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Samsung Galaxy Nexus for $367.95 Delivered with Coupon Code from ShoppingSquare


Not sure if anyone is still interested in this phone since the release of the SIII, maybe that's why they're selling it for cheap to offload stock…still, pretty good value, IMHO…
Use the coupon code and hit to update button to get the additional $30 discount…

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  • I really want this phone, my funds don't allow for it at the moment though.

    Best value for money phone on the market.

    • I have one - It is a great phone, and because it is made by Google it always has the latest OS.

      That said, I would never buy anything again from Shopping Square.

    • Thinking of selling mine if interested. Excuse the shameless spam - good phone had it since feb.

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      The Nexus 7 costs less than this regular price…

      Maybe you can stay excited ;-)

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    Few questions.

    1: Is 38.95$ shipping to Australia justifiable?

    2: Does it include GST?

    3: How is ShoppingSquare (review)?


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      1) SS delivery is always like that
      2) it should
      3) They are stars of high shipping, bait & switch, 'coupons', and other less than honorable activities. They also have a dozen users on here that neg comments with criticism and plus their own praises. If 'read the fine print' applies to anyone it would apply to SS.

      • +9

        They put low price and high delivery to get up higher on shopbot and staticice. Very naughty!

        • Well, they usually directly ship each phone individually through an express courier service (i.e: FedEx and DHL), those services usually cost around $20+. But it depends on where they ship it from.

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        Actually I doubt it actually includes GST. Most grey importers issue you an invoice from their Hong Kong office to avoid 10% GST. Bought this phone from Kogan and it was the case, and I think more so with ShoppingSquare.

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      No GST, this is a direct import. For warranty, you're at the mercy of shopping square (not a good thing).

      Whether the shipping is justifiable is irrelevant, always look at the total price with direct shipping offers from overseas. You CANNOT get the same price minus shipping from a shop in Australia due to the nature of these deals, so whether the seller says free shipping or $100 shipping is irrelevant, only the total price matters.

  • Considerably cheaper than the S3, and it would be nice to be able to run Android as it's released by Google, but no SD card slot is a bit depressing.

    • +1

      Considering the S3 only costs about $190 more, I’d say (performance + features)/price factor would be same if not better for S3.

      • Actually that's true, I forgot to compare Grey stock to Grey stock.
        I love my S3 and would recommend to anyone.

      • $190 is a pretty considerable gap when we're talking in percentages.

        I think the S3 is a great phone too but the Galaxy Nexus is a very solid price for the price. I'm contemplating whether to upgrade to a S3 as well at the moment.

    • I have a Nexus and I think it is great, I don't miss the SD card slot but I wish they would of spent some more money on the camera (the S3 is miles ahead). But it is a compromise that you need to make to have the latest version of Android (without going down to root and rom path). Hopefully they get the hardware right for the next nexus.

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    cannot get the code to apply. Getting message "Coupon codes can not be used in conjunction with on-going promotions"

    entered the code and hit the update button.

  • It took them 11 days to ship my item (actually, it's marked as shipped but not picked up by courier from HK yet). They don't hold stock - just bulk order when they get a certain number of orders. Still - good price if ur patient and don't mind waiting 3 weeks :~) Also bought an ipad from Kogan the same day 2 weeks ago - have had it for a week now already - Kogan also sells this phone IIRC.

    • Here's an update on my order.

      Ordered 02/08/12 (Thu)
      Marked Shipped 11/08/12 (Sat)
      Picked up 13/08/12 (Mon)
      Transitted from HK to China (cheaper rates?)
      Sat around in China Guangzhou for a couple of days
      Singapore today - 15/08/12

  • +2

    Good price, good phone.

    Much better value IMO than the equivalent apple.

  • Seems like we're waiting forever for the "Nexus 4". This should get even cheaper when that's out.

    Pity about no SD card :(

    • I dont think they will release the next nexus phone until the next iteration of android OS (5.0)

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    If it helps anyone located on Sydney's north shore, you can try this place in Chatswood: http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/72139 (it's a small Vodafone shop, in the Chinese arcade next to Chatswood Chase)

    I paid about this price a month ago (they're no longer doing $348), although I did have haggle a bit and ask very nicely, to get the price down from their initial asking price of $380. And because they're an Aussie retailer, it includes GST (it is a hand written invoice, but includes their ABN, and the magic words "tax invoice", which is all the ATO cares about). Because they have very low stock (only 2 or 3 of each phone in stock at once), and they seemed completely overwhelmed from being listed on OzB before, I would very strongly recommend going there rather than phoning. Being polite will help too.

    Very happy with the phone, it is SO much better than my previous ultra-cheap Huawei U8150.

    Had to change the ROM though to get Jelly Bean. Here's the step-by-step process I followed for doing that: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=gpRhmWjc

  • Came out to be $368.90..
    But still very happy!

  • -3

    Even though it is cheaper, the Galaxy Nexus is slightly better than the S3 - so say all the nerds I know anyhow, and the many reviews comparing the two…

    • +1

      Yep. It does look like a better deal: $349 + Shipping Standard up to 1kg: $15, Insured up to 1kg: $20

      • +1

        Only $4 cheaper, both ship from Hong Kong. Personally I would go with shopping square even if they don't have the best reputation at least you're dealing with a larger company if anything goes wrong.

        • +1

          GTKM8201 = -$10


        • Can you do a code for free shipping instead? Cheers.

        • don't think any one can provide worse service than shopping square , very high handling time and support is not so friendly

    • Is that site reliable? Any coupon codes?

  • good deal but no sd card is deal breaker for me..

  • so how is everyones delivery coming along?

    mine left hongkong yesterday, and went to china, and then left china at 1:30am this morning (no update since).

    shoppingsquare say I should have it by the 25th, which is 2 days time, which is strange, cause it is a saturday…
    but the fedex site says it will be coming on the 29th (which I hope isnt the case)

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