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[VIC] HP EliteDesk 800 G2, Core i5-6500T, 65W, 8GB RAM 128GB SSD with WiFi $150 Pickup Only @ Price Performance PC


Compact mini PC that offers enough performance for web browsing, office work, multimedia. Budget productivity tool for students or the home office.

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
i5-6500T 3ghz cpu
Motherboard has latest 2022 bios addressing several security vulnerabilities.
Intel HD Graphics 530
8gb DDR4 memory
128gb Sandisk solid state drive
Built in dual band wifi with bluetooth

Latest updates and drivers. Just plug and play.

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    These run Xubuntu and Mint well.

    • +1

      Also Windows really well. Perfect for your everyday computer.

  • Is the ssd in the 2.5 bay or the m.2 slot? (Assuming sata m.2 at this price)

    • It has both a M.2 slot and 2.5" SATA, you can also add another DDR4 2133MHz Stick.

  • 2.5

    • Sightly inconvenient for my particular situation, but still a great deal, ordered one anyway. Is pick up possible tomorrow (sat 31st)? I'll be in the general area.

      • Sure thing will be in contact

  • Is it 65W (ozb) or 35W (website)?

    • +1

      The CPU itself have 35W TDP. So seems 65W is correct for the whole system

  • Hello, can I upgrade the ram and SSD? Thank you!

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      I'm considering something similar, this just got posted https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/748722

      Tear down and pc structure looks really similar to my optiplex.

      You should be able to upgrade both with little effort

      Based on the screenshot on the product page their ram is 1x 8gb DDR4 2133 mhz

      • Thanks for the info! So do I just purchase two of those Patriot ones to replace the existing one?
        Also do you recommend Crucial or Patriot rams?

        • +1

          Just get the cheapest one as there is no real difference.

          • @zCrimson: Okay, thank you! Does the mhz matter for this HP EliteDesk? I'm assuming higher mhz the better?

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              @VuDo0: For this product and assuming your use case I would guess you wouldn't notice the difference.

            • +1

              @VuDo0: The CPU is limited to 2133MHz so if fast RAM is cheaper you can get that but it will only run at 2133MHz speed. If you think you may upgrade in the future maybe 2400/2666MHz for a few dollars more is also a good idea as you can use it in newer systems as well.

        • +1

          ooop I didn't see those older deals on crucial ram, I think largely the decider for ram here would be
          1) Price
          2) Capacity
          3) Speed
          4) Ram timings
          No real preference but if I had to say crucial (couldn't provide a strong argument for this though).

          You could try ordering just one more stick and then the new stick would be capped at 2133 mhz saving you $30 you can look into mixing and matching different ram dimms, it's often possible but also not recommended and ideal, choice and risk is yours.

          I would also look a bit more into Price Performance PC before buying.

          • @websalad: Thanks guys, I bought the HP EliteDesk and also bought 2x 3200mhz patriot rams. :)

  • Use one of these as my minecraft server. Nice low power unit.

  • recently bought one to use for Plex and will connect a 4 TB portable external hdd to it

  • I would if I didn't just build another server 😭

  • +1

    We're now out of the model with built in wifi. We can restock from our supplier the model with usb wifi.
    If interested please contact us directly. If there is enough interest we will stock up on those.

  • no shipping available?

  • Not to bad of a price if $150 really is your top point of expense.
    Although if you do check ebay enough the Dell Optiplex 3050 Micro are about $30-40 more for i5-7500T, 8GB Ram, 256gb HDD.

    • Just posted the Dell 3050 micro PC with the 256gb SSD here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/749044

      • Still only a 6th gen however, other 3050 Micros at 7th Gen for near enough price

        • A 6th gen i5-6500 is faster than a 7th gen i5-7400 but the difference is marginal. Given we're up to 13th gen now it's pointless comparing bottom of the barrel super budget potato systems. Here's a 9th gen 6 core 4ghz system that will run circles around both https://priceperformancepc.com.au/product/hp-pavillion-9th-g…

  • Unsure where you got your records of "i5-6500 is faster than a i5-7500**" because its not..
    Either way no need to try and sell me computers, i already do that en mass.

    • Check the intel website bud.

      i5-6500 base frequency 3.20ghz max boost 3.60ghz

      i5-7400 base frequency 3.00ghz max boost 3.50ghz

      Where did you get your facts from?

      • Optiplex 3050 did not sell with i7-7400 afaik they only sold with 7500.

        • -1

          Your original statement was that the i5-6500 is not faster than the i5-7400. Still no idea how you came to that conclusion.

          Secondly there is no such thing as an i7-7400. Awaiting you next silent correction.

          • @coathanger007: I never said "7400" you did, I said.. If i did im pretty sure Ozb would say "edited"
            To prove i think thats what Ozb does ill edit this post..

            Edited to see what edit does, hrmm okay it doesnt.
            Either way, I dont care..

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