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2kg of Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans $50 Delivered @ Soprano Coffee


We are Multi award winning coffee roaster, (saying that, we haven't entered for a while due to Covid).

We have a great range of coffee blends for all tastes:

Grab 2kg of coffee, can be the same or different blends and of course comes with free delivery.

Mocha Supremo: Caramel, dark chocolate, berry, walnut nuances, buttery richness and creamy.

Forte: A strong coffee with refined acidity, subtle cocoa texture, gentle spice flavours and a sweet aftertaste.

Caramella: A rich sweetness, full-bodied, vanilla, almond and chocolate flavours pushing through the milk.

Super Crema: A combination of strong crema and full bodied beans, giving a Rich, lush, Creamy with Milk Chocolate and Cocoa Flavours.

Sophie's BlendFairtrade/Organic: Nut, cocoa and apricots fruit flavour coming through, with a medium to full balanced body.


Sorry NO delayed shipments

We also sell direct to the public from our factory/coffee roastery at wholesale prices.

Soprano Coffee
factory C1
1 Campbell parade
Manly Vale.

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  • Thanks Craig. I haven't heard of your coffee before, but decided to split an order with my brother to give it a shot. Appreciate the offer.

    • No worries, thanks for that.

    • +8

      1kg can probably yeild many shots

    • just a general comment….anyone had shipping confirmation yet?
      Previously deals with other suppliers I would have had the beans already, but now I only received order confirmation.

      edit , I can see an updated comment in the description….@Craig, maybe you can add your updated comments with timestamp at the bottom of yor post next time?
      edit2 Just received shipping information, hard at work on the Sunday it seems!

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    Damn good coffee! Thanks Craig!

    Sending this deal to all my friends :D

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      You’ve had it before?
      What ones?

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      we aim to please.

    • +7

      Sounds associated 🤷

      • +2

        Smells associated

  • How long does the promotion run for?

    • The promotion runs to end of the month.

  • What is CASTILLO like? Colombian no doubt, but what are the flavour notes?

    It appears as an option, but there doesn't seem to be any mention of it anywhere else on the website (or in the description for this deal).

    • There is Colombian green beans, guess can give you some info Colombia beans

    • The castillo is A rich full bodied coffee strong on chocolate flavours with a hint of fresh citrus and a touch of liquorice.
      It is a newly created blend.

    • The castillo is A rich full bodied coffee strong on chocolate flavours with a hint of fresh citrus and a touch of liquorice.
      It is a newly created blend.

      Sorry, replied to the wrong message.
      I do different single origins each month, we aren't doing the Colombian at the moment. The mocha supremo has a lot of Colombian in it, if you want to give that one a go

  • Thanks, need some coffee and its a great price. Look forward to recieving it.

  • Ordered 2kg.
    Can’t wait to try them!

  • Ordered, thanks!

  • Keen to test it out! Just ordered

  • Any recommendations for interesting tasting ones for pour over? Just getting in to coffee

    • +2

      I would give the sophie and castillo a go for the pour over as they are lighter in roast.


      • Thanks for the feedback! I will order per your recommendation towards end of month.

      • Thank you. I'm also looking for pour over. Is the two the lightest roasted among all? What about PNG and Nicarguan, are they suitable for filter? Thank you.

        • The Nicaraguan is also a lighter roast, as well as the castillo.


      • +1

        The Sophie I received is medium-dark, many beans showing burn - noticeably darker than the typical medium roast.

        Definitely tastes ashy, so next coffee I'll try dropping temp from 93° down to 88° or so and cut extraction off quicker.

  • +1

    Sounds good. Worth a shot.


  • Purchased, keen to give it a try.

  • Thank you, looking forward for my next morning cuppa :)

  • +1

    2kg for $50 delivered is a great price for fresh coffee. Ordered the Forte and Mocha Supremo, cheers!

  • Thanks for the deal. We've given this a go with Bec and Sophie's blends, and will pop in a review after we've tried.

    • Thoughts on the blends so far?

    • +6

      The deal runs until the end of the month, maybe order some then.


      • Yep chicken a reminder on

  • Ordered 2kg to give it a go

  • +1

    What are the darkest roasted blends that you have?

    • did you get an answers yet? i am looking the same

      • do you read previous OP comments?
        The darker blends are caramella and mocha.
        The caramella (darkest) is sharper stronger and the mocha is more full bodied.

  • Cheers went with Mocha Supremo and Bec's Blend

  • Hi,
    The darker blends are caramella and mocha.
    The caramella (darkest) is sharper stronger and the mocha is more full bodied.


  • What do you hear what do you shay

  • Will order at the end of the month, I read offer is valid until then.

  • Are the Forte and Nicarguan Dark roast?

    • The forte is medium to dark and the nicarguan is light to medium.

  • Hi there, do these have a roast date on pack?
    What you recommend for an espresso

  • we roast all the blends every week.
    For espresso, I would go the Mocha if you like full bodied, but still smooth or the super crema.


  • +1

    Any recommendations for Aeropress?

  • Anyone has any experience with these beans and can tell me what the extraction is like using a Breville Barista Express?

    Looking for the dark roast. Been burnt a few times with beans that are incompatible with this machine no matter what grind setting I tried - I mainly stick to the Aldi or the Coles Urban Coffee Culture beans which are all fine and good value for money. But I would be open to trying out other brands.

    • +2

      i have the same machine as you but use a Breville Smart Grinder - BCG820BSS.

      Been using Soprano coffee's for a few years now. Always bought off them via ebay and really enjoyed the freshness and quality.

      My preferred blend is the Sophie blend. This is the description from their listing - This has notes of caramel, honey, biscuity, honey-dew melon, is subtle and leading to a long clean finish.

      • Awesome, thanks for the feedback. Will give them a try cheers 👍

    • I can recommend the aldi single origin Honduras for a mild but full flavour that works well with the breville

      • Do they come in whole beans? Last time I saw it at Aldi (first time ever for many months as they sell out pretty quick I think) both available 250g bags were grounds.

    • You might have to adjust the internal burr setting as the external dial on the breville inbuilt grinders does not cover the full spectrum of grind coarseness. Also play around with the mass off coffee beans per shot. Good to grab a little 0.1g scale if you don't already have one.

    • +1

      I've been down the same road as you many years ago when the all in one Brevilles first came out (Wow i think it was 15 years ago). Your problem is not the machines incompatibility, but rather the grinders smaller range of adjustment and the age of the beans you're buying. As someone else said, you can take the burr off the grinder and i believe there's now an adjustment you can make to allow it to grind finer. In the old days you need to request a shim kit. The aldi and coles beans have no roast date on them and could be many months old. Coffee is best consumed 7-30 days after roasting, and then oxidisation takes over and they stale. If you buy fresh roasted you won't have an issue (put half a bag in the freezer if you think you won't use it all in a month).

      • Aldi beans do have the roast date on them.


      • The aldi and coles beans have no roast date on them and could be many months old.

        The Aldi do have a roast date. And are usually roasted in Melbourne a week prior to being on shelves. Coles I also don't have an issue but it's unclear what the roast date is but they are my backup when I can't find Aldi beans.

        The brand I recently got burnt on was the Vittoria ones which I bought on a whim because they were on sale. Never again. Can't get it into the espresso range on gauge.

        I'll freeze left over to maintain freshness, that's a good point.

        • +1

          I stand corrected on the aldi beans. I did go through a period of trying them years ago but found it was a bit of a crap shoot. They used to have a larger range of singles but seemed to have mostly disappeared. You could also try overdosing to slow the flow, but i know those 54mm baskets don't hold much.

          • +1

            @depecid: I'll play around see if that makes a difference, thanks for the tips 👍

          • @depecid: Aldi beans has roast date on the pack, if you don't know how to find it just ask.. I bought Brazil SO that was 1 week old last week and it was great crème and taste . However, they are not available all the time and roast date vary from store to store. Their medium roast blend not as good.

            • @huntabargain: I remember the theory is the production date is the best before date, except reversed (well that's what it used to be). However after trying many bags I was never truly sold that it was accurate. I've been roasting for about 15 years and i know how 2 or 3 week old beans behave in the grinder and machine, and they never really seemed as fresh as the date implied. They also went stale very quickly after opening, something that fresh beans don't tend to do. Each to their own though, they are cheap and certainly not undrinkable.

              • @depecid: When I buy new 1kg bag, I portion it into ~6 sealed containers. I have not noticed any degradation of the beans towards the last container, hardly need to readjust my Eureka grinder. I get consistent shot every single time from my Italian double boiler machine. I am not sure if you implying that Aldi deceive the consumers by writing wrong date on their bags!
                I mostly buy freshly roasted beans from speciality stores but every now and then I also try the Aldi Brazil SO and have not noticed much difference.

                • @huntabargain: No, I'm not implying they are being deceptive, I'm simply stating that i have years of experience with coffee and the freshness never seemed to match the apparent roast dates. Who knows, maybe the coffee is roasted a few weeks earlier and then bagged on the "production" date. Not an accusation, simply a passing thought. I'm genuinely curious, does it actually say "roast date"?

                  Breaking down into smaller lots is absolutely the right thing to do to reduce oxidation. I too have a Eureka grinder and plumbed in Profitec Pro 700. I have also used these beans and many others in my workplace where i use approx 1.5kg per day. It's great that you like them, and i never actually said they were bad… but my own experience with them is they don't compare to any locally roasted or even my own roasted beans. They are very cheap though!

    • You may need to adjust the internal grind at the burr rather than at the dial. The grind setting is only part of the equation, you may be dosing too high and then compensating by tamping too hard. Try getting a scale to control the dosing a bit more.

      I've got the barista express impress, essentially same machine but with an auto dose calculator and built in leveraged fixed pressure tamping. They both work quite well I've been able to use a wide variety of beans with no issues. I use a bottomless filter for fine tuning my settings and it usually comes out nicely.

  • hi any recommendations of light-medium roast?

    • The Sophie and the castillo are lighter roaster.


  • I usually like mine with abit of milk like a piccolo with the occasional espresso which do you recommend

    • The Mocha and super crema work very nicely as a picollo and espresso, especially the mocha.


  • Cheers mate. Ordered!

  • Never heard of you guys, but ordered as well lol…

  • Thanks OP, ordered mocha supremo and super Crema to try. Cheers!

  • +1

    Thanks ordered 2 bags. We go through around 1kg a month, does anyone know the best way to store the 2nd bag until we need it?

    • +2

      Same position as yourself. I've vacuum packed 2 x 500g lots and frozen it.
      Take it out of the freezer the day before you need it. Leaving it still in the vacuum bag prevents any moisture from getting to the beans.
      I've bean happy with the results, though nothing beats freshly roasted.

    • You can trying this


    • Share it with a friend or colleague

  • +1

    Greetings @Soprano Coffee Craig - I survived the lockdowns thanks to you! We live just around the corner and bought beans + regularly stopped by for a coffee. I might pop in to see what is the new best roast :-)

    • Excellent, it was great customers like you supporting us during lockdown that helped us get through.

      We sell the coffee beans at wholesale prices $25/kg, for pick up from the factory.

  • Ordered. Always happy to help small business and this is a great deal, if we like it we’ll be back! Went with Super Crema and Sophie’s blend (this one sounds like an Italian style medium roast which we like). Thanks Craig!

  • Thank you, appreciated

  • Thanks Craig, decided to give it a go and ordered a couple of bags. Cheers

  • Good deal including postage, ordered.

  • running low on my regular so pulled the trigger and ordered some

  • Hi Craig any chance of changing my order #2556 to carmalla and Sophie's blend (after reading all some positive comments on here). Have sent an also also, cheers

    • Same please, Order Order #2438 - Could I also switch to the carmalla and Sophie's blend please?

  • Is the description of Bec and Sophie mixed up? Is the post or the website correct?

    • yes, damm dyslexia, what is listed on my website is correct.
      Both the sophie and bec's blend are very smooth.
      Thank you for the heads up.

      • No worries thanks for clarifying! Ordered!

  • Thanks OP, I appreciate being able to get two different 1kg bags as part of this deal!

  • Hi there
    What coffee blends would you recommend for espresso drinkers?

    • mocha and super crema blend or sophie blend


  • Much appreciated OP! Grabbed a bag of Mocha and Super Crema.

  • Just ordered. Thanks.
    Super Crema and Sophie’s Choice.

  • Just ordered… fingers crossed these are fresh

  • Which option would you suggest for making black Aeropress coffee?

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