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Sanyo 50" (127cm) FULL HD 1080P LCD TV - $498 - BIG W (from Thurs)


Anyone got any comments on the quality of this product?

Sale starts this Thursday the 12th.

Sanyo Link: http://www.sanyo.com.au/products/tvs/lcd-tvs/lcd50xr12f

Model Number: lcd50xr12f

From Sanyo Website:

  • HD digital tuner
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Signal compatibility: 480i/P, 576i/P, 720P, 1080i/P
  • Contrast: 4000:1
  • Brightness: 350 nit
  • 176 degree viewing angle
  • 8ms response time
  • Stereo system: NICAM, A2/IGR
  • Terminals: HDMI x 2; RF input (75ohms coaxial); Composite video; Composite audio; Component video; Component audio; VGA (D-sub); VGA audio; SPDIF (coaxial); USB 2.0 interface; Earphone jack
  • Sleep timer, Teletext, Parental control
  • Weight: 21.5kg
  • Dimensions (WxHxD)mm: 1165x793x300
  • Warranty Period: 12 months repair (Australia only)

EAN: 4994334290410

Australia: Big W, Dick Smith Electronics

MOD: Link directly to BigW.

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    • +19

      It's not a 3D TV

    • +21

      I think getting you some glasses to start with my help….

      • +14

        I think you MIGHT need glasses also :P

        • +2

          damn autocorrect spelling ;)

  • are you sure this is a 3d TV? I couldn't see any 3d references. If it is, awesome price.

    • +15

      3D TV owner here.

      It's been about a year now, but I've never really used it.

  • Given that big w warranty is so cheap then this is a great deal.

    • +12

      The company that did BigW's extended warranty has gone bust. Don't buy extended warranty unless you're sure BigW has switched providers.


      • or check your credit card - lots of them offer automatic extended warranty (eg. extra 1 year)

        • +1 My Visa Platinum through St George offers this for any purchase on the credit card.

      • +1

        Don't think they are now selling the warranty from this company anyway

      • Oh shiz man, that's just a couple of hours old haha. wow.

        Thanks for the heads up

      • There's a lesson in that, don't buy extended warranty…period! ;)

  • -3

    50" FHD plasma for under $500 looks awesome to me

    • +17

      plasma?? Wake up jeff.

    • +2

      It's a Full HD LCD, not plasma.

      • +3

        Sorry was on the phone to heaps of people today asking about my plasma I'm selling, pretty much everything is plasma to me lol

  • +42

    LOL are the people in here on drugs today? Its not 3D or a Plasma haha!

    • HAHAHHAHAHA yeah wtf!

    • +9

      I searched for drugs, and came here.
      And I think the OP mis-spelt LSD?

    • +1

      Maybe they are wearing the 3D glasses to view this website or have been wearing 3D glasses too often, the LC looks like 3 LOL with the 3D glasses on.

  • +71

    This is a great car,shame it's only a 6 cylinder and not a V8.

    • Nah V8's use more electricity than a 6

    • haha nice mate

    • +7

      with 1% interest nissan finance = win!

    • +3

      an active 6 cylinder is better than a V8, but a V8 is better than a passive 6 cylinder.

    • +2

      If Sanyo made cars then they would be a Mitsubishi. Mid-range and nothing flashy but reliable.

      • +3

        If it's as reliable as my old 1987 magna, I'm staying the hell away…don't want my tv to put out blue smoke when I start it up, or leak when it rains :P

        • +1

          Worse if it leaks when it's not raining…

    • +3

      my fooley sik turbo will chop your v8 bruh

  • Anyone know if this TV has a games mode to cut down video processing lag?

    This TV uses Super MVA LCD technology from Chi Mei, so the picture quality is probably quite decent.

  • -3

    is it water or air cooled
    if water cooled, its a great price

  • +3

    I read the heading quickly and thought it said Sony and almost fell out of my chair.

    • +39

      Well you came to the right post then.
      No one can read around here.

      • +6

        No, I kan reed poply but red it qikly.

        • +9

          thats it! im calling immigration :P

        • -1

          Hate to break it to you but you spelt some words wrong.


    • Maybe you could have gotten compo from BigW if you did infact "fall out of your chair"!

  • +3
  • +3

    Can't argue with it for $498. I'd rather buy from Big W than Kogan.

    If it lasts 2 years, I reckon that's good enough to last til the 3/4/5/6th gen 3D TVs are out with passive glasses, 2mm thick screens etc etc :)

  • If you click on the Big W link it says it currently retails for $598.00. I'm guessing this is the normal price before the sale price that starts on Thursday?

    • Yeah, I uploaded the screen shot of my catalogue, but the mod removed it.

      So all good :)

    • +1

      Only saving a friggin $100? neverthefrigginless, it is still a friggin good price.

      • +3

        only 100 dollars…hmmm you're obviously on the wrong site if your saying ONLY 100 dollars!

  • if this was led id snap it up in a heartbeat

    • +2

      no, you'd be dead.

      • +10

        I don't even know why I laughed.

  • +10

    good for dear old gran with bad eyesight, replacing the 32" that she could afford 4 years ago.

    sick of wiping her makeup off that screen.

    • yeah that's what i want it for.

      just trying to find out if it's going to break 10 times within one year. cause i know i will be the one having to deal with it haha.

    • disturbing thought…btw pretty sure she was on here before

      glow in the dark….condo….WOW I'd sure like to live in one of those!

    • +2

      She's got the MaGyver box set, hasn't she.

  • -1

    is it 100hz?

    • +1

      No, according to Sanyo's specs. Pity, otherwise I'd be really tempted to buy it.

    • +3

      Does anyone else dislike 100Hz? I just don't like the way it smooths out movies. It's like it turns a 24p movie shot on film into a cheapie digitally recorded flick.

      • +1

        Same, I've turned it off on all of my LCD sets; as you say the soap-opera effect makes the picture look unrealistic.

        I will never cease to be amazed that people are still so gullible as to believe motion compensation is some sort of advantage!

        • Fast moving pictures i.e sports???

        • Nope, whilst that's the popular myth it doesn't make a shred of practical difference IME; seriously, artificially interpolating/inserting frames in a moving image on the fly is never going to end well.

          A good 50Hz set is better than a dodgy 100Hz set any day of the week, there are other factors at play…i.e. response time & input lag just to mention two! MC is just marketing hype! :)

  • +1

    Hi guys, here's a really important question for me:

    My old Sony 32 inch doesn't let you plug in an external hard drive with tv/movies on it. You need an xbox or media player to watch videos on it. It only shows photos directly. My TV is about 3-4 years old now.

    I know a lot of the newer TVs can play almost any video file directly by plugging in an external USB drive. Does this one?


    • +3

      no you need to buy a media player for it

      • Thanks

      • I'm surprised by this. Are we back in 2005 or something. I thought all TVs could play video media files via the USB port now. Hell, even my Mum's cheap-ass Soniq $299 job can play MKV files!

    • +2

      Or just get a DVD player with a USB input that's what I did

      • Or a usb input with a dvd player

  • +10

    Friend of mine has the 46" version…

    It's a decent TV, if all you want is just a TV, but it is an older generation. There's no bells or whistles. It's pretty much a plain vanilla television, for example the USB can only display images, not playback video (from memory). There's only 2 HDMI inputs, again typical of older models. I don't think it even has audio or video out, apart from one digital audio coax port. If you're planning to run any gear into or out of this set, make sure you eyeball one and make sure it has the required connections. (the 50" may be a little different)

    If all you want is a TV, it does that job just fine, but don't expect anything much additional. On the upside the picture is ok for a budget set and the channel changes aren't noticeably slow.

    • +2

      Thank you

    • +1

      I have a 37 or 39 inch Sanyo TV, I can't remember the size. The quality is good. I had it for almost 3 years and still going strong.

    • Cheers for the information. That is basically what I am looking for at the moment and it seems to tick all the boxes.

      However I wouldnt mind hooking up the Xbox to this thing. Would there be any negative aspects with gaming for this TV?

    • Thank you! kind of info i am looking for! Cheers

  • +4

    Looks like a good honest 50" tv to me. 60hz refresh rate is nothing to write home about but good enough for most viewing.

    IMO all the 'smart TV' crap being added to TVs these days are mere novelties. Buy a WDTV Live for $99 and you got all the smarts that you really need.

    • +1

      I'd go with the WD Live player. It plays almost any file thrown at it and accessing the network shares is a painless process. I use it to play all my media even though my LG LCD TV can play movies off an external HDD. The reason for this is my LG can only play audio that is 2.1 or stereo. If you had media that has Dolby DTS or multi-channel sound, the chances of your TV converting the audio to stereo for playback are pretty slim unless your TV manufacturer has officially licensed the technology.

    • I tend to disagree, LG - PVR, network streaming and so far has handled everything i've thrown at it…
      but your talking double the price.. i don't think smart TVs are novelties, the LG has replaced my PVR and media centre.
      I've used it to surf the web a few times and it seems to be decent.

      • Does your LG output proper 5.1 DTS/AC3/PCM audio?

        • not sure, and not sure how id check either…i have the optial audio out connected to my amp… but havent looked that far into it… need to get a test file.

  • +3

    39" Sanyo @ $348 isnt too bad either.

    • +1

      Just get the other 11" mate ;)

      • No one wants your cough 11 inches, Fincky. ;P

  • +2

    I have the 42" LCD Version got for $399 back in the day when the deal was on. Beats my 55" Samsung that I paid for 3.5k > at the same period and I'm a real ozbargainer!

    Great TV range.

    • +8

      Your eyes must be potatoes then.

  • Not sold online atm… :'(

    • -1

      Just read the description…

      • +1

        I'm aware it isn't on sale till Thursday, I meant this one can't be bought online, only instore.

  • Do you guys think this is good for a computer monitor? :)

    • thats what i was thinking. im in the market

    • +2

      I use a 40" full hd tv for my monitor and have to honestly say that because these screens only do up to 1080p resolution, text and fine detail isn't the greatest. For games and movies from PC it would be fine, but as far as for everyday use, it can't compare to good quality computer monitors. Saving for 2 more quality monitors at the moment to run 3 screen eyefinity and kick my 40" TV to the lounge room where it belongs. Hope this helps. :)

      • thanks dmtdude, yes it helps! I like your idea of the 3 screens! :)

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