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Extra 10% off Storewide Online (Exclusions Apply) @ Chemist Warehouse & My Chemist


Spotted on their FB Page, Chemist Warehouse will have 10% off storewide starting tomorrow and lasting until Sunday :)

Excludes: Prescriptions, Pharmacy Only Medication and Pharmacy Medicine, Multi-buys, Gift Cards and Baby Formula.

Discount also applies on their sister site My Chemist and can stack with free shipping with a $20 min spend using code FS7824.

Enjoy :)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2022

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Chemist Warehouse
Chemist Warehouse

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  • +10

    Now this is the right one.

  • +16

    Are you sure this isn’t Christmas warehouse this time??

    • +2

      Chrismest Warehouse

  • +15

    one thing to note - if you're looking to buy a more expensive fragrance and you can't see it in the cabinet pls ask staff if it's available. i can't speak for every store but for at least a few i know of prestige fragrances are being hidden during this sale.

    • Click and collect?

      • +8

        items will only appear online if there's 3 or more in stock. for a lot of prestige fragrances there will be fewer than 3 in store but ymmv

  • +5

    Great to use with the Amex spend $100 get $20 deal

    • -3

      Yeah, not sure I need $100 worth of stuff haha

      • +2

        Buy a Chemist Warehouse gift card with your Amex and buy only what you need tomorrow.

        • Would that work for GC?

          • +3

            @TaurusHead: Yep, buying $100 GC with Amex offer worked for me (got the Amex credit).

        • Do you buy gift cards in store or online? They seem to have removed it on the website.

          • @BeaHan: I cant find it either, so maybe instore.

        • Never knew they had gift cards.

          I just don't buy alot from there, but throughout the year I do!

  • +1

    Weird left-right mirrored video.

  • +10

    my procrastination payin off this month ..

  • +6

    Stack with Latitude 28 Degrees Mastercard's offer of Spend $70 get $20 back:


    • +1
    • +1

      damn Westpac only have $10 back on a $70 spend…stingy

    • +1

      Also Commbank Rewards (targeted) Chemist Warehouse offer Spend $70 or more get $10 back.

    • Wonder if it'll work buying GC in store? In case of price jacking use GC to purchase things later.

    • I have the 28 degrees mc but can't seem to find the offers people refer to. Do you have a direct link or point me to where I can find it after I log in?

      • If you're targeted you would receive an e-mail with the offers.

  • +2

    any new catalog for tomorrow? they increased price a couple of weeks ago

    • yep

      • the price is still higher even with extra 10% off

        • i do not set the prices

  • -1

    What to buy?

    • Always good to stock up on dishwashing and laundry etc in my experience. Rest it depends on the ticket prices. Maybe multivitamins if on sale

  • +2

    So the all the prices will update tomorrow to reflect the extra 10% or will it automatically apply at checkout when ordering online?

  • +5

    Will Jack be at work tomorrow

  • sooooooooooo - I'll ask

    "ANY BARGAINS" or this just a PSA / ad ?

    • Telfast

      • Why not save mote with generics in bulk

      • Is that a pharmacy only medicine?

    • Prices jacked from what I can see.

  • +12

    They sure have jacked up their prices significantly since last i checked

    • +8

      This! Doggy company always jack up price before storewide 10% discount.

      • +1

        yep pretty sure they did this during a seasonal store wide discount offer. time will tell

        • +1

          Screenshot some things y'all buying now

      • Wait, dogs don't do that!

  • +1

    just spent 200 today :)

    • +13

      username checks out.

      • so brutal..

    • +6

      Well at least you're smiling about it.

  • +6

    dammit, i just bought this toothpaste. could've saved an extra 10 cents if i waited another couple hours!


    • +1

      buy more to lower unit price ?

      • Dollar cost averaging

  • Excluding Multi-buy means I can only get one of each item, right?

    • +1

      2 for $5 stays as 2 for $5

    • nope. multibuy promos refer to specific discounts on buying the same items or items from the same range. for example, there is a permanent discount in place for when you buy a lot of protein bars. so you can buy multiple items and receive the 10% still except where a multibuy promo is present.

      • Thanks. Then I will go ahead with buying 10 * multi vitamins!

  • +1

    Baby formula…
    Encouraging ppl to go for condom instead.

    • Baby formula is excluded

  • +7

    Nah nah nah. Just checked price of something I have purchased long-time regularly and last time a month ago for about $60 to $65 a piece - it's now blody $76 odd ! Was ordering same again Monday but now looking at ebay or anywhere at normal price with express post from anywhere - be cheaper . Very much a total rip off - hopefully temporarily. Happy BLACK FRIDAY my greedy mates at chemist warehouse from longterm customer !

    • +1

      Not surprised. They've pulled this trick before.

      I revoked my deal upvote yest on reflection.

      Shameful behaviour.

  • I never buy anything from them unless it's a verified 50% off RRP

  • +3


  • Awesome

  • Nothing about it in store this morning in Newtown.

    • Interesting, I will update to online only at this point based on the comment below also, usually these are both online and in-store..

      • Confirming no in-store this year ?

        It was always both online & in-store , during 'extra 10% off' day.

  • +1

    Staff didnt know a thing about it in Adelaide CBD this morning on my walk to work. SMH

    • Is it online only then?

    • Not applicable in store

  • -1

    Need a tin of baby formula. Show 10% off , but revert back to full price when check out

    • +1

      if you read the exclusions…

  • +2

    Prices have all been jacked up on the items I was looking at, cheaper prior to the sale. $29.99 yesterday $38.49 -10% today.

  • I don't see %10 off on products. is it on yet?

  • price jacked up.

  • +1

    nice job chemist warehouse.

    Check some items price are higher than 1 week ago even after discount and cashback. saved my money

  • +5

    Wow, these guys are sneaky. I was looking to buy an assortment of vitamins and checked in store a week ago. Total price was $113.84 then. Now the same stuff will be $113.92 so literally no discount.

  • +9

    Jack! Bad. These guys should be reported to consumer protection. Misleading and deceptive conduct.
    Price of vitamins I had in cart went up over 10%over night.
    Not good.

    • -3

      Username checks out

    • +1

      price jacked for the items I want to buy as well

    • +2

      Manuka honey also went up only to be brought down to the price before black friday.

    • +2

      Yes there's definitely been a price jack. Added my regular vitamins and such to the cart yesterday and the total is slightly more now, what the!?

  • +1

    Jack is active in this “deal”

    I buy Natures Own 60 pack sleeping pill for $27.49 regularly and I just went into a store and they’re now at $35.49

    Totally scummy practice. They need to just keep the regular prices and stop pretending it’s a “deal”

    So definitely do your research before buying to make sure you’re actually saving money.

    • I don't think they have regular prices. I check pricehipster and most product prices fluctuate.
      Maybe you were just lucky by always buying it everytime at a lower price.

      • Maybe but I have never paid more than ~$27 for this product and $35 is definitely a jacked price.

  • -3

    chemist warehouse sucks with their stock keeping levels, even before a %10 sale they never have stock for the perfumes im after..

  • +4

    I just checked the supplements I'm after on Amazon and boom 12% cheaper than CW…. With Amazon S&S it's another 10%, so meh this deal.

    • Yep. I noticed that too. So I'll waiting for the Cashrewards Amazon booster this afternoon to save even more

  • What! Prices jacked more than the bloody 10% off.

  • In-store too.

  • So eye drop is Pharmacy Medicine no discount, they told me.

  • +2

    Uh, the Colgate toothbrush two-pack I was looking at yesterday has had an increase of over 25% from $5 to $6.29.

    Awesome storewide sale, Chemist Warehouse!

  • hahaha wtf if i search for the item i am after, the drop down in the search box shows the 10% off price, but if i then click on the item to go to its page, it shows the regular price (ie yesterdays price).

  • Don't forget Cheddar 5% cashback

  • Anyone know why there's no discount for Panadol 100 tablets? They aren't a pharmacy only medication as they're available in supermarkets as well.

    • Generic paracetamol hasn't been discounted for a while now. The days of 69c Panamax are well gone, with a shortage of paracetamol in many countries. Plus there's a bit of a clampdown on large sized packets due to overdose reports.

    • Paracetamol 100 tablets pack is Pharmacy Medicine (ie only available in pharmacies), due to its quantity. Paracetamol in non-pharmacy retail are max 20 tablets if my memory is correct.

  • +2

    I think what they do is remove any discounts they already had on items so they all revert to RRP. In many cases you are now paying more after 10% off. Doesnt seem legal to me.

    • Certainly doesnt reflect the deal title (extra 10% off). Not blamimg OP as seems they were misled themselves.

    • +1

      yeah, if the product you want regularly goes on sale then wait until then

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