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Telstra Vivo Y55 5G 128GB $199 Delivered ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Big W

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Cheap 5G phones with OK specs. Not as cheap as optus one, but its on Telstra, so can use with Boost.

Includes unlimited calls and text to standard national numbers and 1GB to use in Australia within 14 days, when you activate on Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile.
Product Features:

Ultra-fast 5G connectivity
Premium technology at affordable price point
50MP ultra-high resolution AI triple camera
Ultra-long 5000mAh battery life and 18W fast charging
Ultra-thin and light weight design

Dont Forget 10% cashback from Cashrewards.
Free delivery for orders over $100

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    Please dont do it. Get the g52 instead.

    Or if lucky the g82 for $200

    • g52 is locked to Optus. In my area I might as well use a 1 cups with a string as Optus is so bad.

      But for sub $180 after cashback, its ok and made in Tiawan, not China!

      • Thats the area you want a locked Optus phone. Poor service = free unlock to go elsewhere.

      • What is this G52 locked to Optus of which you speak? Nothing that I can find. It seems easier to score a free unlock with Optus though and there are plenty of Optus MVNOs to use while your phone is still locked. I wouldn't buy the Optus X Swift 5G though which seems the Optus rival for this or for that matter any phone branded Optus simply because Optus remove bands that they don't use. The Vivo has good band support. The Vivo is made in the PRC not Taiwan and BKK is a Chinese company.

    • How to get lucky

      • Persistence.

  • This is one of those telstra phones that complain even on other telstra backed providers. Friend tried it on aldi and still got the network lock message.

    • +2

      Because it's locked to the Telstra retail network..

      All resellers except Boost use the Telstra wholesale network.

      • Just thought i would let people know. Some models have worked on both wholesale and retail in the past.

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    • Pretty good specs for $169.

      • -1

        But it only has 4GB of RAM and a crappy Mediatek chipset. You will want a Snapdragon chip phone for better performance. You're not going to get good performance from this phone.

        • Isn't it the same phone as the OP's?

        • +1

          MediaTek and SD both have some slow chips. It isn't as simple as "you want a Snapdragon".

          I had a Redmi note 8 pro and the MediaTek in that was fine for pretty much anything.

          Many people will be fine with 4gb. Many are running 2 or 3.

          My point wasn't this is the best phone. Only that this seems pretty good specs for the price. Know of other 5G phones with 4GB ram for less?

          • @Duff5000: The Optus X Swift 5G can be had for less but I wouldn't buy that unless I have no intention of using other providers besides Optus as per my comment at the top. Qualcomm chips seem to get better reception at least according to Ray Shaw (ex gadgetguy.com.au, currently cybershack.com.au) and you won't find a Telstra Blue tick on this model. I don't know of any current phone with Qualcomm chips for less than $200. Bang per buck is going down these days. Phones with Unisoc SOCs seem to be the new low… At least they seem to use something better than a Cortex A53 which is fairly common in budget phones these days though Nokia stoop to using one made via 28nm process on their Nokia C31 for example which has a RRP of over $200. (currently on special for $168 at Hardly Normal unlocked)

            • @Stingo: The zte with Optus is half the storage, low rez sereen and (probably) a worse camera. I'd still take the y55 over that

              28nm on the Nokia? I didn't realise anyone was still doing smartphones with that!

              • @Duff5000: I'm an Optus MVNO customer and still wouldn't take the Swift at half the price. I think I might even turn my nose up at it at silly money prices simply because I object to Optus removing bands they don't use even though its probably much better than than the 4G phone I bought earlier this year. I only mentioned it because of the question you posed. Really. the only real drawback to the Vivo is the fee Telstra charges in the first six months and the lack of an el-cheapo 3rd party unlock for people who don't want to use Telstra/Boost. If you need a phone now … get the Motorola G51 from JB-Hi currently $199 for its dual SIM capability, clean Android, Snapdragon 480 and being unlocked though specwise it looks quite similar to the Vivo. I only noticed it now :-) So that's two 5G phones under $200.

                • @Stingo:

                  If you need a phone now … get the Motorola G51 from JB-Hi(jbhifi.com.au) currently $199

                  Nice. Hadnt seen that.

                  Personally i have a Poco f3 and no need for a new phone but i have been keeping an eye out for a coworker. Coming from a Nokia with 2GB ram that would be a great upgrade.

                • @Stingo: Jb didn't have 10% off with cashback. So you want to pay more for a phone with the same specs, only as you dont use boost (as opposed to 90% of the Ozb community).

                  Makes sense

    • It claims to be only available online. No stock in any stores. But you should be able to do a click and collect and it will get shipped off to the selected store from the warehouse for the person to collect from there.

    • Agreeing with your comment so I can neg the deal. My first neg!

  • Could this phone be unlocked? If yes, how much would it be like?

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      Yes it can be unlocked but not for free. Telstra charges an $80 fee to unlock a phone which hasn't been activated before or for 6 months or less. It says so on this web page. Click on the "How do I find my IMEI number to unlock my Pre-Paid mobile?" drop down selection and you will see it.


      So if you buy this phone right now. Then if you want it network unlocked then Telstra will charge you an $80 fee to do so.

      So basically if you buy it from Officeworks for $169 then it's that + $80 unlock fee = $249 unlocked phone.

      Even worse if you buy it from Big W then that increases to $279 total.

      • Thanks!

    • +1

      You could of course stick the phone in a drawer for 6 months after activating the included SIM to get the unlock for $25 if you don't want to use Boost/Telstra. Also worth checking out 3rd party unlocks but I can't find any dirt cheap unlock on eBay at the moment though cheaper than $80.

      BTW, other than waiting 2 years how does one score a free unlock on Telstra? It's difficult enough asking with something obsolete.

  • How is the 5G reception on this phone?
    Most review seem to say snapdragon is better for 5G connectivity??

    • Its good. I noticed a big difference from 4G and the battery life is a day and a half. But again its my second spare phone so it could be that as well.

      • you mean using 5G uses more battery?

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