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COTD: Logitech MW3 G105 Keyboard and G9X Mouse $75.81 + Shipping


Not sure if this counts as a dupe, since this is the third time it's been posted, but as the previous deals have expired now and COTD has this deal going again, thought I'd post this for anyone who missed out.

Previously at:

Use the coupon "ILOVECATCH" for $3.99 off.. not much but it covers some of the shipping cost ($6.95 to Sydney, didn't try other locations). I had thought that this was only available through the mobile app, but it worked on my desktop today.. Also did try the old "GGINFERNO" code but that's expired now.

Checked the prices on staticice so it's still cheaper than buying them separately:
Cheapest price for the G105 is $39 (Logitechshop credit: nataz6)
Cheapest price for the G9x is $78 (Fluidtek)

So as before if you don't mind the MW3 branding this is a good deal.

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