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Travel eSIM with Free 1GB Data Useable in 60 Countries @ Red Bull Mobile (App Required)




Under the Red Bull Mobile brand, the well-known energy drink manufacturer from Austria offers an eSIM that you can use to surf the Internet with your smartphone anywhere in the world at low cost. Exclusively for Travel Dealz readers there is 1 GB data volume for free! From activation you have one month to use the data volume in over 60 countries.

To do this, download the Red Bull Mobile App from the App Store or Google Play Store enter the promo code under Settings after registering . You will then find the TRAVELDEALZ tariff with 1 GB of data volume free of charge under Data Plans . You can find detailed instructions in our redeem voucher . TRAVELDEALZ

Unfortunately, the tariff with 1 GB free of charge is currently not displayed in the app. Red Bull Mobile is already working on it, but unfortunately it may take some time due to a public holiday in Austria.

If you redeem the voucher now, you will still receive the promised credit as soon as the error has been corrected.

UPDATE: Works Now

Supported Countries
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Costa Rica
New Zealand
Puerto Rico
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
South Korea
Czech Republic
United Arab Emirates
United States
United Kingdom

redeem voucher

  1. After successful registration, switch to the Profile tab and click on Settings

  2. Scroll down a little further in the settings and click on Add a Promocode

  3. Enter the code in the coupon field TRAVELDEALZand click Activate

  4. Go to the Data Plans tab and click the +

  5. The TRAVELDEALZ tariff is now available at the top. If you activate it, you have 1 GB of data volume for one month, e.g. B. Activation available on August 10th → until September 10th.

Credit to MyDealz

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Referrer gets 1GB after referee makes combined purchases of over €10. Referee receives nothing.

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  • +10

    Gives you Internets!

    • How many exactly?

    • What alternatives exist for phones which don't support eSIM?

      • get a stonage samsung 21

    • +1

      Free intarwebz. Can't beat it.

      • Jan: Jen, this is the internet.
        Jen: Not happy, Jan.

  • +1

    Sorry i misread i thought its 1GB per day just like travel simcard :p

  • +4

    from Austria

    Always thought it was from Thailand

    • +1


      • +2

        I think the drink itself is from Thailand. An Austrian company might have picked it up and brought it to the wider market.

        They still sell the original bottled drink in Thailand. (much smaller in a glass bottle, and not fizzy)

        • yes, I know that little glass bottle

        • +2

          Yeah this is correct, did an assignment in a commerce class in uni on its origins

          Pretty cool story actually, Austrian guy found it in Thailand & then went into business with the thai pharmacist who created it. They added the carbonation & launched in Austria as a higher end product eventually making its way to the rest of Europe and the US.

          • @zjtz: It's so popular you'd think it has aphrodisiac properties. I wish it did…

        • That's the super concentrated one you get at the full moon party with your bucket …(bucket of alcohol)

    • Red Bull is majority owned by Thai.
      But the country that started 2 wars and both times blamed another sort of does the sporty bit.

  • +4

    almost though austria of all places was excluded until i got to the end ;)

  • +4

    No Malaysia or Singapore :(

    • +4

      This deal might help you then.

      • +6

        I don't think the eskimo deal includes Singapore. It is a Singaporian based sim but does not include Singapore

        • Correct. I tried it in Singapore, did not work.

          • @wizko: No wait! I was hoping to use it when on transit there for nearly 1/2 day.

      • +1

        This deal might help you then.

        Thanks, OP. I was about to sign up to this deal, and now I see this comment.

        I have got a 5-day work trip to New Zealand at the end of the month.
        It seems eskimo.travel might be the way to go with that bit of extra data. ;)

        • +1

          It's an e-sim, just get both!

        • +1

          Referral code doesn't work according to Mod update on the post.

        • Your work don't pay you to get a local SIM?

          • @timhn: Your work doesn't just pay for a roaming day pass so you can keep your existing number and not have to get a new SIM?

    • No Philippines

  • Can you use this to get au numbers for new user deals?

  • The 1GB still isnt showing up for me. Can anyone else confirm that they received 1gb?

      Unfortunately, the tariff with 1 GB free of charge is currently not displayed in the app. Red Bull Mobile is already working on it, but unfortunately it may take some time due to a public holiday in Austria.

      If you redeem the voucher now, you will still receive the promised credit as soon as the error has been corrected.

  • -8

    Does it help you steal a championship?

    • +5

      someone's salty

    • +6

      it's been 2 years time to give it up m8

    • +2

      I'm available to crash help.

    • +1

      poor race directing really

      • But it was brilliant really. Finishing behind the safety car would have been far less entertaining and possibly even more controversial.

    • +1

      We have found team LH #Blessed

    • +5

      Come one bro

      From activation you have one month to use the data volume in over 60 countries.

  • Still can’t see anything on the app..
    Edit nvm gotta claim the free 100mb first

    • Only got 100mb too

  • I can't even find the app in Google Play store. Anyone knows why?

  • +2

    When is the last date to activate the deal? I'm travelling in November

    • +1

      Would like to know also

    • I would like to know as well. Travelling in Sept/Oct.

  • +3

    Showing as 1 year expiry for me. Wonder if it will be honoured or if it is a mistake.

    • Did you click on 'activate' on the 1gb?

    • Mine says 100mb for a year. I haven't activated the 1 GB. 1GB is for one month.Travelling in 3 weeks so i will do it later.

    • Same here. Everything seems to be fine, 1.1GB after activation. But the problem is: mobile data doesn’t work with this eSIM! I use an iphone, after turning on mobile data with this Red Bull eSIM and turning off my WiFi, I have no access to the Internet.

      • Did you turn on data roaming? It's required.

  • +1

    Don't have a phone with eSim 😭

  • -6

    So no vietnam?

    • +4


      Here, just added it for you.

  • Currently in UK - works for me.

  • +1

    Red bull mobile a blast from the past.

  • +5

    I wasn't able to input the promocode - as it only allow the code to be input in a 4-letters only format… so I had to input like TRAV ELDE ALZ, and it says invalid .. not issue with my keyboard as I can type normally anywhere else…any idea?

    • Same with me.

      • Same..can anybody help

    • Me three

    • Same… its quite odd.

      • Interestingly… if you enter a random code…the app tells you it doesn't exist.

        If you enter TRAVELDEALZ…and it forces odd spacings onto you. The error is "something went wrong"

        • +1

          I initially used an Android(Samsung) and got the issue, then I used an iPhone and it went through no drama, wondering if it's related to android phones?

    • +1

      On Android. Initially entering the code it put in the spaces. I then tried entering again in all caps and added random letters to the end before removing the extra letters so it was only TRAV ELDE ALZ. It then seemed to accept the code.

  • Can I wait before activating ? only travelling in 2 weeks time but redeemed the voucher code today

    • Yes it seems you can.

      • @ATangk - Can you wait to activate after adding the PROMOCODE ?

        • yes, you get 1 year to use the 100mb and hten you can 'buy' 1GB which lasts 1 month from when you buy it.

  • Afghanistan not included

    • Maybe when travel becomes safe even for Afghan people

  • +2

    Showing as on network “Boost” for me. How surreal Boost on en eSIM

  • Nothing stopping me from registering multiple accounts I suppose?

    • it knows

    • i managed to make 2 accounts, But only was able to redeem the code on 1.

      • the promo code is attached/linked to the App Store ID when activated, I assume, since it happened to me as well.

  • perfect timing, I'll be going overseas soon.
    I've never used eSIM before, do I have to turn off my primary SIM to use the data from eSIM?

    • +1

      You can choose which to use in settings

  • dammit, no Philippines!

  • +1

    Was only able to get 100mb, activated and tested, 25mb gone just opening google and ozbargain!?

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