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[Refurb] Apple iPhone SE 2020 64GB $219 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ $250 Order) @ Coles


Seems pretty cheap

Listed for $249 and further $30 Mother Day's discount is automatically applied at checkout

Product details

  • 72 Point Inspection and in-depth testing
  • 12 Month Warranty with 30 day satisfaction guarantee
  • Available in Red, Black, White
  • 100% Genuine Device
  • Unlocked - not locked to any network
  • Premium Refurbished phone

Device is not locked to any network. Colour availability varies per store. While stocks last. No rainchecks. Boost Refurbished supplied & supported by Alegre

Apple iPhone 8 64GB Refurbished is also available for $179 after additional $30 discount


This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2023.

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    Which gen is it, do you know? 2nd or 3rd?

    • +17

      2nd gen. 3rd gen is "iPhone SE 2022"

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    Great price.

    • -2

      Deal requires you to become a member of "colesgroupprofile.com.au"
      "Log in or sign up. To add to your trolley, you'll need an account"

      They will collect and sell profile data and may distribute to anyone they like. So the description should state it requires submitting personal info. Just sayin'

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    My recent experience was pretty disappointing where I received a heavily scratched (scratches so deep they could catch your finger nail). The phone was filthy with only 82% of the battery life remaining. Mine wasn't refurbished.

    Definitely a lottery when it comes to what you receive. Had to post it back to get a refund which took a while. Of course, you may luck out.

    EDIT: https://scontent.fsyd3-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.15752-9/34000383…

    • +14

      jesus…did the previous owner use the screen as a chopping board?

    • +4

      did they provide you with a shipping label or did you have to pay for postage ?

      • +1

        yes they did, had tracking but not insurance. they did eventually refund my money but I really wish they had checked the phone's quality properly before hand.

        • +11

          the picture you shared is just unreal - selling this as "refurbished" is pure scam

        • +1

          I really wish they had checked the phone's quality properly before hand.

          exactly this. deep gouges across the phone's screen isn't acceptable for a used phone, let alone something being sold as "refurbished"

          • @tdw: I had a similar experience 12 months ago with an iPhone 11 refurb too through Boost directly. Not as bad as this but the earpiece mesh looked like it had been pierced and half pulled out and battery was 84% or so. I complained that it certainly wasn't the "excellent" condition I had ordered. They did offer a $50 refund (which would have reduced the price down to "good" condition) but I opted for a full refund instead.

            Definitely a lottery indeed.

    • +4

      82% battery life is not good for an iPhone. Especially with this tiny battery. The battery life on my iPhone 8 is 67%, and it lasts 10 minutes max. Sometimes 5 mins. It will drain from 50% to 1% in less than 2 minutes. Not kidding. But it's been bad since about 84%.

      • +2

        There’s clearly something wrong with your iPhone. My iPhone SE battery was on 47% and still it was enough to last from morning to about lunch time

        • +1

          Are you kidding me? My 67% is the lowest I've seen.

    • If it's going to be your main driver you should probably treat yourself to a new 3rd gen SE, for what you get it isn't a lot of money. I wish I wasn't such a whore for the Pro iPhones or else I would get the SE again.

  • These are a great bet if you want a phone to trade in for those JB deals when they pop up. Can't really do much better.

    • So the trade in value is more than 219?

      • With the bonus value that is practically always offered yes, though the default value without the bonus through SquareTrade is rubbish on its own. (Edit) they've changed the values a bit in the past month or so. iPhone 8 seems the better bet currently with $70 default trade in (can get one as low as $160 or so) plus the substantial trade in bonus ($400/500 usually.) The $70 applies to both no cosmetic defect units AND ones with "light to moderate" scratches. Anything below an iPhone 8 can't be traded in.

        • -2

          bonus is not related to phone, phone value and bonus is different. Never send your phone in as they are basically stealing with their low prices

    • +6

      JB offering $80 straight for the phone. Assume they will offer like a $500 bonus on the next Samsung, so $580 worth for $219.

      • -2

        Better to get the bonus and sell it on gumtree for more that way you get more

    • +2

      These are a great bet if you want a phone to trade in for those JB deals when they pop up. Can't really do much better.

      For purpose of trade in, then get the lesser condition ones for $180 with the eBay 22% Refurb code here https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/174984271763

  • +4

    I got given one of these for work. Did nothing but sit on my desk, no calls, nothing. Battery lasted about 6-8 hours.

    • +4

      That's why I keep mine powered off until I need it.

      • +1

        Great idea - also keeps scam callers away.

    • +1

      Six hours not even using it??

    • +3

      I have one that I use daily. I'm not a heavy phone user but it will make it to the end of a second day if I forget to charge it overnight. I suspect yours needs a battery replacement, 6-8 hours is not normal.

    • If this phone was setup to use some sort of MDM, I'd blame that for poor battery.

  • +7

    I bought two of these for the kids. The two I got were perfect condition. One had absolutely no signs of wear - could have sworn it was brand new. The other one was still in very good condition. Could only see a couple of faint scratches on the glass under lights. Definitely understand how it could be a lottery but they have been great for my kids so far. Probably the cheapest way to get into iPhone ecosystem and you also know that being a 2020 SE model they will receive support from Apple for years to come.

  • +6

    Oh and definitely go the SE 2020 over the iPhone 8. It has the new CPU and GPU.

  • +1

    iPhone SE 2022 3 Gen will be the last Apple phone with the home button I waiting for a price drop for that model

  • based on the previous experience of iphone xr, the phone is in bad condition, lots of scratches. I reckon "Refurb" means a better condition than normal second hand.

  • I bought one second hand from someone off gumtree with absolutely terrible battery life. The one I got off Reebelo had reasonably good battery life.

    • Just swap battery for new at Apple. Cost about $100.

  • Supported till sep 2025 damn

  • -4

    Just a heads up that the battery life on these are pretty terrible, and the screen definitely feels small and dated. Also no headphone jack or SD card slot which is kinda expected for this price point. Otherwise decent if you need iOS for some reason, CPU performance is certainly excellent but 3GB RAM isn't really enough for proper multitasking these days

  • +3

    If anyone is struggling with the battery life - you can change it in any Apple store. Takes about 15 min and will cost you about $100-150.

    You can check the actual cost here:

    • They'll only replace it with a new battery of the same capacity though. The battery has always been terrible, even as new. Best to keep the phone powered off until you want to use it.

      • You can get battery cases which do help, but they do feel a bit rubbish in the hand

  • Am I dumb for thinking of getting this as a MP3/Spotify player for the house?

    • +5

      Use the cheapest prepaid Android phone for that purpose, e.g. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/772989.

      When paired with a BT speaker it would sound the same.

    • I use a jail broken iPhone 6 for that.

  • This is terrific value!

    Budgeting $100 for a new battery and you'll have a pretty decent iPhone with excellent battery life for a little over $300. Great post OP!

  • -2

    You can nearly always find it at this price. Eg. 2 second search found this: https://reebelo.com.au/collections/apple-iphone-se-2nd-gen for $214.

    • +3

      That's for "Good" condition whereas the Coles one is presumed to be "Excellent"

      • -6

        You're missing the point.

      • -1

        I don't get the downvotes. This Reebel site has an "Excellent" for $7 more than this "deal", every day of the year.

  • $249 for me ?

    • "further $30 Mother Day's discount is automatically applied at checkout"

    • keep going through the delivery booking screen… the credit comes up just before you enter payment details.

  • Can you get this directly in-store or is this online only?

  • +2

    I wish they had just kept using the 5 chassis instead of switching to the 7.

  • -1

    I bought one but refunded it and decided to get a new 128gb version for $270 instead

    • +5

      Where from?

      • -3

        Just a one off deal. Figured the extra $51 was worth it 128GB new in box etc

        • +2

          Where from though?

  • Needs more giggilybites

  • How do you choose the colour?

    • -3

      You don’t. Ask the staff maybe. They said they only white when I asked. Refunded it. Got a much better deal.

  • I ordered this. Condition is good with no scratches etc. Battery says ‘service’ and 78% max capacity.

  • -4

    Mine was 100% capacity, not a mark on it.

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