house instead of this house with no cameras’

        • +1

          Would think it'd just be a proper CCTV on a NVR, not subject to any possible interference.

          Youtubers that cover wifi cams and NVRS e.g. Lifehackster/ The Hook Up have vids on this:



          A proper wired system that's not subject to wifi-jammers, and a battery backup, as they'll go for your electrical switchboard.

          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YyKRXXF21M (LifeHackster : WIFI Jammers & WI-FI Cameras - Things to Know and What to DO…)

          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtosvhZBM5o (LifeHackster : Best Budget 4K Security Camera NVR System Comparison - Zosi vs Reolink)

          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQIDKiIeHE8 (The Hookup : 2022 Update BEST 4K PoE Security Camera: $1100 vs $110 Motorized Zoom Cameras.)

          • @loke: The thing is, the CIA ain't coming equipped with jammers etc to break into your house. It’ll either be opportunistic, kids, substance addicts or someone who has seen you flash around something they want.

    • i thought its deja vu as i remember reading about this before… kudos for bringing this issue up every single time a deal like this is posted. because eufy is all to happy to advertise and spam users within their security apps to buy more of their products but putting zero effort in fixing their product issues.

      edit: what made this worse is that they not only not acknowledge the glaring problem, they did not offer any workarounds to it for users or potential buyers who dont know any better.

      might as well use this as an overglorified baby monitor.

    • -3

      It records directly to an internal SD card. All reseting the camera does is unpair the device. Footage is on SD card you can connect to a computer I think.
      Or pay the small fee to upgrade to cloud backup if your super worried.

      Great camera and system I love it!

      • i think you are missing a big chunk of information a few people (over here and more in eufy's forums) are saying. perhaps have a look at those claims before attesting a feature/bug on behalf of a company?

        edit: to add, suggesting cloud as a workaround means you need the buyer to add costs ontop. so the original feature of recording to sd card has no value, because a ring cam system does exactly just that, without relying on a base station.

    • Can't you install a nas and sync it to Homebase?

      • +1

        yes you can, with unlimited money, you can do "anything"

        1) cost of nas
        2) cost of nas + security cam software licensing (i'm using synology as an example)
        3) cost of UPS for nas
        4) cost of nas HDDs
        5) cost of cloud sync feature from nas to cloud because now you have to worry about the nas being stolen
        6) cost of cloud storage
        7) cost of internet.

        just off the top of my head.

        • I get it. I'm thinking of just having a nas running from a pi and using an old external hdd. Not bothering with cloud syncs for now. I would just have to buy a pi and set it up. Software should be free.

  • I havent got cloud access, but i think i remember reading that footage in the cloud is safe. There are a few threads around the place that will have more info on it though.

  • Isn't the 2C Pro better than this?

    Also $799 for a 4 pack.

    • I think (might be wrong) this Homebase can expand the storage up to 128GB which the 2c model cant. the rest is mostly the same with 2c pro having night vision coloured and newer with 2K

      • OP's ones have 365 days battery life, 2C pro ones only have 180 days battery life. The both homebase can not expand the storage.

        • Homebase v1 can be extended with a higher capacity SD card. Boggles my mind why they removed that from Homebase V2. However 16gb internal is still sufficient for most camera settings unless you have like 10 cameras and want to have over a month worth of footage stored.

    • Definitely looks better, and realCa$h on that too so takes it to $709.

      It does look like homebase 2 you cannot up the local storage with an sd card… but…

      It does have NAS storage (*Requires a Network Attached Storage)
      NAS Storage
      NAS storage is supported (Except for Doorbell and Floodlight now). However, by opting for this option you cannot view video records via the eufySecurity app.
      The system supports RTSP streaming, footage can be saved to NAS. You can find this in the menu Camera Settings > NAS (RTSP).
      The NAS requires you to run proper surveillance software with RTSP protocol support. No charge. Please check the details via Using NAS Storage Step by Step.

      • just a minor detail: no charge on the eufy side. but there's absolutely charges for the NAS side if you run, lets say synology and you attach more than 1 camera stream to it.

        at this point we are trying to suggest workarounds for a product that is flawed and asking price don't reflect the value it's claiming is it? :)

  • +16

    I'm negging this based on an "issue with product".

    Massive bug that has been raised by the community and essentially ignored by the manufacturer, giving rise to a security flaw. Given the product is all about security, I find that perfectly contradictory.

    • +2

      Totally agree. If the consumers keep on buying their flawed products, there is no reason for them to fix the flaws. Do NOT buy this crap!

      • What alternative is there with no subscription and 6 month battery ?

        • No. But I would rather go with wired PoE 4 cameras with 2TB NVR recording units for less than $500.

          • @wtfnodeal: Suggestions on a 4 cam(wifi) with DVR system?
            Literally asking for a friend :)

            • @scottb721: Don’t buy a DVR system. Get NVR instead and Reolink sometimes has sales under $500 for 4 x 5mp cameras + 2TB recording unit. Assuming your friend doesn’t need 4K cameras though.

  • +1

    Use the 10% off code from conceirge credit to reduced it further

  • +5

    Maybe hold off a little bit

    a 4k resolution updated version Eufycam 3, Eufycam 3c and Homebase 3 with expandable storage is being beta tested apparently, some pictures are available for the Eufycam 3C + Homebase just this week:



    FCC applications for the :

    S300 Eufycam (or Eufycam 3C?) (https://fccid.io/2AOKB-T8161):
    to move to 21700 cells which would mean 9400 mAH vs 6700mAh: https://fccid.io/2AOKB-T8161/Test-Report/Test-Report-5985673

    S330 Eufycam (or Eufycam 3? (pro i guess)) (https://fccid.io/2AOKB-T8160):
    13000mAh 18650s like the eufycam2

    S380 Homebase (or Homebase 3?) (https://fccid.io/2AOKB-T8030):

    • Now I will definitely wait

    • Wonder if this has anything to do with not fixing the issue described in this thread..

      • I wonder if the reset button flaw is even correctable by firmware?

        The Homebase 2 future expandable storage via the USB port was a crappy promise too (e.g. https://communitysecurity.eufylife.com/t/home-base-2-externa...).

        Anyway, don't want any stupid specialised USB dongle for a Homebase 3 over just an external hard disk (and have some less compressed to hell video).

        If you google online the CPU/SoC in the Homebase 2 is a mediatek chip so it is essentially feels like a cheapo-router in the teardown - which may have meant it was too underpowered to work with an external hard disk…

  • +1

    The 2k version is the same price, why is this better 1080p ?

    • +1

      The only real advantage with this deal is 365 day vs 180 day battery.

      You can get 2K versions of the 365 day cameras for a bit more $

  • +1

    490 for 2c pro two weeks ago, after cashback

  • +1
    • Wow. Pay using GC for more savings. I think WW is selling 10% off visa GC that can be used at Bunnings? Never used that GC in Bunnings though.

  • https://ipcamtalk.com/wiki/ip-cam-talk-cliff-notes/

    Well worth looking at, think this forum initially pointed me there. Highly recommend the gear on their site, as well as hooking up to Blue Iris. Not associated, just a happy customer.

  • Hi all, noob here. I'm deciding whether to get a wired or wireless security system for a new double storey house. The wired system from the builder is at least 2-3x the cost of off the shelf wireless systems. Does anyone know if the wireless range in a wireless system like this one will be sufficient for a double storey home? Also I assume the cameras run on batteries, how long do they last?

    • wired = permanent recording = better (if you can afford it)

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