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FIFA Women's World Cup Australia V England Semi-Final Match Screening from 7:30pm 16/8 (Booking Required) @ Event/Village Cinema


Cheer on the Matildas on the big screen LIVE & FREE!

Available at:

Event Cinemas

  • NSW: Bondi Junction, Campbelltown, Castle Hill, Coffs Harbour, Ed Square, George Street, Glendale, Kotara, Liverpool, Macquarie, Miranda, Shellharbour, Tuggerah
  • NT: Palmerston
  • QLD: Brisbane City, Cairns Central, Capalaba, Chermside, Mackay Mount Pleasant, Maroochydore Sunshine Plaza, Mt Gravatt, North Lakes, Robina, Toowoomba Grand Central, Townsville Central
  • SA: Marion
  • WA: Innaloo, Whitford

Village Cinemas

  • TAS: Hobart
  • VIC: Crown, Doncaster, Karingal, Knox, Plenty Valley, Southland

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  • +86

    2 more wins for a public holiday!

      • +31

        Isn't this how all politicians work?

      • +6

        It’s not a federal decision..

        • +3

          now who's gonna play the bad guy?

          • +9


            The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money…

            Yep, I wouldn't call Lib/Nat socialists and they had no giving other people's money to their mates.

        • +3

          how about for that old cranky lady that died last year

      • +2

        did you want albo to pay peoples salaries out of pocket or what, wise one

      • +35


        "New research shows Australian workers are on average working 6 weeks unpaid overtime per year"

        Yeah, I got no problem with businesses funding it.

      • Don't worry. Nobody will be funding something that won't materialize.

    • +31

      I am convinced only bogans are against public holiday for FIFA World Cup win. Australia needs a bit more culture

      • +1

        If Australia collectively gets down to the TAB before the game that will get a public holiday over the line. At least in Victoria….

      • +9

        Suddenly springing public holidays on us is great for some but terrible for others.

        Think of all the people with specialist medical/health appointments that they have been on waiting lists for months/years. Or legal matters that people need attended to by a certain time.
        Court appearances.
        Building works that need a small job done by one person before other parts are done the following day.
        Even just meetings with staff members at a child's school.

        It's not just that these people miss out/have plans delayed but all the extra work for admin staff and sole operators rescheduling things.

        • +10

          Agreed. Scrap all public holidays and make it 30hr work week instead. Crack down on unpaid overtime and remove penalty rates from the public sector. Maybe some wiggle room for anything over a 2hrs beyond a standard 8hr shift.

          Let the private sectors decide if they would prefer a 6hr work day (5-days per week) or 4-day work week.

        • -4

          Crickets… don’t complain or you’ll be tagged as a bogan. Typical socialists, free is free don’t care if it inconvenient to others

        • +12

          Life does not need to be so rigid. Yes some people will be inconvenienced, but life goes on.

          If we are to win the final, it very well could be a once in a life time achievement for us - and what a way for us to unite as a country. The only people that I have seen against a public holiday are the type of people more concerned with efficiencies and dollars and who aren’t capable of stopping to smell the roses.

          • +1

            @kev98: I agree we don't need to be so rigid. So why do we need a public holiday in order to unite and celebrate?

            Let's unite on a weekend with parades in major cities etc. That way less people are "inconvenienced" by a lack of treatment and their life can "go on" as well.

      • No.

        I'd just prefer they use taxpayer money to fund football as much as union and afl.

        This is just a bandwagon publicity stunt. All forgotten when the next BIGGEST GAME EVER OF NSW VS QLD is on.

        • AFL receives indirect subsidy by way of stadia, but it otherwise pays for itself.

          Soccer still has access to the good stadium infrastructure, but its grassroots is the opposite of AFL, whereby FIFA is parasitic rather than providing funding for junior participation etc.

      • -1

        Lots of culture on display at fed square…

    • If they have the public holiday on a Friday or Monday making it a long weekend it will be a boost for tourism and hospitality businesses in regional and rural areas…

  • +4
    • Why not go to AAMI Park?

  • +2

    Not many seats lefts already! It'll likely 'sell out' real soon

    • +8

      sounds like selling popcorn are how they earn money LOL

      • +3

        Well no one's going to be watching Barbie at that time so may as well open up and see how many choc tops and and pop corn they can move. This should be the new operating model for cinemas, let the masses in for free and sell candy. what's the point of running a session with 2 people when they can have 200 and and 20% of them spend $15 at the concessions.

  • +7

    Would they have a special feed or be streaming 7Plus? Both 7Plus and 7 HD picture quality leaves a bit to be desired.

    • Did anyone do a close comparison? 7plus seemed a little better but I wasn’t able to compare the streams.

      • +2

        I went from streaming to 7HD the other week and was really disappointed. FTA HD used to look good, now it looks crap so they can fit in extra shopping channels.

  • +1

    Where in melbourne?

      • No sessions available yet in Village https://villagecinemas.com.au/movies/fifa-womens-world-cup-s…

        I posted above for Hoyts Frankston (booking fee applies) and Lido Cinemas. It's the only ones I can find so far for Vic cinemas

        • My bad, forgot to check session listing.

        • They have since added Northland. I suspect they are trying to gauge demand, to avoid having a half-full cinema.

    • Victoria has lost out bigly on this tournament.

      • +4

        Couldn't risk them pulling the plug.

        Seriously it was the AFL. They refused to allow other games to be played in their stadiums during AFL season.

        • Na - You can't play World Cup games in oval stadiums. Looks amateur. That means Melbourne only has one suitable stadium for big soccer matches

          • @BarryBargain88: Watched both kinds of Rugby at the MCG and RL at Docklands. They can add some seating on the ground if the look worries them (they'd set a MCG record). Most countries would dream to have the MCG's capacity. They won't care about the shape.

            I don't believe AAMI park meets the minimum capacity for the finals as dictated by FIFA.

            The AFL admins hate other sports.

          • @BarryBargain88: Lots of large international stadiums are multi use, and have athletics tracks around the outside.

  • -7

    Go the Lionesses!

  • +7

    This is awesome. How would the 720p stream look on a VMAX screen though?!

    • Is it also 720p on Optus sports?

      • +7

        If you're lucky.
        Easily the worst quality sport streaming service.

    • +2

      Minecraft is your answer

    • +1

      Serious answer: surprisingly good.

      Everyone was pretty wowed by my old projector. They asked if it was 4k and were shocked it was only 720p.

      So 720p looks better than you'd expect, and certainly good enough to enjoy the game.

  • +3

    Hope people show up after taking these tickets

  • -4

    Is it for free?

    • +4

      The first line of the description: LIVE & FREE!

      • -3

        Saw that but couldn't believe 😂

  • +8

    Australia 2 vs 1 England

    • +3


  • +15

    why pay to go watch this with a bunch of random strangers in a dark room when u can just do it at home in your undies?

    • +1

      undies and beer …

    • +2

      Spose you could do the undies part in the dark room with strangers but it might be frowned upon..

      • +2

        The look of horror when someone beside you accidentally grabs the wrong “popcorn”.

    • Ozbargain meetup seeing as its posted on here now.

    • +1

      You wear undies?

      • +2

        None left after the last game went to penalties

    • Especially going out in this cold weather… yeah nah I'll watch it at home.

  • +8

    Hope Barnaby Joyce will get it right this time

  • +4


    • I guess it isn't far for them to GO home

    • Spain v England final then

  • Vic missing!

    • +1

      It's on at AAMI Park if you're in Melbourne

  • +1

    Thank you OP.

  • +7

    lets hope its not 0-0 after 120mins.

  • Thanks OP, booked! Not many good seats left! GO AUSSIE!

    • +1

      So you negged it for something you dont even know?

    • -1

      wow …. quite the killjoy!

      • -1

        no, im a realist, its a logical assumption to make going on their business model - unless you havent been to the cinema in the last 20 years and seen the concession prices

        lets meet back here on thursday when we see how many people complain about how they got scalped on concessions

        • +1

          I take my own snacks every time I go to the cinema. It's no big deal.

        • Regular cinema-goer here & don't mind paying extra for drinks & snacks whilst there 'cause we don't strive to be frugal every second of our lives.

        • +2

          Besides the outrageous food prices, maybe there are other reasons you can't bring your own food.
          - What if I bought in an egg sandwitch, dont want to watch a movie when the place smells like fart.
          - What if I bought in container of pasta and I accidentally dropped it on the floor? Cinema will have to steam clean that stain.
          - What if a family decides to bring in a whole dinner feast! Making chomping noises, banging utensils.
          - What if the people come to this event and someone brings a bottle of champaign and starts spraying everyone when Aussies win?

          If they made the food cheap, there would be popcorn everywhere! Make it expensive so you eat every single scrap.

          Majority of people have common sense and wont do the above, but its that small percentage that ruines it for the rest.

  • Hope they lift the WC

  • -1

    Savouring the prospects of a public holiday

  • +1

    Or watch it on the big screens outside

    • Where in Melbourne? :-?

      • +2

        AAMI Park is the official venue for the live site. All free

      • +1

        Fed Square as usual.

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