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Men's Leather Slide Belt US$7.54/A$11.21 (Was US$21/A$31.22) + US$6.99/A$10.39 Post ($0 with US$25/A$37.16 Spend) @ Beltbuy



Material: Genuine Leather

Length: 125cm

Width: 3.5cm

*The discount could be only applied to one style variants.

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  • Belt up

  • when postage is almost as much as the item

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      That means the item is about the right price. Used to buy these direct when visiting China $4-$7 is about the rate. Post in AU is about $10 for a small parcel

    • just buy the exact same item from ali express for a fraction of the cost. not like you get local warranty from this circus

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        Genuine leather belts?

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          about as genuine as these
          you do realise they are a drop shipper?

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          Genuine leather being the worst Quailty of leather you can buy.

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          "genuine" leather is the lowest grade of leather that's still in one piece (i.e. not leather that's bonded with glue). It uses the less dense inner hide of the cow.

      • Aliexpress is about the same price as this deal. The OP RRP is a rip off - but the sale makes it about the same. If shipped from AU - it may be worth it for the faster delivery

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          Isn't Ozbargain a website for sharing bargains though?

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          These can be had on ali express for 6usd
          If you want fast shipping they are literally on sale at amazon for 21 regulary from drop shipping brands like bostenson or whatever. This is a ripoff

          • @RhythmicJAY28: Fair enough - I wouldnt buy from Beltbuy either, why what for a sale when I can get the same retail elsewhere.

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      Hi friend, the item will be a deal next time

      • do you enjoy scamming "friends"?

        • next time

          Says OP who regularly posts this item and proceeds to increase the price per history

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    Still a no from me, better quality slide/ratchet belts on Amazon for under $21 delivered (with prime).

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      and the capability to return

      • Any belt retailers you do recommend @RhythmicJAY28? Not necessarily compartable to these, but good quality, well made, good value for money ones.

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          Wetopper on amazon sell these same ratchet belts for 21 on amazon with prime delivery. Most of these belt sellers go on sale and you can pick them up for ~19. Its all the same thing. Even the brand minimum co which flood my advertisements sell the same chinese factory crap for $100 aud

  • Thanks to ALL! So comforting to see that OZBARGAIN members will not allow anyone to take advantage of the platform for greed purposes. You're doing so Great Guys!!

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    OP continues posting these after gathering negative votes and few positive votes!

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    Have another neg from me - not really a deal when you can buy the same crap from AliExpress any day of the week, which is where they would be getting it from (or similar factories in China).

    Can't really support leather but got a few PU ones (easy to adjust by cutting to size on the buckle end when between sizes too).

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    Can get wholegrain leather belts quite cheap in Australia if you buy direct from local leather people. This is not a bargain whatsoever, noting that "genuine leather" is a marketing term for the worst type of leather. this belt will start to peel within the year, guaranteed.

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    Bulk buy from Alibaba, $2 each
    Start Shopify store
    Post spam post on OzBargain

    Get negged to oblivion

    InB4: But ours are hand crafted from massaged 100% Australian long horn water buffalo and in stock at our warehouse (From boxes in our mum's garage)… and Alibaba/AliExpress takes 28 weeks to get here…

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