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10%-20% off 0.01mm Condom Bundles with Free Shipping @ Bungee Gum

10%-20% Off Thinnest Condoms Okamoto 0.01mm (Bundle Products Only with Free Shipping) @ Bungee Gum

Hey OzBargainers, thank you for supporting my small business. I appreciate all orders that people made from OzBargain. Thank you so much.

I noticed that many customers usually buy items in bulk, so I have included bundle products with Free Shipping. Please check our site for more details.

  • Our current stock level is a bit low, so I might not be guarantee to fulfil your order - if this happens, a full refund will be processed.
  • We provide Okamato 001, 003 and Sagami 001.
  • They are the world's thinnest condoms and are made in Japan.
  • We offer a price match service. If you find any cheaper from the internet, please message me.

Stay safe and healthy, drink water and don't get cold.

We also offer local-pickup service if you live nearby NSW, you could come to Wolli Creek station to pick up.

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    Here for the cumments comments.

  • What is the expiry date? Asking for a friend.

    • For this bundle sale, its expired in Feb 2022 it expires in Feb 2023. I will adjust the price after the next stocking.

      For product expiry date, most of products expired in 2027 Dec

      Mod: Fixed comment.

      • So they are expired…
        ARTG number?

        • ARTG number

          They're meant for Japan's Domestic market, how would they have a ARTG number..

          • @cwongtech: To supply into Australia they need to be registered

            • +1

              @LordPepe: Durex and Ansell Zero boxes do not have ARTG numbers either

      • For this bundle sale, its expired in Feb 2022. I will adjust the price after the next stocking.

        So they're expired..?

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          Oh, I meant the current price for the Bundle sale would be expired at the end of Feb. I have to re-adjust the price a bit after I receive the next stock packages from Japan.

      • +2

        Looks as though he forgot the new year rolled over. I think he means the bundle deal expires end of Feb 2023 and that the products have an expiry of 2027.

        • +3

          Yes, this is correct +1

          I can't edit my original comment. Sorry about the confusion made for you.

  • Buy one free one bundle of joy. Sounds alright

  • +2

    possible to get 'Thickest' condoms to upsize?

  • +5

    0.01mm condoms.. what is this?.. a condom for ants!

    • That is the thickness - its very slim. for example, Durex their usually >0.05mm or even thick - once you use it, you feel it xD

      • How do we know that each condom feels consistently the same as the others? It would help convince a lot of people to take up this deal if you pre-tested each condom and signed the box "Tested - OK" before sending.

  • Pretty sure the Okamoto 0.01 3pcs were 880yen from Don Quijote.. this was a few years ago though

    Translates to $10 AUD (then again there's consumption tax) for 3, and also need to find a way to get them here.

    They look like they're available on eBay for $18 for 3 (delivered) as well from other vendors, so $6 each.

    In bulk pricing, these are 42pcs for 209, or $4.98 each

    Pricing isn't too bad for locally available Okamoto 0.01

    • -1

      you did comprehensive research, yes…i make less profits :( also + I have to pay Shopify commission fees, tax to gov etc…..) :(

      • No issues with profit, you're providing a service by allowing them to be accessible in Australia, that's your value-add, I genuinely hope you will do well

        I'm just concerned about the Feb-2022 expiry in your comment above, if you could clarify on that

        • +1

          They did

          For this bundle sale, its expired in Feb 2022 it expires in Feb 2023. I will adjust the price after the next stocking.
          For product expiry date, most of products expired in 2027 Dec
          Mod: Fixed comment.

  • meeting in public train station while passing brown envelope discreet packaging …

    • No problems - xD

  • What is the kanji or meaning of okamoto?

    • +1

      冈本 - I think its just brand name, it doesn't have any meaning afak

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    Size UP. These are very small. I bought some last time they posted and I can't use them at all. Even if you're modest, as I am, you may be in for a shock.

    • +1

      From our store history, only one customer complained the size is too small. Overall we receive a good return ratio.

      For those who have a big thing, try L size.

      • +3

        Overall we receive a good return ratio.

        There are certain things i would never return after using them. This would be high on that list.

        • Yes, that's correct. Try it once and decide on it. You never know until you try it. Everyone has different feelings and things. No product can have 100% satsification for everyone. So I can only use my current order statistics to share some insights.

          • @BungeeGum: Happily married, 2 kids, vasectomy. No need for the product :)
            Good luck though.

            • +2

              @Lord Fart Bucket:

              Happily married, 2 kids, vasectomy

              You don't need to lie on Ozbargain, my dude, this is a safe space 🫂

      • +1

        I expect many people wouldn't bother trying to return an open box of condoms. It's not the sort of thing that people think someone will accept.
        I'm just saying for anyone thinking about trying, it's important to be aware these aren't the same fit as standard durex etc.etc. local brands. I think it was the okamoto I tried, which I don't think comes in other sizes?

        • For each product, there are specific size guidance - they are translated using the global measurement, so customers could give a research and compare with durex etc. ^.^

    • +1

      cool, I can finally buy regular size

    • Yep, they definitely run small. I tried some when i went to japan long time ago. Their large size was small and fit tighter than a normal ansell that is 54mm. Sagami are more realistic. Their large was similar to durex 56mm or slightly bigger but smaller than four seasons lsrge at 58mm. Maybe things have changed since I tried but doesn't sound like it.

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    Have read on Amazon reviews these tend to break due to being very thin.

    • They must break it very hard using nails or some sharp stuff, to be honest, I never have any issues using L size okamoto 001 - its very solid.

      Official Japan Okamoto site: https://okamoto001mm.jp/en/

      • +8

        Subtle L size flex.

        • +3

          And yet he says he runs a small business. Something doesn't check out.. 🤔

  • +2

    BungeeGum? I can't help feeling like it's a spoonerism for Gungy Bum. Which could be an appropriate reason to need this product.

  • +1

    Ive previously bought the L size of these and they were still small

  • Are these reusable just trying to do my bit for the environment.

  • Stay safe and healthy, drink water and don't get cold.

    How would a 0.01mm condom help keep me warm? Is there some lifehack I don't know about?

  • Great description… 😂😂 If you have a big thing, we recommed you get Okamoto 001 (L size) or Okamoto 003.003 The one without seminal vesicles is the gold version, so you can feel realfit the round head is a bit cute.Sagami 001 is also a good choice which is a bit larger than Okamoto 001 (Regular Size)

    • LMAO, to be honest, I used google translation… xD

  • These are pretty tough condoms but they do run small. i had some in the past and ripped them trying to roll them on.

    when they didnt break while fitting, they were better than anything else on the market in Australia.

  • That is some expensive condom at $5.56 a pop.

    • Not compared to the hooker it’sa bargain…

    • +1

      Compared to the most conservative estimates of the cost to raise a child to 18 years, this is actually 99.997% off, a real bargain.

      • Ye but other brand can be had for $0.5 a pop..

  • I don't know why but I'm getting Squid Jig vibes from the name

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