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Cebu Pacific return to Manila: Melbourne $306 & Sydney $329 (September - October 2023) @ flightfinderau


Destination: Manila
Airline: Cebu Pacific
Valid Departure Dates: September to October 2023
Deal Expiry: Till Sold Out

  • Direct flights from Melbourne & Sydney to Manila
  • Flights on board widebody A330-300 aircraft
  • Carry-on luggage only
  • September is considered by many as the start of a bountiful and happy season for the Filipinos
  • September to October is wet season, so enjoy cheap accomodate rates

Melbourne to Manila Flights from $306 Return.

20/Sep - 10/Oct $306
27/Sep - 10/Oct $306
04/Oct - 24/Oct $306
11/Oct - 31/Oct $306
18/Oct - 07/Nov $306
16/Oct - 07/Nov $306
09/Oct - 31/Oct $398
20/Sep - 12/Oct $398
27/Sep - 17/Oct $402
25/Sep - 17/Oct $402

Sydney to Manila Flights from $329 Return.

10/Oct - 25/Oct $329
13/Sep - 25/Sep $329
06/Sep - 19/Sep $329
13/Sep - 22/Sep $332
06/Sep - 20/Sep $332
11/Oct - 25/Oct $332
06/Sep - 22/Sep $332
11/Oct - 27/Oct $332
07/Mar - 22/Mar $351
12/Sep - 25/Sep $351


  • Carry-on luggage only (7kg bags) - checked-in luggage, meals and entertainment are additional
  • Please take into account any vaccine/covid test/insurance requirements when traveling
  • Based in Canberra, Flightfinderau is an aggregator of flight prices (like Skyscanner). With any online purchases, do your due diligence!

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  • +1

    Wish they flew to Brisbane or gold coast

    • +3

      First pay ridiculous rents or house prices in sydney and then get on cheap flights.

      • Not so cheap in logan QLD either just put it up 90 a week.

        • But was cheaper to begin with

  • wow this is perfect for FIBA world cup. (i know this is such a non-factor for most ppl)

  • +1

    Any takers of this offer. Once you land in manila get out there. Visit the many islands. Fatten yourself up in the various delicacies in every region you visit.

    • +4

      Interested to know what delicacies there are…

      I've been to most islands around there over a few visits, and did not find their food to be the main attraction at all … But taste is subjective I spose

      • Every region has what they call their specialties. Its what the region is known for. But i agree its not for everyone but hey they are proud of these delicacies and i am happy for them for that.

      • Pork, Rice, more pork, lots more rice and some eggs…what's not to love

        • Whole roast pig. Love it.

    • Don't forget to bring back a wife of quarter your age.
      if I had a $ for everytime I saw this, would be a millionaire by now.

      • +1

        Don't forget to bring back a wife of quarter your age.

        Got nothing against people who do this. Its their life.

        if I had a $ for everytime I saw this, would be a millionaire by now.

        I have know people personally that went there enjoyed the scuba diving, island hopping. Even trekked by bicycle and motorbike.

        Theres even a few foreigners that reside there with their partner from their origin country. They went there together and totally enjoy roaming around the country.

        • Never said I am against it, that's my retirement plan to go retire in one of the countries in this region.

        • -1

          All foreigners are rich don't forget that while you're over there.

    • It's hard to find good cooked in the Philippines.
      Cooking standards way behind other countries unless you're going upmarket where you'll be paying similar prices to back at home.
      Produce is amazing though.

  • Anyone flown cebu pacific before? Better/worse than jetstar?

    • +1

      Coin flip in some cases. So best not to expect prompt flights.

    • Check seat widths, I was glued to the person next to me the entire flight

      • If the flight was any longer you reckon you would have fused together? 🤣

        • 200%, didn't mention being glued was necessary a bad thing

        • Not much fun doing the arm wrestle for the arm rest the whole flight.

        • +1

          Oh she would need 3 seats and if you sat behind her and she reclined it could be all over for you.

          • +1

            @paulaus: Yup. You are done. She reclines. Goooonnneee!!!

    • Sydney to Manila experience, flying over is fine as the flight is usually during the day and has you arrive in the evening PH time. Flying overnight on the way back to Sydney is atrocious though and I tend to avoid that unless absolutely necessary. The seats are uncomfortable and are all set to the same recline setting across the flight so you can't recline at all to try sleep.

      I haven't had any flight cancellations yet but they are on a similar level to jetstar in terms of delays/cancellations.

      • sounds like a job for sleeping pills and red wine!

        • Nothing a valium cant fix. 🤣

    • Pretty on par tbh. Jetstar has a better hard product but cebu pacific has a better soft product. Having said that, i havent flown cebu pacific post-covid but pre-covid they used to do a little trivia quiz (5 or so questions) on the plane and people who guess the correct answer first would win cebu pacific branded goodies, etc. You would also get a small snack included in the basic fare.

    • Never had a flight flying with cebu pacific in the Philippines that wasn't late.

      • At least it wasn't cancelled altogether.

  • Heard their A330s are “pre-reclined”? Anyone got any intel or experience?

    • Yes they are slightly more reclined on the overnight flights but no adjustments are possible. I'd pay hundreds more just to fly with Qantas and avoid their seats.

      • +1

        Hundreds more to fly on qantas but then run around to get 5% off on gift cards

  • Can't really comment on CEBU however Ive done 3 one month trips in the last year for work.

    I find the food to be awesome and much cheaper than at home. Crispy Pata (pork hock), Inasal (roast chicken), Lechon (crispy pork) and of course for fast food you have to try Jollibee.

    There's also an abundance of fresh seafood at great prices. I am lucky I have staff that take me to the local spots but recently we had crabs, prawns, oysters, squid, garlic veggies and rice for about $150 AUD. You select the seafood from the fresh market and it's cooked exactly how you want it.

    I normally have to stay in Manila which is a hole and the traffic is horrendous but I was in Boracay last week which is a beautiful island. Just be aware it's the 'party' island so not exactly what you want for R&R.

    It really is an underrated country IMO

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