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Sydney to Tokyo (and Other Cities via Tokyo) Return from $1,189 (Business from $3,176) @ ANA


Long time lurker so please mind me if there are any issues with my post.

I saw this sale come up on Facebook and thought it was a pretty good price for ANA so I had to share. For more details, please click through to the deal page.

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    Dates for price
    01/06/2023 - 15/06/2023
    05/07/2023 - 15/09/2023
    02/10/2023 - 30/11/2023

    Applicable on Flights
    NH880 / NH879
    NH890 / NH889

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    I got that email from ANA too, what caught my attention was the following. Couldn't find anything on their site about it. Anyone know what the details on these are?

    Text from email:

    "Do you know that we offer FREE* Japan domestic flights between Tokyo and Osaka/Nagoya/Fukuoka?
    Hurry! Check it out now! Discover Japan with ANA like no other!

    We look forward to welcoming you on board.

    *Japan domestic airport taxes/surcharges are excluded."

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      I had a poke around and it seems the free flights are domestic ones purchased with frequent flyer miles, acquired by flying on ANA

      • Oh so that explains the 0 taxes I was getting when redeeming JAL using Qantas points. Makes sense now.

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      This means you can have domestic flight from HND to OSA,NGO,FUK for free as international connecting.
      Also you can stopover at HND so technically free specific domestic flights.

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    $3062.56 for return Business to Haneda.. not bad at all!

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    Good price for business,

    Plenty of availability at ~$3,100 out of Sydney. Baggage allowance is a generous 64Kg (32Kg x 2). Just note no changes or cancellations are permitted.

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      Wow that is generous. You can definitely make your money backing buying car parts alone lol.

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    Pretty great price, excellent find! (You have now caused a havoc within my group chat about what holiday we should be taking during Aug-Sept. Singapore or Japan ;-;)

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      No contest, Japan. I’ve been lived in both and been a tourist to both. Singapore is a better place to live (as an English only speaker) but Japan is by far more interesting to visit. Not that Singapore is dull but it’s just not the same

      The only risk is that August/Sept is peak typhoon season in Japan and they can wreak havoc. Usually it’s just a few days of rain and wind and no travel, but the bad ones will flood out places

      I guess earthquakes are another risk…

      • August is Fuji climbing season too 😊

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        Just came back from Okinawa, Nagasaki and Fukuoka. A lot to see but you have to rent a car in Okinawa. Food is def cheaper than in Tokyo/Osaka/Kyoto.

        • Oh right that's interesting to know. I thought food was already cheap in Japan but maybe I was eating out of supermarket for most nights. Okinawa definitely will be on my radar.

      • Yes, Typhoon Jebi came right through my 11th floor unit near Kuromon markets on September 3rd 2018. It was the most intense few hours I have ever experienced. Had to fly out of Tokyo on $hitstar to get back to Brisbane. Kansai Airport was under 500mm of sand and a write off for a long while. It was a mistake to go then but I like the heat and humidity. Good advice to be noted.

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      have been to both and that decision would take me 2 milliseconds.

    • Not apple to apple but everyone thinks the same winner, not underated S'pore tho

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      Between Singapore and Japan, Japan is much more interesting, there's no contest basically. But I know of some tourists who go to places just for eating and drinking and places like Disneyland; for those, then Singapore makes more sense. For vast majority of tourists who wants to make the best out of their once in a while opportunity of visiting a country would be benefited from Japan as it has got a lot to offer (ancient cities, temples, waterfall and sceneries, culture, bullet train, flowers, snow, sea food, amusement parks, Sakura, metropolis, automn leaves and much more).

      • If you like theme park, Tokyo Disneyland is definitely worth visiting too : )

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        Been to Signapore 3 times, Singapore Universal Studios is dated and terrible - Food/drinks bad. Only 3 rides worth doing, that's it.

        Signapore Zoo, River Safari, Gardens by the Bay, Bird Park, etc are far better attractions.

        I haven't been to Japan yet though.

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          I've been to Universal Studios Japan. While it didn't feel outdated by any means, the shear amount of people and the length of ques made it an absolutele nightmare. Just search for USJ crowd, it's one of the busiest theme parks in the world (if not the busiest based on number of people per area). It's ridiculously crowded. I knew before I went but didn't realise how crowded until I experienced. It's beyond your wildest dream of a crowded place.. Read the google reviews then decide yourself.

          • @npnp: Ive been recently. U have to buy the express pass which makes the ride wait times significantly less. Express pass is also required if you wish to enter nintendo world.

      • Japan definitely has better food and shopping than Singapore. Tokyo Disneyland also is much better than Universal Studio Sentosa, and remember they also have Disney Sea.

        Singapore is much more convenient, that they speak English and everything is kind of expected. But that also what makes it "boring" as many people said here.

        • Japan has got better food IF you like Japanese food. Well, we didn't. In my humble opinion, they look better than they actually taste. They probably are healthier as well. But if I'm to pick between non healthy Sri Lankan, Balinese vs healthy and better looking Japanese food, it'll take 2 milliseconds for me to decide which one I'd pick. If you are a Balinese food fan, expect to be disappointed in Japan.
          Also English speaking level in Japan is really low. I mean it's very very low. We struggle to understand road warnings with only letters (I once went through a stop sign which didn't have the usual symbol - which I knew - but just the Japanese letters, when all other cars behind me stopped I realised I crossed the line. Fortunately nothing happened but that's sort of situations you're walking into). 90% Japanese don't speak or even understand basic English. This is way worse than many other countries where English is not a main language (for an example in Sri Lanka, English isn't a main spoken language, yet, at least most of them would understand basic English).

          • @npnp: It's not really required to drive in Japan. And basically you need to learn all the basic road rules and signage before you even attempt to drive in any country.

            • @tukanglistrik: Yep, I did my research but for the life of me I cannot remember one Japanese word from the other due to their complicated letters. Most of stop signs in Japan had the symbol as well as the word 'stop' in Japanese. But in rare occassions, they only include one of the two (just the symbol or just the letters). I crossed the line once when 'stop' was only mentioned in Japanese letters without the usual symbol. Now that I don't think you can avoid even if you learn all the basic road rules and signage. Due to the cramped nature of Japanese roads, the rules are not 100% same everywhere. In my humble opinion, Australian roads, rules, traffic lights etc are much more uniform and easy to understand and follow for someone who's not familiar to Australia. Japanese system can be a difficult to understand sometimes. Having said that, we enjoyed driving in Japan much more than using the crowded trains in Osaka and Tokyo..

          • @npnp:

            90% Japanese don't speak or even understand basic English.

            You're going to their country. Learn basic Japanese. You can navigate 95% of interactions with polite gestures, hello, my name is, which way to, how much is, the numbers from 1 to 10, I would like / could I please have, thank you, excuse me, and sorry. For the rest, there's the Google Translate app.

            Source: have done so multiple times

            • @GrueHunter: I completely agree with you. The discussion was more about Japan vs Singapore, hence my explanation (in terms of quick and efficient English communication, Singapore is miles ahead). Japanese people in general are very kind and helpful too so we didn't come across many issues but there were some situations where I wished they knew some very basic words like 'yes' or 'no' (we learned some Japanese words ourselves and had the dictionary installed too). Once an old lady was trying to say something to us for about 10 minutes (speaking in Japanese the whole time) and despite of our hand gestures of 'not understanding what she was saying' she kept going. We were worried to disrupt and walk away either as she seems to be trying to help us (but to this day I don't know what.. lol).

              • @npnp: She was saying don't check the Ozbargain page while speaking to her.

    • August is humid like Cairns… head to Hokkaido to avoid. Japan is sensational

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      You must have made your OzBargain account when you turned 1 because you can't be older than 12

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      got the whole squad laughing

    • +1

      Golden… seriously though I've flown ANA/ before and they were great lol

      • Albeit a little behind on schedule

  • No love for Melbourne.

    • +11

      Take your biggest city in Australia title and stuff it.

      • That genuinely made me LOL.

    • ANA doesnt fly to Melbourne.

    • ANA doesn’t service Melbourne. JAL and Qantas do.

    • Can always do $299 Melb return to Sydney via qantas or $82+20k points classic rewards

  • https://simpleflying.com/ana-error-fare-first-class-tickets-…

    Remind me of their price error earlier this week

    • Damn that would be hilarious and dreams come true for the honoured tickets!

      • If it's ticketed I think they have to honour it. Not necessarily the same flight but same origin and destination and class.

        • Wish someone posted it on OzB

        • All tickets where honoured. I was alerted to the email but it came through as spam which was a real shame.

    • Bought 4 return tickets from cgk to jfk.

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    Nice price, how do I actually get it though?

    Edit: never mind, max period is 21 days

    • Part of T&Cs
      Min./Max. Stay: 3 Days/Up to 21 Days.

      Oct 2 to Oct 23 works, and you can see it jump back up to $1.6k once you hit the 22nd day.

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    Good to note that these sale tickets are strictly no change / cancellation permitted. I ended up going with JAL as their sale ticket allowed changes (with a fee). Just a piece of mind I guess….

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    Thanks OP, booked 2 adults and 1 infant at $6346.5

    • +1

      How long you going for? Am curious as I have a 4 month old considering a trip to Japan when she's 6 months, but don't think I could do more than a few days away

      • 7 days only to Sapporo, my baby is 22 months

      • +1

        Every kid is different but we went to Singapore for 4 days when our kid was 6 months, and did 10 days in Japan when he was about a year old.

        Found he was way easier at 6 months because he wasn't walking so he didn't mind being in the pram for extended periods. At 1 year old he would get restless much quicker and was much more eager to explore. Both trips were still great but much easier when he was younger.

        • +1

          Currently on a 3-month trip with our 8-month old through Africa and Middle East. You’ll be right in Japan. Been seven times and it’s the easiest country to travel to. Enjoy it!

  • Seeing that these are very decent fares with ANA to Japan,
    I had a look for flights going via Tokyo to Europe,
    and they were so, so expensive.
    What gives?!
    (is it the restriction placed over Russian airspace?)

    • +3

      Pretty sure ANA isn't owned by JAL. They're rival carriers.

    • +3

      No it’s not. They’re two entirely separate and competing airlines.

  • -7

    No Melbourne no deal.

  • +1

    Hmm, that logo..

    • +2

      Yeah… my inner 12 year old picked up on that before the light from the monitor even reached my eyes. How do these logo designs ever get past the initial knockout round?

      • Probably because no one is being anal enough.

  • god, I need sale fares for Spain for Sept….they are just so expensive now, unless you are willing to take 40 hours each way lol.

    • Maximum of 21 days. So if you choose to fly out on 02/10/2023 you need to return by 23/10/2023. But if you somehow got $1600 for Business Class with those dates, I’d lock it in NOW. Cause that’s insanely cheap.

  • Has it been completely booked out? Seems prices for exonomy has gone back to normal

    • Seems so. Back to $1666.

    • There's still a few options left like if you depart on 17 Nov and return on 1 Dec but there's definitely less available now.

  • this or ~700 return with Vietjet?

    • This for sure

    • Definitely this.

  • +2

    Just booked 3 seats departing 20 Nov, returning 10 Dec… Super stoked!

  • hey guys, im not sure what i am doing wrong, but i cant seem to be getting the discount.
    syd - tokyo (haneda)
    Sep 1 - 14 2023.

    does anyone has a link that could lead me straight to the booking website? 😥please

    • +1

      Means the cheap fares are sold out. But of a shit show really.

  • Hi Guys, this has to be a round trip correct? Wondering if i could book Syd -> Tokyo, Tokyo to Nagoya, and then Nagoya -> Syd (via Tokyo)? For $3,176 per person?

  • I paid $3300 with singapore airline 2 adults and 2 kids stopping over at changi from Melbourne. I didn't think it was that cheap at the time I bought 3 month ago given philippine air was doing $2800 for the same time period as well. Surprised to see so many upvotes for this deal.

    • Direct sale fares to Japan. Hasn’t come up for a while and travel is picking up so much more now.

  • Thx OP. Booked the flights now we need the esim deals to go with it like burger and fries.

  • I think the sale has opened again. Was able to book early to mid Nov just now

    • Ofc it's after I've made a booking. Forcing me to book later than I wanted and now it's cheap again.

      • i think they have a reservation clause which is like change of mind? im not 100% sure so just check with them

        • Should be alright. It's only a couple of weeks difference.

  • 3 dozes of a vaccine are required to enter Japan?

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