This was posted 1 year 21 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Nintendo Switch Console (Neon) + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe & 3 Months Switch Online $429 + Delivery (Free with Kogan First) @ Kogan


Bundle includes:
Nintendo Switch Console (Neon)
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe download code
3 Months Nintendo Switch Online Membership

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  • Good deal especially if anyone got their $500 credit from kogan credit card

  • +10

    Should be OLED

  • Pretty good deal, would be nice if we got the OLED bundle for this price.

  • +11

    Should be cheaper for a non OLED and ew Kogan. Don't get grey import

  • +10

    Bad deal it's not even oled

  • -1

    Why create more rubbish for the environment?

    This non oled version will just end up in the bin.

    We should not harm nature!

    • +3

      Although I know it won't end up in the trash, I do agree that once the OLED model came out it should have been the only unit for sale from then on.

      • -3

        I couldnt bring myself to buy a switch given the looming switch 2. I'd pay about $200 tops. And thats why I dont own a switch I guess. I want a switch 2 tho :L

    • +2

      Not everyone uses their switch in handheld mode.

      And the console is near the end of its life OLED or not.

      This non oled version will just end up in the bin.

      We should not harm nature!

      You can start by not throwing away a perfectly working console in that case.

    • +1

      When Switch Pro/2 comes out, won't the OLED be old tech destined for the bin anyway? This is overpriced either way. If Switch didn't have so many good games there would be no reason to buy such old tech.

      • What screen technology has surpassed OLED?

        • Mini LED maybe? But I mean the processors on the Switch Tegra chip are like 10 years old. The screen resolution is only 720p in portable and only 1080p in docked. Nintendo may not be in a rush to move on because Switch is still selling strong, but they will have to switch sometime. As soon as they can source enough recent gen Tegra chips I bet, customised to provide easy backwards compatibility.

          • +1

            @AustriaBargain: Nintendo have not been at the forefront of technology for a while, hence why their consoles are cheaper. Henve, they can target the younger/parent audience for cheaper.

  • +10

    How is this a good deal. Bought a switch + mario kart 3 years ago for $400.

    • +2

      Bought this exact neon deal for $379 pre-christmas. Not a good deal

      • +2

        Bought this exact neon deal for $350 Black Friday. Not a good deal

  • no reason not buying oled

  • Also similar price at gamesmen eBay when you take into account shipping and code PLUSMAR1:

  • +3

    Got the OLED deal a few months back for 370…. So while this is ok, it's not that great.

    • +1

      Without Mario?

      • Ya. But you could grab Mk8 now on special for 50 ish I saw.

        If you're one of the people who still doesn't own MK8 (I've bought like 8 switches over the length of the system for myself, friends, family etc…)

    • +1

      That was such an amazing deal. I don't think it'll happen again tho… for a 3rd time LOL

  • +1

    4 months ago it was $50 cheaper. Inflation or are we being ripped off?

    • +1

      I got an email from Kogan a few days back about this exact bundle for $399. I'm leaning towards "ripped off".

  • This does not seem like a fantastic deal for a non OLED model. Is it even local stock?

    With no games, these were going for $375 a few years ago and that was Australian stock.

    • +1

      Kogan says it is Australian stock.


    $360 nearly 4 years ago, well before Switch Oled was coming out or even announced.
    This is like still trying to sell a PS4 for RRP but I guess I expect no less from Nintendo

  • +3

    Cheaper than this 3 years ago.

    Now it's the least powerful console… from last gen. Yes, it has great exclusives, but most were old before the Switch launched, and all of them already play better via emulators on PC.

    I'm a Nintendo fan since the NES and own a Switch.

    But Nintendo is pricing like it's 1999 and doesn't seem to have noticed that Epic freebies, gamepass and 80% steam sales have existed for years.

    $430 for a $200 piece of hardware whose good games are all $70+ plus still? That just isn't going to cut it on 2023.

  • +1

    If anyone interested saw target got Nintendo Switch OLED Model Splatoon Edition Console for $499

  • Just buy a near new one off marketplace for $180 sometimes lower sometimes higher but I have plenty around me for that price.

  • All the folk commenting "I got it cheaper long time ago" one after another as if it was a contest of wankiness forgot to leave us the keys to the Delorean, hey.

    • +2

      Thing is the deal is not remarkable at all. Has been this price many times and frankly at least $100 more than it should be.

    • I also got lots of things cheaper a couple of years ago…before roughly 10% yearly inflation and an apparent chip shortage…

  • +1

    Lately I have been taking the plunge on Amazon's 'used' option (which are often just box damaged or customer returns). I havn't received anything as of yet that actually appears to be used.

    Last week I was about to get this for $429 new on Amazon, but took the plunged on the used offering for $384. My main concern was the codes being redeemed. I asked this question on chat and they just said 'if any problems, send it back'. Everything about the experience was as if it was brand new, except for the amazon sticker on it saying it's 'used'.

    I am yet to receive a bag of sand…and as it's Amazon, any problems, a return is easy. They also state that these used offerings come with same warranty as the brand new options.

  • At this point it's probably best to just grab a used one for ~$150 considering how old these devices are and how abundant they've become on the 2nd hand market

    • Hi yielding investment? Oh wait.

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