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[NSW, VIC] Bega Slice Cheese 250g $1.68, Tim Tam Double Coat $1.30 + Delivery ($0 with $30 Order, Select Suburbs Only) @ Milkrun


They are calling the sale their Y2K bug, taking prices back to 2000.

Max of 3 per item on sale.

  • Bega Tasty Cheddar 250gm slices - $1.68
  • Tim Tam Double Coat - $1.30
  • Weet-Bix 375gm - $1.93
  • Moccona Classig 100gm - $4.16
  • Smith's Salt and Vinegar 170gm - $2.11
  • Coca Cola No Sugar 1.25L - $2.36
  • Full Cream Milk 2L - $2.80

If you can make it to $30 there is free delivery (but they still charge a service fee on a sliding scale).

Need the app, and need to be in their delivery area.

  • Edited to include more specifics on prices and sizes

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    You had me at timtam double coat.

    taking prices back to 2000

    Did double coat exist in 2000? I'm thinking more 2002ish. I'm probably wrong.

    • +7

      Hmm, good question. And what was the actual price in 2000? Someone call in the ACCC

    • Yeah I don't think double coat was around in 2000 - far more limited Tim Tam range back then from my recollection. Mostly Original, and the Chewy Caramel version, and think they also had a White Choc and Dark? I think double coat came last from standard range then they use it in the huge range they have now of special limited edition flavoured ones

      • I can remember Double coat but not chewy or white from then. Not sure what's real anymore now…..

  • Don't forget to use a random referral above

  • +4

    Don't expect this company to last very long tbh.

    • +8

      they have to spend their $75m in funding on something https://www.c-store.com.au/grocery-delivery-start-up-milkrun…

      • +6

        Watch them line their pockets, mismanage the money and then blame the customers for not wanting to use their service. Dead within 2 years easily.

        • Probably spent several milk designing their Supreme looking logo, gear and website

          • @Serapis: At least I think they are not spending over $200k on rebranding BoM to “call me whatever you like” 😂

        • -1

          Such hatred make you sound like you’re working for a competitor.

          • @ilovefullprice: Such ignorance makes you sound like you work for milk run.

            • @Willy Beamish: Well I don’t.

              Competition is always good for the user/consumer. I can only think of one reason why someone would talk down about competition.

              • +1

                @ilovefullprice: funny because you think a discussion about how a company will do is hatred, sounds like you're invested if you think basic conversation is hatred.

                Maybe check the definition of the word or learn to read.

                • +4

                  @Willy Beamish: Using statements like “watch them mismanage the money” and “then blame the customers for not wanting to use their service” without any factual basis sounds to me like hatred.

                  • +2

                    @ilovefullprice: Bunch of collapsed food / grocery startups like Send, Delivr and Quicko already went down this path so it's not anything new.

                    I wouldn't call it hatred, it's more the cyncial / skeptical / bearish point of view of these services or even startups in general.

                    • -1

                      @Serapis: Yes I am aware a bunch of them died. A bunch of them died doesn’t mean all of them will die too. I mean look at rideshare, many had died too but Uber’s still around.

                      Grocery delivery apps are big in Europe. In Oz, it’s still a young industry and I think these apps are still maturing and converging to the best business model for the Oz’s economy.

                      • @ilovefullprice: Some will probably hang around and I'm happy with them burning through investor cash quicker than a degenerate with a Robinhood app to fight over the same pool of consumers, more bargains for us!

                        However, as a business model, it's like aiming to hit bullseye with 1 dart from 10m away, blindfolded and upside down so I wouldn't even touch it as an investment unless it was a quick in and out to profit from a spike or to short it into oblivion.

                        • +1

                          @Serapis: Agree, as users, we should be championing them because they bring competition to the market.

                          As investors, yes no doubt this industry is still in its infancy and therefore highly risky. However, if you persevere I believe nothing is impossible, as shown by Musk persevering EVs and space rockets which lands back on its own when many were saying he was going to fail. The most successful people in this world are the ones which brings the world to follow them, not letting the world dictate what they can or can’t do. Of course, you need to have smart ideas too together with persevering.

  • +1

    Amazon had tim tams for $1.36 f4 yesrs zgo

    • Your comment is 4 yrs too late.

    • NQR have Tim tams for $1 all the time

  • +2


    Well that's one way to make sustainable packaging.

    • +3

      Haha - edited, I love Weet-Bix but I know somepeople cant tell the difference better the Bix and the Box

  • I thought milk was $2 a litre not long ago, they don't need to travel back that far.

  • +3

    Well done Milkrun!

    More deals like this will see who will be crowned the king of grocery delivery apps.

  • -1

    Love how it services the suburbs in Melbourne of mostly the richer areas. Because they need cheap groceries right?

    • +11

      Well, it is a delivery/convenience service primarily, not a food bank..

    • +5

      Milkrun's head office is in South Melbourne IIRC - they wouldn't be able to deliver on their promise "in minutes" if they serviced outside of the inner suburbs.

      Used to live in Southbank and my order came within 30 minutes instead of the promised 20 - got a nice little discount coupon for the minor delay. Seems their selling point is speedy delivery.

      • They have a few dark stores around Melbourne. I tried my first Milkrun delivery last night, and the rider said he was based near Sydney Rd in Brunswick. I was quite impressed - the delivery arrived within 10 mins of ordering, and I've been enjoying my $1.30 Tim Tams.

    • Lots of broke people live in those suburbs too

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Just did my first order (using a random referral link of course) and the bananas I got were far better than I've seen in Coles for weeks.

    • Quick delivery fresh from Tully.

  • If you can make it to $30 there is free delivery (but they still charge a service fee on a sliding scale).

    lmao, I don't think most places that provided delivery in Y2K had the (profanity) balls to charge a delivery fee after charging a delivery fee though, false advertising.

  • -2

    Anyone of science back pls help with this cause cheese is such a large topic. Doesn't Tasty Cheddar have the most fat and least in probiotics compared to other cheese?

    • +2

      A good rule of thumb is if it tastes good it does.

      • ahh haha that old rule

  • JEEZ this app overheats my phone like crazy!

    • it needs to be in order to render those 3d graphics

  • Doesn’t deliver to my areA

  • +1

    I had trouble using new user voucher ($25) + getting free delivery (despite cart being $30+).. so ended up ordering less…

    • They ran out of bananas. Was looking forward to them :(

  • thanks OP, downloaded app and made an order.
    Got $14.78 discount from using promo code.
    Still quite good even with $4.99 delivery fee and $1.34 service fee charged.
    Also there is a limit of 3 Timtam qty and Bega cheese you can order.

    Saw in their site that you get free delivery on first 3 orders using a code.
    Not sure if you could combine referral code and free delivery code at checkout.

    • What promo code?

      • OP's referral code and THREEFREE from their website

        • I clicked the link and signed up. Didnt asked for a code…

          • @Gavman: as long as you signed up using the referral link, no need to input a code, its automatically applied upon checkout.

            • @Chewee: Does it take time? Don’t see it

              • @Gavman: yup, it did reflect in mine automatically upon checkout, it shows Promo Code under order summary then a negative amount on the item i ordered.

  • Do these guys sell short dated milk? I don’t wana be buying it if it arrives and it goes off in 2 days

    • Nah mine had a 8-9 days on it.

    • Tim tams and cheese is next year.

  • Items have changed.

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