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Toshiba 40TL868G 40" 3D Internet LED TV from Amazon €377 + €40 Shipping AUD $488


Hi all,

Was browsing camel x3 and noticed this drop in price. Ships to Australia for the regular 40 euro too. Comes to $488 all up on xe. Heres the specs:

  • 3D LED-backlit TV with 102 cm (40 inch) diagonal screen with active shutter technology, 16:9
  • Screen resolution 1920 x 1080 (Full HD), 200 Hz Active vision rate (AVR), Internet content at your fingertips, HbbTV
  • Analog tuner, DVB-T/DVB-T2, DVB-C/DVB-C (HD), DVB-S/DVB-S2 (HD), CI +
  • 4x HDMI (incl. HDCP), 1x SCART, 2x USB (photo / video / music), component video input - YUV
  • Included: black 40TL868G LED TV, including stand, remote control, manual
Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Was browsing camel x3 and noticed this drop in price.

    What's camel x3?

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    How would warranty/returns work on these Amazon products if something's wrong with the TV? Postage back must be heaps. How likely would it be for problems to occur given all the shipping around?

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      dont toshiba tvs come with worldwide warranty?

    • amazon will cover the postage back.

  • This is cheap though.

    • +3

      Yes it is.
      Yes it is.

      • Dont know why it did a double post wasn't intentional.

        • System issue. Happens to the best of us.

  • can it be view nomal without 3D?

    reviews Toshiba 40TL868G is 3½* vs Toshiba 40TL963G 4* EUR 529,99 but not sure the differences…

  • good review here in English. Good find OP and thank you. AUD 507.77 delivered to me.


  • aussie price match ?

    • +1

      well! we are still paying too much here in aussie despite tear drops from Mr Gerry and his mates..we can only buy no brand name TV here for that price hahaha

      • It is not just TV. We pay more for software too. I read somewhere that we pay around 40% more than the Kiwis for used cars (I sort of get that we have tariffs on car imports to protect the local industry).

        One question I have is that won't you pay GST on any TV you buy from overseas?

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          i think less than $1000 is tax free.

  • So this is compatible with aussie tv channels? what about power point? any other compatability issues?

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      Australia uses dvb-t and it supports that, as for power; I can't exactly find any info wether the cord can just unplug and be replaced with an Aussie one or in the worst case a plug converter would do the trick.

      • (Quote) Stromversorgung / Nominalspannung: Wechselstrom 230 V ( 50/60 Hz )

        You're good to go.

  • +1

    Review of the 46' model -
    Looks like it doesn't come with 3D glasses so factor in about $45 each.

  • why on me it said €449 + €40? anyone?

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      once you go through checkout VAT is removed; we dont have to pay their taxes!

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    Actually I prefer TL963G because, 1. come with one 3D glass, 2. review is better, 3. TL963G is 2012 model, and TL868G is 2011 model. Of course, little expensive, but much much cheaper than in Australia.

    40TL868G EUR449.00
    40TL963G EUR529.99
    plus same shipping cost EUR40.00

  • +1

    can anyone confirm if the power cord is compatible with AU? Very tempting……..

    • the plug most likely will be European, but you can buy an adapter for about $2.

  • +1

    I'm about to buy one. I've been looking for a TV around 40" for around that price, haven't seen anything that comes close to that TV in Australia. Most TV's I see for ~500 are 50/60hz and Soniq etc brand names.

    Is this a good deal? Anyone have a definite answer?

    • Yes it is an excellent deal…

      • Bought one :)

  • Can anyone confirm warranty and power adapter issues ? Cheers.

  • i have a 40 inch sony lcd, so i am looking for a similar deal (500 aud) for a larger size. like 46-55 inch. anyone found any good from amazon.de?

    • Am also looking for the same thing, preferably 50-55 inch!

  • how much will i get if i sell my 2-3 yrs old 40inch on ebay? any idea?(apparently no 3d, not "smart")

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      You leave it in the front Lawn!

    • start it at 99c and see…

    • +2

      guys, please stop negging treeman!

      the name already explains why a question like this was asked.

      • Think you're being a bit harsh…found out the answer to my questions anyway.

        Not sure why all the negs…

  • can't decide to get 868 or 963 model.. difference about Aud$80 ??
    963 comes with one 3D glasses though'

  • +1

    There is no power adapter necessary because Europe uses the same voltage as Australia, only the plug is different, but that can be fixed by either using an adapter or buying an Australian plug, cutting off the old one and fixing the new one, takes 5 minutes.
    I have brought appliances from Europe here, changed the plug over and they are all still going strong after many years, never had a problem.

  • any idea how does the warranty works? must the set be sent back to amazon?

  • Will there be tax at australian customs?

    • I'm fairly sure for goods brought in from overseas you only have to pay import duty on items over $900/$1000 AUS.

      I've just bought one, if you want to wait 2-12 days I'll let you know :D

      • why didn't you hesitate on the 963 model with 3D glasses?

      • Thanks mate appreciate it

  • +1

    http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/72870 might have some answers and experiences about buying TVs from Amazon Germany.

  • Coming up 507 for me

  • Review in English for 2012 40TL963G - EUR529.99

  • At that price, why would you bother about warranty, throw it away if it goes belly up. No need for all the worry really, same goes for the power plug issue, posters above have answered it and answered it well: get an adaptor, cut the plug off put an Aussie one on, they aren't deal breakers imo.

    If you were paying $1500 upwards then yes they would be legit worries but not at five hunge.

  • cannot be shipped the selected address.

    • I just checked and it'll let me ship it to QLD. I didn't buy it. I rarely watch 3D.

      Item: EUR 377.31
      Packaging & Shipping: EUR 40.00
      Total amount: EUR 417.31
      Invoice amount: $ 507.77

      • Oops my bad. You're talking about the 40TL963G. You're right, that can't be shipped here.

  • Damn I would have gone for this or the 963G if only they did PVR recording. I can't see any mention of it anywhere, although it does have 2 USB ports.

    Bugger. Keep looking/waiting.

    • +1

      why not just buy a raspberry pi? or a cheap home theatre pc? I know it seems abit extravagant but it kind of takes the limit off what you can do with your T.V. Also PS3s are for sale at the moment you could always get that with the video recorder thing for it.

      • Thanks for the suggestions, but I already have a separate PVR device. I wanted to replace the existing device and just make it integrated. All I do is set individual recordings or timeshift.

  • Can any one help with the shipping to Melbourne Victoria

  • Can't seem to order 40TL963G to ship to Melbourne.

    40TL868G comes out fine…. Any one able to ship the 963G to Melbourne?

  • +1

    Is it possible to see the deal and the check out instructions in English? If so how?

    • +1

      See my previous post which has a link and shows how you can use Google Chrome's translate feature.

  • +1

    Thanks Spy! Google Chrome Translate works brilliantly! Being able to access sites worldwide will assist me in finding more bargains. Thanks ever so much, and thanks for the prompt reply. Best wishes, Bruce!

    • Mah pleasure bro!

  • Think it's About the price In Australia? how about Warrenty? Can't match Aussie warremty

  • Anyone able to ship 40TL963G to Melbourne?

  • Thanks for posting, The Works! The reviews on the 40TL868G are excellent and I have ordered one. The 40TL963G won't ship to Australia, maybe from a different supplier? Amazon deals come from a range of suppliers depending on the models advertised. It won't allow me to order the 3d glasses either! This price for a quality 3d tv with 100hz refresh and 200hz ARM is excellent, way below the price in Australia from my searching. Cheers

  • +1

    I need a decent 32" smart LED TV

  • Any issues regarding using an adapter? Don't want a fire hazard!

    edit: forgot about VAT.

  • Note the lack of 3D glasses with this TV. According to Amazon.de they can't sell you the glasses either (and they're pricey): http://www.amazon.de/Toshiba-FPTAG02G-Active-Shutter-Brille/...

    Looks like buyers will have to be prepared to use this TV in 2D mode only.

  • Hi All, looks like amazon.de changed TL963G delivery conditions, and could not be sent to Australia now. I am sure it could be done yesterday, do not know why amazon.de changed it.

  • Just bought this for my parents. We were looking at them spending $800 for a set. As long as this arrives without any defects this will be a great purchase for $508. Thanks =)

  • +1

    Got the TL963G with the free glasses. Worked out to be $570 with
    the 28 degrees card. Will probably ebay the glasses as I don't watch 3d.
    Awesome deal, thanks OP & the others for the heads up on the 963!

    • You are fortunate it can ship to you, would have got that one if it shipped to me.

    • +1

      How did you manage to get it shipped?

      I sent out an email to amazon user support regarding the shipping and there reply was

      "I am sorry that you are not able to order the item "Toshiba 40TL963G 101,6 cm (40 Zoll) 3D LED-Backlight-Fernseher, Energieeffizienzklasse A+ (Full-HD, 200Hz AMR, DVB-T/C/S2, CI+, DLNA, Web-TV) silber" as you entered a dispatch address to Australia.

      The reason for this is because the size of the television exceeds the limit of our shipping regulations to Australia."

      From your profile I guessed that you have shipped it to Sydney so asked the user support about it, and there reply is

      "Unfortunately I cannot see that a delivery address would be possible in Australia no matter if it is in Sydney or Melbourne but of course we would like to investigate further into this matter.

      May I kindly ask you to let us know what address in Sydney is working for the Delivery? What address did you try it with?"

    • I am interested in the glasses (for a nice ozbargain price ;))

  • +1

    Absolutely no problems with using an adapter and buying 240 volts products from Europe! No more fire risk than any other Australian products. We are being ripped off here! I use an adapter on my Kenwood Titanium Food Mixer which I bought from Europe. The price I paid was $350 below retail store price and $150 below the best eBay price! If you don't like the adapter, electrical repair shops are the cheapest to cut off the European plugs and wire up an Aussie plug, probably around $20. Electricians can do it also but may charge more. Those with electrical experience could do it themselves for the price of a 3 prong plug, around $4, but you must know what you are doing!

    • +3

      Here is a link to how you rewire an Aussie three pin plug…http://www.accesscomms.com.au/reference/powerplug.htm

      It's not rocket science(thankfully) and any one should be able to do it.
      Like Bruce says: Just get a sparkie to wire it up for you or any electrical repair joint will just about do it on the spot.

    • Maybe it's just me but at least both of my tvs have standard power lead cables which cost locally about $5 and most of the time I've had plenty of spares from other appliances. Would this be any different with Toshiba? Power lead is not built-in or is it?

    • Power adapters to plug in all sorts of plugs, including European, are usually around $10 or less. I bought one from BigW for a bit more than $10 before discovering Bunnings had them even cheaper. The power cord issue is simply not a problem.

  • Thanks Luc, nice post, very clearly set out what to do. I've done my own plug wiring in the past, but when you are considering the lives of your family, let alone the cost of your $500+ items, you need to really know what you are doing! It is not worth taking risks for the sake of only $20!

  • Ill be happy to pull the trigger on this if someone can tell me how warranty works (Melbourne)

    • Assume there is no warranty. According to Australia post, it would cost $191 for sea and $435 for air mail to return the package to Germany. Amazon USA has covered my postage costs in the past, but only for $15 (actual cost was $20) and they auto give you an estimated shipping cost. Would Amazon.de hand over $200 or $440 for you to return a sub $500 TV? I have serious doubts.

      • I've had Amazon USA cover $55 return shipping on a $80 pair of sneakers because they arrived with a rather large black mark on them.

        I've also had another USA company (buyhappier.com) cover sending a $400 item back to them 3 times at a cost of $120 per go. So it wouldn't be totally out of the question for Amazon to cover the return costs.

        • edit - cut out most of my response as tbh2012's response says it from Amazon themselves.

          Anyway TVs these days only come with a 1 year warranty so for this price I don't think you have much to lose. All will be sorted by Amazon if it is faulty on arrival.

    • +1

      In case of fault the warranty works by packing the unit back up, taking it ourside and giving it to your weekly garbage man. Then you go out and buying a new one since there is no way your going to send a TV back to Germany for warranty

  • -1

    All these comments, but nthing about the environmental issues of shipping individual TVs half way across the world (and back, etc. if there are issues.)

    Sad :(

    • +3

      Use some of the money you save to plant some trees or put towards solar panels?

    • nothing about the environmental issues that you turn on your computers, replying the post, sad :(

    • its 3D who needs da environment

    • +1

      A valid point. TVs brought to Australia are shipped via the most efficient method (sea) while this 40" TV will be sent by air.

  • +1

    @Dontreadthis I have confirmed with Amazon regarding the shipping fee and have also told them that according to Australia post, it would cost $191 for sea and $435 for air mail to return the package to Germany.

    Their Reply is

    "Dear Customer

    Greetings from Amazon.de and thank you for writing to us.

    Yes, Amazon.de cover this cost during the warranty period.

    You are welcome to return any item of consumer electronics or
    hardware or any mobile phone to us within 30 days of receipt if it
    does not meet your needs or expectations.

    For a detailed description in English of our returns policy please
    click on the link below:


    The period of guarantee is two years if an item turns out to be
    defective. During this period the item will be repaired by our
    Consumer Electronics Repair and Returns Service free of charge.

    Alternatively, you can claim under guarantee directly from the
    manufacturer. Please note that the guarantee period granted by the
    manufacturer may differ from the legal period of two years. For many
    products you can find this period by following the link
    to "Technische Informationen zu diesem Artikel". At the end of the
    list on this page you will see: Garantie: (number) Monate (vom

  • has anyone got the set shipped already? Mine is still at "will soon be sent" phase since Sunday.

    • same

    • Not yet, still waiting. In fairness it is not even 9am in Germany yet, so hopefully we'll get notification tonight.

    • Mine has shipped! Currently at Cologne distribution centre 23/7/2012 23:34

      I know it's DVB-T but I'm still wondering whether the tuner will work properly? If not, I'm planning on treating it as a dumb panel and attaching a set top box that I already own - imo still preferable to any $500 TV on the local market…

    • shipped! yaay!

  • Price has gone up since posting.449 euro is $526 aussie,plus shipping.

    • :(

  • deleted

  • Hi can anyone tell me if ALL electronics good from europe will work in australia ? ie dyson vacuum cleaners ?

    Thanks for any reply in advance !

  • Yes all EU electrical products should work here. We brought over laptops, cameras, etc from UK with no problems. Recently purchased a cordless Dyson hoover from Amazon Germany and use a travel adapter without any problems

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