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Braun Clean & Renew 3 Pack. $20.61+S&H Buying Multiple Saves More $$


These Brauns Clean & Renew cartridges retail for about $21 for a 2 pack and they don't last long. So I checked out Amazon listings, most of which have ridiculous shipping price. By bulk buying 6 x 3 packs, it cost me $135.45 (the dollar was slightly better) all up to have it delivered to Sydney. They shouldn't really ship flammable stuff.. but not my problem..
If you're too cheap, just mix your own alcoholic cocktail.

Does this go here???

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    I've been using a series 8 for about 7 years now. Great shaver, but outrageous prices on the cleaning kit - $21 for 50c worth of denatured alcohol in a plastic container. Just rinse out the empty plastic container, refill with denatured alcohol, a bit of water, some essence if you want a nice smell, and you're done.


      I struggled to get Iso-Propyl at a decent price so I ended up get Methylated spirits (Denatured alcohol)as it is cheap as hell and easy to get everywhere like your local super market.

      The problem with just alcohol, is that it is missing the lubricant of the original Braun refill.
      I found this guy on eBay that has a scented lubricated solution to add to the alcohol and it has done the job well.

      The only issue with Metho is it is super high alcohol rating so it evaporates very quickly.
      I put the cap back on the refill pack when not in use to slow this process down.


        Yes, I have that solution from Canada too, but I'm still looking for the iso-prop at a decent price. I think it is $10-$12 for 500ml at Bunnings.


          When I checked, they had it, but it was no where near as economical as Metho.
          To get it at a decent price I had to find computer spare parts and food hygene places.
          Even then it was too much and too hard.

          Metho was about $4.50 for 1.5lt at the supermarket.
          I had several emails back and forth with that Canadian guy to make sure it would all work fine. Metho has a higher alcohol content that his minimum requirement and brauns original content so it is more than okay.


    Iso-Proponal also known as Iso-Propyl Alcohol is what you should be looking for. Rubbing Alcohol and/or Denatured Alcohol are some common names. The common name versions may contain some other chemicals, please check the label carefully.


    It's not that east to find iso-propyl alcohol in a decent size at a decent price. I considered the 5 litre from http://www.amcsupplies.com.au/index.php?main_page=index&cPat... but shipping from Adelaide to Brisbane doubled the price.

    Anyone got a comparable source in Brisbane?


    I know it's annoying but take the cartridge out and recap it after each use and it will last 3-5 times longer. I usually do my clean cycle at night so I don't have to leave it uncapped all day.

    Inconvenient, definitely, but at that price no point watching your product evaporate.


    I have use Braun shaver for 20 years and all I use to clean up is with the provided brush without any problems. So what is the advantage of using this product?


    Your method works out to be abougt $15-16 bucks per 2 cartridges…

    What I do is wait for myer to have one of those 15% off all electronic sales and buy it for about $17 but I don't have to buy and store 18 of them…

    each to their own…


    You can generally find these cartdiges for the same price on eBay. That's where I get them when I run low.


    I bought some iso-propyl from prime electronics in brisbane but can't remember how much it cost. Anyone have a good idea of a suitable lubricant I can add to the iso-propyl?