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SUBWAY: Free Regular 6 INCH and Any 600ml Drink


Details: Free Lunch includes a regular Subway Six Inch® Sub and any 600ml Coke, 600ml Water or Powerade Drink!
Valid at your chosen store for 12 hours after activation.
Available until 07/10/2012.

First you have to register, which is free and quick.

This is already in the offers section once you register, it is also there for existing account holders.

This NOT the birthday thing.

EDIT: Alternate link to register, if original is not working


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    • did 13 last friday :p

      my fridge/freezer is full of subs. it's all i've been eating for the past 2.5 weeks lol. and wouldn't you know it, i've even lost a bit of the tummy flab! :)

      • good work mate. ill be going out for a drive and will be mapping out any subway's on the way.

        • +1

          and collect some free "vitamin" water on the way hehe

        • +1

          next time ill load up the mega esky and fill them up :D end up lugging drinks home because you cannot possibly finish all the drinks in one day.

  • ended

  • Looks like it might have finished 11.59 yesterday? It's currently telling me "There is no current offer available"

    Edit: Already reported above ;)

  • +1

    damnn… expected to eat it today

    • seriously missed this deal…. i told myself getting it today :(

      • have you tried? according to tdw they still work today.

    Was gonna eat fresh today too. :(

  • Looks like my plans of having subway today got dashed. I wonder if you could photoshop the voucher, might just be able to get away with it.

    • i already had some vouchers activated in advance for today prior to the offer expiring….might be worthwhile since you could choose dates beyond today's date?

      • how far beyond today's date was possible? i could do another run tomorrow :D

        • IIRC, i had the option to select any date for october. i'm kicking myself for not checking out if you could select november too >_<

          it was all drop-down boxes for the date and time…so helpful with planning <3

          edited to add: i don't know what the time limit is for redeeming the voucher, so probably best not to redeem too far from the offer expiry date

        • yeah, you could extend it a couple of days i reckon and thats about it. so ill do one more run and call it a day.

  • +1

    no problems getting all my subs today! :)

  • No problems redeeming subs today. All still had the advertising material up indicating that you could register and get a free lunch.

    A couple however did kick a fuss when I ordered a premium sub but got them in the end because they were stuck between me ordering a new sub or throwing out the perfectly ok one. Might try my luck again at another store tomorrow.

    • Isnt the offer finished????

      • They are still accepting vouchers that were printed with current date but redeemed prior to the 7/10

  • What's this 5UBW4Y? Seems legit

    • They claimed that apparently thumbnails of websites DO NOT fall into fair use of their copyrighted logo in Australia (although there were prior cases in US stating thumbnails are fine). Anyway they tried to take this post down, and I don't have a "legal department" to do the work for me so I ended up having to replace all the thumbnails in the Subway deals.

      • I don't think companies understand about free publicity.

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