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LiveConnected Mobile Plans - $20 Starter Pack Fee Waived (for Limited Time Only)


Spotted on Facebook:
"Hi everyone - Our $20 Starter Pack fee has been removed for a limited time only! Spread the word :)"

Usually a new plan or change of plan incurs a $20 sim card, postage & admin fee - currently waived.

Unknown expiry date

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  • +1

    The cheapest phone plan in Australia just got better. wow

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      I just got Vaya to give em a shot…, they are cheaper ! ;)


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        vaya charge for voicemail entry!

        I've not seen many telecom to charge you for voicemail when someone leaves a msg.

        voicemail retrieval charge is more common though. BUT many Virgin plans have free voicemail retrieval.

        • it says

          Voice Mail Deposit & Retrieval Unlimited

        • No for the $11 Flexiplan or for that matter any of the Flexiplans-

          Voice Mail Deposit & Retrieval 45c per 30seconds

        • Yeah but the 20 dollar fee is still there.

          So while it is 1 dollar cheaper per month it would take you 20 months to recoup that cost.

          Service would be practically identical they all resell Optus and in 20 months time plans are probably going to be a bit different.

        • +3

          They do have voice to text which is free so this may save you from voicemail retrieval.

          And if you sign up with vaya from www.whistleout.com.au you get the first month free.

        • The reason I'm ecstatic about Vaya is cause I can hit 6-7Mbps in my area, 2x faster than my ADSL2+ connection and 6-7x faster than my Vodafail service, more than 1/2 the price with 7x more Quota…??? lolz

  • My plan is about to finish with Voda, what steps would I need to take to port my number over to LC? Do I cancel with voda first or do I buy the starter pack with LC first?? :)

    • +2

      Buy the starter pack first.

    • +1

      when you port to liveconnected it will cancel your voda plan, however you might be hit up for some cancellation fees from voda.

      If your contract is nearly up you will at most need to pay out whats remaining (so the 20 dollar saving might be more than that).

      Don't buy the starter pack as it will assign you a new number when you order (you could alternatively buy the pack now and defer porting until your plan ends if its within 30 days, but that could be a hassle).

      • My plan ends at the end of this month
        Ahh ok so I just have to purchase the plan I want from their store link and follow the prompts on porting my number over and it would cancel my connection with voda?
        Would I have to ring voda directly to tell them that I'll be changing or will porting number across be enough?

        • +1

          No you never have to tell the losing telco that you are porting away, the gaining telco will do that. It's all done by computers anyway. But you are liable for contract termination fees, if any.

        • +1

          sweet deal, going to change end of this month
          good ridden to voda
          cant believe I have been with them for 2 years already =(

        • -3

          You honestly think Optus are going to be any better?

        • Hi Green Possy,

          So my contract with optus ends 27th of this month-can I buy this pack now but not activate it until the 27th? So that I avoid any fees from Optus? Thanks!

        • Somebody else would have to say whether you can delay activation until 27th with LC, but yes, if that's the end of the contract, after 27th you are free to leave Optus without any penalty.

          Mind you, depending on how the contract is designed, it may not be much penalty, maybe you have to pay pro-rata for the rest of the contract or maybe just pay them off until the end of your contract. It all depends on the details. Do you have a mobile on contract, for example? That raises the cost of leaving early.

        • +5

          A festering turd at the bottom of a toilet bowl is better than voda…

        • When I signed with LC, you could specify the date of your proposed activation, as well as choose to activate the SIM at any time (within a reasonable period) after receiving the pack. IIRC I waited almost a fortnight after receiving mine, in order to burn existing voda credit.

          I presume they still offer these two mechanisms for delayed activation, they tell you before you commit to signup anyway! :)

        • Thanks Stewballs- it says now on the signup page something about taking "24 hours for automatic activation" or something? Anyone with more info?

        • +1

          Have used both Optus & Vodafone, I can tell you Optus is heaps better than Vodafone.

          Vodafone's data was unusable most of the time!

    • Lol. I am in the same position as silentstorm117. been waiting for 2 years to get off contract and join my family on Live Connected. :)

  • +1

    so this applies to plan changes too?

    • Doesn't look like it. I still got the $16 plan change notice when I tried just now.

  • +2

    I read the comments on FB and it doesn't seem to apply to plan change, but a Wayne suggested making a new order and using your LC mobile number as the existing number to port over. I like his idea! :P

    • Awesome idea I might just try that. But it will mean paying an extra $1 a month as I'm on an older $11/month plan.. would be an "upgrade" to $12/month.. hmmmmmm..

    • -2


  • Bugger I held off..paid the increase in price hike and then missed this by two months late :(
    Planning on putting family member on em…so not all lost :)

  • +1

    sigh, I signed up a week ago. Oh well, it's still crazy-cheap, so I suppose I can't complain too much.

    • +1

      Signed up 3 weeks ago. Also sad haha.

    • Damn, me 2 weeks ago.

      • I am with LC. I use PT to make overseas calls. Usage goes out of my data allowance.

      • Darn (too early)! Ported 5 phones over to LC 1mth ago. $100 down the hatch….my ainol tablet :-(

        Oh well, who knew this was gonna come along….sigh

  • Hmm unknown expiry or expires in 5 days? This bargain is tagged to expire in 5 days according to your post, OP!

    • +4

      I wasn't sure whether or not to set an approx date or leave it blank!?! First world problems!!

  • edited …just saw they used Optus towers

  • Just saw this in the T&C Talk to Anyone credit

    NOT INCLUDE "International Voice including calls to fixed lines or GSM mobiles that switch/divert or re-route overseas"

    I guess this mean I cannot use Pennytel/VoIP related service with this company's SIM。

    Correct me if I am wrong.

  • Will the SIM arrive pre-activated? or can I buy it now but activate and start to use it later?

    • +1

      i believe you can order and then set a future port date but they can't keep extending it forever

      you can do it yourself up to 7 days extension, after that i think you have to contact them and please explain

  • Wonder what's the charge if I try to call a Australian Landline number (Gateway number) for VoIP service.

  • +6

    Hopefully I can use this to get my friends on board. My LC to LC usage right now is very lonely.

  • +1

    This is perfect since telstra turned off its 3g network… Basically making my desire hd redundant.. I'll be getting this thanks! Unless some smart mind can tell me how to use 3g on telstra again…

    • -3

      Get a better phone?

  • Considering the iphone 5 will probably have a nano-simcard (as opposed to a micro-sim), i wonder if Live-Connected will be able to supply these,,,

    • "probably have a nano-simcard"

      Bake a cake & put the grain-sized sim in.

      Wife: 'Honey, I've got a surprise for you! We're no longer on Vodafail & are now on LiveConnected!
      Hubby: 'Whats that, I can't hear you over the TV. Hey I'm eating some really nice cake here. Want some? 'nom nom nom, gulp'.
      Wife: (Facepalm)

      • +6

        What are you on about?

  • Hey former TPG users,

    So I'm on the TPG "no contract" plan and looking to port my number over to LC. So I can just sign up with LC and don't have to mention anything to TPG? Theres no "hidden/cancellation fees" right? Terms mention you have to give them 14 days notice, but why? there's no contract right? Can I just leave them?

    • I left them about 1.5 years ago and although I don't remember EXACTLY how I did it, I believe I just left without giving them any notice. I may have had to get my account number or something off TPG to help facilitate the porting but that's all I can recall. Even if you don't give them 14 days notice, what's gonna happen? Get a fine? lol

      • +1

        Yeah, that's what I'm worried about. The fine. lol. Because we get billed via direct debit so I suppose they can charged us if its under the T&C. I'll be mad if they charged us some sort of hidden cancellation fee!

        • http://www.tpg.com.au/terms_conditions/mobile_terms.php
          6.6. We may charge you a fee to port the phone number to another carrier or carriage service provider.

          Not sure what the cost is, if any.

          6.3. Once the Minimum Contract Period is over, your service will continue to renew automatically, and you will continue to be charged for the service, until such time as you or we cancel the service by giving 30 days notice.

          You may be liable for the service for the 30 days, in lieu of sufficient notice. Maybe better to nominate a port date near the end of the 30 day notice you give.

    • there is no cancellation fee. however, if you don't give tpg at least 14 days notice before the end of your billing period, they will charge you another month. you are bound by the terms & conditions, so you should notify tpg of cancellation or they will keep billing you.

      • Awesome! Hopefully that's all! Cheers!

        • +3

          There is $11 porting fees.

        • oh yes

    • I was with TPG as well! I think the 14 days is just to prevent them from charging you for a new month, i think it cost me 11 dollars to port the number from TPG. They also gave me the 20 dollars safety money back after a month of the number being ported. You can just leave them :D

      • Wait! $11 to port number to LC. God Damn!!! Far out!! Any other fees? Bloody hell.

    • you'll have to pay $11 min as porting fee. TPG is far better than LC, i wouldn't think of moving to LC

      • Why is that? International Calls in cap?

      • I don't recall having to pay for the porting fee when I ported from TPG, but maybe things were different then (March 2011). Or maybe I just forgot.

      • +3

        please explain why??

    • Give TPG notice that you don't want to renew for the next month and let the current month run out but make sure you sign up and activated with LC before the end of your month othwise you will lose your number…

  • Is it Direct Debit from your account each month?

    • Yep must give credit card details

  • Good deal, only reason i hadn't signed up already was the initial fees.
    Just jumped on the train!

  • Any reason not to port over from the $17.99 TPG plan?

    • +2

      international calls?

  • +1

    Been on the $11.99 plan for a few weeks now. No hassles. 3G is as good or better than when I was with Virgin.

    • +1

      Is that even possible? They're on the same Optus network?!

      • Data quality can change depending on the APN used. Virgin has their own and people sometimes complain. LC use Optus' APN details.

      • must've been using Virgin APNs. Optus APNs solved it for me

      • .

      • There can be massive differences between resellers, depending on what they allocate. I have a few services, and Optus >= LC > Virgin

  • +6

    Great deal. I just wish they were powered by Tel$tra not Optus.

    • +8

      Near add a zero to the price then

  • It sounds like a great deal.
    I just lost my phone and had to pay $20 for replacement sim.

    They are great if you don't have problems.
    But ever since ordering the replacement sim I couldn't get 3G data to work.
    I logged a case since 1st of September and this still hasn't been resolved.
    You feel totally helpless as there is no other means of getting in contact with them.

    • That is why I would never go with a company where you can't just go into a store and talk to an employee

    • Yes there is: TIO = Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman

      They have to pay if your complaint is considered valid.

      They don't like to pay.

      Maybe mention TIO in the next case you log, with reference to the previously logged - but not yet resolved - case.

      They should hear you just fine… :-)

  • +12

    TPG is only 2-3 dollars more compared to the liveconnected plas. Benefit with tpg is that it includes international calls. That's big bonus.

    • +10

      and also telephone customer service

    • +2

      $6 more - it's $12 vs $18.. that's 50% more. There's no point unless you need international calls and SMS. I'm with TPG, many of my friends are on LC as they don't need international calls/sms.

      • Maybe goblin has it bundled with internet which makes the $17.99 three bucks cheaper.

        • Yes I have. I pay $15. I suppose its worthwhile if you on $17.99. But its still a choice depending on the international call usage. If LC offered international calls, then it would have been a no brainer.

      • +2

        Not sure why eug got negged. Forget saving 6 bucks, it wouldn't even matter if TPG is only 5 cents more than LC. If you don't need international calls you are paying 5 cents too much by going with TPG.

      • +2

        Seriously. Making international telephone calls with Australian mobile's just seems silly.

        Use Skype.

        • Not this deal or TPG, but there are some great deals to particular countries on certain SIMs, e.g. 0c/min flagfall only which are great if the deal works for you. Not every called party has Internet and Skype. So making int'l calls on a mobile isn't always silly.

      • International SMS/MMS is included in the cap. It's only international calls that are excluded.

  • Hi mrhorseham , I am with TPG PAYG $1 per month no contract and direct debit each month. Any issue if I port to LC, I have a plan $11.99 with LC at the moment already, I want add another one now.

    • Just the fees to get out. Might be mostly covered by the ~$20 credit the hold.

  • +1

    Good deal. Just be aware that LC do not have any phone support. I ended up going with Vaya who provided this and also had a slightly cheaper rate.

    • How do you find Vaya so far?

      Did you have a look at their cancellation and other fees, like when going over your cap? I was told by someone that those were kind of a ripoff. But I'm very interested in switching to either vaya, tpg or LC :B

      • +1

        Can't complain too much. I should point out that though they do provide phone support, it's not the best, but better than not having it.

        I did see their cancellation fees. It's $30 if you disconnect, but there's no charge for porting out.

        As for going over the cap, their CEO on whirlpool mentioned that it's possible to cease out going calls and messages once you hit your cap to prevent extra charges. I haven't had to use this as yet though. They've got a nifty little web app to track your usage as well.

        My one gripe that it's not possible to upgrade to higher plans, only downgrade. It seems to be more of an optus restriction rather than their own.

        End of the day, there's no contract so it's not too costly to change to another provider.

  • So i just recharged my sim… can i just buy this and activate it in a month?

    • +1

      From memory the most you can delay activation by is 5 working days.

  • OMG u crappppp, huhuhu!!!!

    I just signed up 4 days ago :)

    No complain so far, moved wife to your service one month ago, now my turn. No problems and hassle so far. Good job.

  • +1

    For anyone who has not done it before, I ported my number from Voda to Optus today (after taking up the Woolworths mobile offer on the weekend). Piece of cake. I could not get it to work online, but I rang the 300 number this am, about 10 mins on the phone, an hour later, presto! No problems. Works fine, and the reception on Optus is full-on, all the time (so far).
    No fees involved (I was off contract). Simple and straightforward, which is a lot different to what the telcos told us in the first place.

  • i have wife on 17.99 plan - I know - I got her cheap:)- no issues with plan anyhow and the website is really good - one question about this deal though - is there a time limit before you must activate? - i want to buy the starter pack but not activate till January.

  • +9

    I had two plans with this mob, one for my daughter and my 68 mother who was on the unlimited calls and 5gb of data.
    Mother was on this plan as she had no phone line.
    Within about 12 days in on her 3 months of being on this plan, I got an email stating that she had reached 90% of her data. Wont go into to much detail but we checked her Iphone to make sure she didn't accidentally hit something to have data downloading.

    Well let me just say this, if you have a complaint or a dispute, good luck getting it sorted out as this now ongoing with TIO.

    Even with TIO giving them 10 working days to contact us, Still no response from them and now TIO has taken it up to the next stage.

    As for cancellation, which I requested and applied on their site asap, this is the answer for all who are inquiring of time frame…. "In submitting your notice you have acknowledged that:

    A - As per the terms and conditions youI am giving Live Connected 30 days notice of your intent to cancel or port your service."

    • It isn't prepaid - it's a contract. A 30 day contract. I gotta say I've been really impressed with Liveconnect after leaving Vodafone 2 months ago. Ten times the data for less than 1/2 the price, and with the ability to actually make phone calls and get a data connection. Sure, they don't have the best customer service, but what do you expect for the price?

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