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XFX Speedster Merc319 Radeon 6950 XT 16GB Graphics Card US$741.20 (~A$1,110.91) Shipped @ Amazon USA

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So, this is the first time I've seen the 6950 for sub 1K postage shows, "No Import Fees Deposit & $23.83 Shipping to Australia Details"
on check out it also shows: Estimated GST to be collected - $67.38.
which brings it above the 1k mark though, seems to make this about $1,110.91 Australian if all is correct.

RX 7900XT(Black or ultra) AUD ~$1,199.03 | 7900XTX ~1,528.76 (Plus Post), however,
$161.59 Shipping & Import Fees Deposit to Australia Details for the xt and
$183.59 Shipping & Import Fees Deposit to Australia Details for the xtx (shipped but not sold by Amazon)

Amazon is telling me it would arrive between "Tuesday, April 25 - Monday, May 1"

(Disclaimer I work for AWS - but not in the amazon shop front.)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I don't see the point when the 4070, 4070 Ti, and the 7900 XT are all going to be hovering around this price range.

    • -5


      (As I'm sure I'll probably be able to get these sub 100 bux in 10 years time)

        • price error

      • +1

        4070 hasn't launched yet. 4070 Ti deals already $1099, 7900 XT not far behind. I could have structured the sentence to better reflect there's value in the here and now, but there definitely is.

        • I've seen 1200 but not 1100, link please?
          4070ti and 6950 xt performance seems to be about the same?

          • @wisc: At 4K, on average, with tech to push the NVIDIA cards further yet to be fully utilised. Raster performance averages to be the same as the 7900 XT at 1440p and exceeds it at 1080p, while RT & DLSS 3 send it over the top of both the 6950XT and the 7900 XT at any resolution.

            Not hard to search the 4070 Ti product category on this website: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/product/nvidia-geforce-rtx-4070…

            • +2

              @jasswolf: Yep I'm only seeing 1200 there as per my above post.

                • +3

                  @jasswolf: As per above, that's a price error. 1200 is the cheapest they have been.

                  • @wisc: How do you price the 4070 Ti in this system then: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/761478

                    Whether TECS meant to institute that price today or in a month, it's coming.

                    • @jasswolf: Ok please buy me the the graphics card only from this system…

                      You still haven't shown me a 1100 dollar 4070ti?

                      • @wisc:

                        Whether TECS meant to institute that price today or in a month, it's coming.

                        • @jasswolf: I agree, it's coming, but when?… given a 6950 rates about the same as s 4070ti and is cheaper it makes this a bargain.

                          Add to that users standard power supply.. if i had to buy somthing in the next month it would probably be this. If i could wait it will probably be a 7900xtx.
                          Based on $ per fps. It still puts the 6950 at this price in the decent basket.

    • +1

      4070 should be a fair bit weaker than a 6950xt and should be around $990 MSRP

      • +1

        4070 Ti is already getting $1099 deals. 40 series performance delta degrades as you drop resolution, eg. 25% less performance at 4K leads to just 8% at 1080p.

        4070 may not even be the full 25% drop at 4K compared to the 4070 Ti despite the 25% drop in SMs and cache. If it sits at 85% of the performance there, then the performance drop for 1440p and 1080p should be completely negligible.

        Would be a shrewd move by NVIDIA if so depending on yields and binning/testing savings, but it also kills a lot of segmentation options with GA104 and GA106 over the next 12 months.

        Starting price is also irrelevant if the upper tier SKUs are pressing straight down on them. That's what had me thinking the 4070 was 56 SM and the Ti was set to disappear from production. As it stands, the 4070 cannot consistently sell above $900, regardless of MSRP.

        • From what I see online the 4070 should perform about the 3080 12gb.
          MSRP is $599 USD which is ~$990 including gst and currency exchange.

          We will find out soon but new card releases usually start high before the price drops. Being just under $1k gives the illusion of better value I think.

          • @Casomme: That's theorised performance based on SM count, and has no regard for bandwidth, which should deliver a 5%-15% kick.

            The worse the comparative performance, the less likely MSRP will hold.

            • @jasswolf: Looks like it is just behind a 3080 10gb. Pretty disappointing.

              • @Casomme: I'm seeing it as ahead? Matching a 6800XT, and halfway between the 3080 and the 3080 Ti. Testing putting it at 80-85% of the 4070 Ti depending on your resolution.

                So the bandwidth gave it a 5-10% kick. But yeah, as a result of this choice and the current 4070 Ti pricing here, it's a dollar for dollar trade with the 4070 Ti in terms of performance.

                • @jasswolf: I saw it has an msrp of $1109 in aus too, horrible value.

                  • @Casomme: See it as a price cap this generation, it will clearly drop quickly given the direct competition with the 4070 Ti and the 7900 XT.

  • +8

    Would've been a great deal 6 months ago but if i were spending this kind of money, I'd get a 7900xt for a couple hundred more.

    • +2

      Yeah i probably would to… but a couple hundred is a couple hundred. It's the gst that kills this deal.

      That said I think price per fps this is probably in line with the other cards now.

      Damn Gerry.

  • +3

    Total including shipping and GST USD$ 741.20 = ~AU$1110.91

    Local stock of the Nitro+ currently available at $1099
    7900 XT has already hit $1167

    Container loads of RX 6800's have arrived to the Amazon US warehouses within the last few days so that is the 16GB card to watch

    • +1

      Tell me more about these container loads of 6800s, that's about the performance level I'm looking for

      • I'm probably dreaming but I'd love to see these hit the market at $500.

  • +1

    Ah your a brave man trying to play in the GPU deal world - gotta be on your A game to succeed

  • Now that the price is actually $1110 instead of $950 this is definitely not a buy

  • +3

    IMHO i reckon and 69** series cards should be well under AU $1000 by now. Considering how the new gen is already falling in price on both sides AMD/NGREEDIA

    • +1

      So agree. When i posted this it was sub 1k but then i noticed gst was added.

      Come on Intel will all rootin' for you!

      • Absolutely! Intel don't have to target the top rank. Instead, they only have to focus on the mid-tier that is more realistic and affordable.
        Just hope they stay in the game long enough to make a difference…

  • +1

    previous gen missing AV1 is kinda big, unless buying accelerator card separately..

    • agreed - Now youtube is accepting AV1

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