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[Prime] Moccona Barista Reserve Instant Coffee 95g $5 ($4.50 S&S) Delivered @ Amazon AU

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The best deal since change to the packaging. Max 6 tins per customer.

Barista Reserve Creme: Blonde Roast
Elegant & Balanced
Intensity 5

Fall in love with the freshly brewed taste of blonde roast. Crafted by Moccona's Master Blenders from quality coffee beans. This elegantly balanced roast with creamy notes and a golden crema is perfect for your coffee moment at home.

Barista Reserve Crema: Classic Crème

Smooth and Velvery
Intensity 7

Experience the freshly brewed taste of Classic Crème. Created from quality coffee beans by Moccona's Master Blenders. This subtly sweet and balanced roast with a lingering crema is perfect for your coffee moment at home.

Barista Reserve Crema: Café Black

Rich & Full-bodied
Intensity 9

Indulge in the freshly brewed taste of Café Black. Moccona's Master Blenders have selected quality coffee beans to create this strong and intense dark roast with smoky notes and gentle acidity. Complete with a velvety crema for your perfect coffee moment at home.

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  • More sustainable than the glass ones (unless one has a use for those giant glass jars), packaging is fully recyclable. I prefer the classic creme, blonde roast then cafe black, in that order.

    Last time purchased them at $6, thanks for posting OP.

    • +4

      (unless one has a use for those giant glass jars)

      I paint them and turn them into great little tea jars haha

    • +3

      Those big glass ones can be used to store my salty nuts or a mini terrarium.

    • +4

      How is this compound container (lacquered/film-covered cardboard + plastic lid and integrated metal bottom) more recyclable than a glass jar?

      • -1

        It’s definitely not, but for those who simply throw out the glass, it better.

      • +3

        It's actually an aluminium can with aluminium foil and a plastic lid, entirely recyclable (and of course reusable).

        Glass is rarely recycled in Australia and takes a lot of energy to, while aluminium has high rates of recycling. I'm at a point where I have so many of the (large) glass jars that I don't have the space or things to put into the jars.

  • I was so excited until I saw it was for Prime membership only.

    • +3

      I can order for you.. PM me

    • Just joined up again for free 30d trial on an old account. Found still have promo credit!

      Placed order for 2 S&S - delivered tomorrow. Will reorder if like - if any left!

    • If you're not a Prime member then you're doing it wrong.

  • The classic creme is nice

  • Got this as a free trial from ozbargain a while. Rate it a lot. Tasty

  • +1

    Thanks Op. order 4 cans each to try.

  • -1

    Some comments in previous Deals that it's not great
    worse than International Roast
    Ordered to try 1ea of 2 varieties.

    • Instructions state 85c water - not fresh boiling - I think some people are probably scorching the coffee and getting poor results.

      • +1

        Mocconas website suggests to bloom the coffee first with a little splash of cold water first.

    • The comment was for beans while this is for instant coffee.

      • "Took some of that Moccona Reserve camping… worse than International Roast… I don't mind normal Moccona"

        Comparing to instant (International Roast & normal Moccona), would guess it was for this instant, not beans.

        Both Moccona Reserve instant & beans were in Deal.

        Other comments in free trial Deal referred to it as tasting like "fake coffee".

        Bought this tiny tin to experience for myself to use travelling & camping.

  • It's okay I felt.

  • still have this from when it was free.. nothing compared to real coffee from home barista machine

  • +3

    Got a free can earlier and it is the creamiest instant coffee I have had. Recommended!

  • Thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP.

    Ordered the beans one of each. Waited for them to go half price.

  • +1

    was gonna order them but realised that its 95grams, i was paying this price for 175g, the Classic Creme is really nice though

    • It's a thing in the past. If you were lucky you could get it for $2 for the 175g tin at Coles during change over to the new packaging.

  • My manager at uni gave me so many boxes of these (each box has 6 tins) for free and they’re all now out of date lol. Couldn’t finish in time

  • Nice finds OP. Ordered 2 as they are not on sale that often at Coles and Wollies. Thank you.

  • +1

    Genuinely the best instant coffee I've ever had. I'm usually never a fan of instant and I favour a creamy brew. great deal, thank you!

  • This stuff is decent, had been trying to track down after we got a can as a freebie with Woolies online grocery delivery but havent seen in store.

    Usually make a coffee with freshly roasted beans on my Breville dual boiler but this is good when in a rush.

    Thanks OP!

  • Was this the only time it has been at this price in the recent times? Doesn't seem to be going for half the price regularly.

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