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[StudentBeans] Google Pixel 7 128GB $599.10, Google Pixel 6a 128GB $339.10 (OOS) Delivered @ Google Store


Use the Code Giveaway Megathread for 10% off Google Store from StudentBeans if you want a code or have one to give away. Do not ask in the comments.

Remember it offers 10% back for those on the Google One 2TB plan

Much cheaper than JB 😌

Google Pixel 6a - Waiting list

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    Note: for those confused with the discounts; the StudentBeans code takes 10% off the RRP.

  • Buy now or wait for Pixel 8? Decisions, Decisions

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      From how the pixel series is going … Cost would be the deciding factor as the performance is only slightly better each year and battery life can actually get worse

      6a absolutely bang for buck

      • But the 8 will have video out.

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      Pixel 8 does look like a very decent upgrade, certainly much more than the 7 was to the 6.

      But it's likely to be around double this price on launch (minus whatever promos there are, so say 40% more.

      It probably comes down to how much you like your tech I guess.

      • Just wait another 8 months like everyone is doing

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    I've been thinking of switching to the Pixel from Galaxy S21. I hear that the camera is kind of slow because it does a lot of processing right after you take a photo. I'd like to give the Pixel a go but it seems there could be some drawbacks? I do like the Samsung UI and I think Samsung has most things down pat especially for the current S23. Thoughts from those who have made the switch from Samsung to Pixel?

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      I changed from the s21 to a 7a. The screen is more accurate but nowhere near as bright, going from 120hz to 90hz is noticeable. Charging is way slower (7 is a bit faster than 7a but not much and it'll still be slower by alot than the s21). Camera on the 7a gets quite a bit more detail than the s21, I don't feel that it's slow however with nightvision there's a delay when it processes. In low light the pixel camera is trash and I prefer the s21, also prefer the video on the s21. It felt like a bit of a sidegrade although for point and shoot daytime pics there's a clear difference for me.

      • This is interesting. I have a Note 10+ and iPhone 12 mini. Lately, I have been thinking of going to Pixel 7 as I heard a lot about Night Photography and excellent photography in general & the recent deals. I am very happy with iPhone 12 camera and (in my humble opinion) takes better pics than wife’s iPhone 13. Perhaps, I will wait for P8 as I was mainly going to use Pixel for its camera.

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        Should have gone with the S23, its perfect for me.

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      I went from a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra to a 7 pro, regretted it almost immediately.

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        The pixel seamless updates are a pain too. I too wouldn't go from Samsung to Pixel, only cheap Chinese like oppo to Pixel makes sense.

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          I like my year old oppo flagship :(

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      The only reason to use a Pixel is GrapheneOS.

      • Seema like a pain to use Grapheneos. Do you use it?

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          I use it. Easy to use for me. Most definitely the easiest to install out of any custom ROM I've ever used.

          You can try CalyxOS on Pixel if you don't like GrapheneOS.

          It depends on if you are interested in security and privacy. Most people aren't.

  • If its 10% off how do you get 6a for 339?

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      Read the first comment on this thread :)

      10% off the RRP

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      RRP is $599, and the 10% is calculated from that ($59.90), but then applied to the $399 sale price.

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    Thanks OP. Already had scratched everyday reward cards to go into JB ij the morning But this is better. Guess I'll save the reward cards for next purchase. I forgot to activate the 2tb plan. Anyway to remedy that?

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      You should be able to cancel and repurchase.

  • too irresistible, looks like my xiaomi is about to be relegated to a backup phone :D

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    Wonder what the likelihood is of the other colours coming in stock.

  • Any extra store credit like last time?

  • Can you price beat this with OW?

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      Not with discount codes

  • Says $699 for me?

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      Reading about the beans 10% is off RRP. So RRP is 1000, 10% is 100, $699-$100=$599

  • What's the 6a battery like? Or does it suffer like the other new pixels

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      I can from a Redmi Note 9. That had an easy 2 day battery life.

      This 6a doesn't have that, but it easily makes it a day, and if I forget to charge it overnight it'll still be usable the following day for a while

  • Great price for this phone. Pixel 8 will be launching soon but for people who need a new phone and don't care about the latest and greatest, this can't be beat.

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    Thanks, logged in this morning to order from JB HiFi deal , but saw this deal and revived my student beans account to grab this one instead. Thanks OP

    • Anymore offers

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      If you could generate some extra 10% off codes and post them to the below I'd be so grateful!


      • +2

        Sorry, I think there is a 24-hour wait time to generate a new code. currently, it says "Please wait 1413 minutes"

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          You can generate a new code code on StudentBeans every hour, whereas UNiDAYS is every 24 hours.

          • @RichardL: Thanks for the clue. I just realized that I mentioned student beans in my original comment. My account is actually on Unidays.

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    Waiting for code… Will Officeworks price match ? has anyone tried this ?

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      OW won’t price match with code. So you are better off buying from Google Store with 10% off code

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    Pixel 7 was $499 at Telstra a couple weeks back. Stick it out a bit longer and wait for it to get back to that price imo. 6a is a good deal though

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      Seems like every man and his dog has P7 stock except Telstra. Painful.

  • Now also $399 at JB and OW for Pixel 6a

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    Thx oP, i cancelled my telstra 4 weeks back order and ordered thru the beans ,$100 more and hopefully faster arrive .

    • Faster arrive ! Love it :)

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        Google notified order dispatched

  • I was gonna wait for the zenfone 10, but not only is this cheaper, I don't have to wait…

    I kinda do need a phone, mine's usb doesn't work anymore, relying on wireless charging, and battery is less than a day of light use.

    I really do like the zenfone's compact design though.

    • It's under $400 currently at Officeworks, JB and the Google Store. Not as good as $339, but still a good buy.

      • Well, I meant more than just a few dollars under, like $350-370.

    • Codes are still getting posted in the megathread

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      I actually ended up getting sent a code from 2 nice users. I love the Ozbargain community! I'd given up after 45mins of refreshing the code page because I thought that maybe it could drop further without needing a code closer to Pixel 8 release but I'm currently using a Galaxy A5 and honestly it probably couldn't hold out that long as I need to have speaker on just so people can hear me…

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    Google being tight arse and not giving even free compressed photo and video storage anymore makes me hesitant to upgrade from pixel 5 for now

    • Yes, but at this low price, it is better than buying OPPO, Samsung A14/24, Motorola G Series. None of them comes with free photo/video storage either. Motorola Edge 30 Neo is still a good buy, even it has a slower processor than Pixel 6a, but it comes with more RAM (8GB) and a 65W charger at a lower price.

      • I'll probably hang onto my pixel 5 until August 2024 which is when the security patches stop.

        Phones are good enough these days that we don't need to update it every year, two years or even longer. I've had my previous two phones for at least 3 years.

        I'd keep it for even longer if they kept supporting it. There's nothing wrong with the phone.

        • Pixel 5 stops recieving security updates in October 2023

  • does anyone know how google deals with delivery if no one is home? do they leave at the post office?

    • Depends on where you live

  • if you ordered from the previous sale for $389.35, you can contact google support and they’ll refund $50 per unit

    • were you able to get them to refund? i tried but they declined

      • If not, what is stopping you from returning the item and ordering one at this price? I belive they have a returns policy

    • Chat refused to refund the difference. Told me to return and buy again with the discount code. What a pain.

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    HAs anyone ordered it using this deal? Apparently 10% discount code doesn't stack up with this offer, and takes the price to original retail price and then takes 10% off, which makes it more expensive. Can anyone confirm if they are able to stack?

    • I can confirm the code is still able to stack. Just tested with a fresh code that was generated at 2:17pm

  • Any suggestions on case and screen protector for the 6a?

  • Why is everyone buying at this price? Shouldn’t we be waiting for another deal like Telstra?

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      Not everyone here has Telstra and Telstra also has stock issues.

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    Thanks OP.

    Got mine for a sweet $275, as I still had store credit left over from Pixel 7a pre-order bonanza a few months ago!

  • Great deal, picked up the 6a with a code from the megathread.

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    Nice deal if I can pickup a code!

    Wonder if price will drop to $499 again once the 8 is out, like the Telstra deal.

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    Thanks OP. Grabbed a 6a thanks to a code from a generous ozbargainer.

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    Ordered my 6a yesterday at 11am, already have it delivered by 10am today … Winner!

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    Ordered yesterday morning as well and arrived this morning, nice quick delivery via Startrack

  • What has everyone ordered? Got a code from an ozbargainer this morning. Many thanks to him/her. However, the color I want is out of stock. :( Joined waitlist. But not sure how waitlist will work. Anyone knows? Is the code still be valid by the time there is stock? Can't seem to preorder.

    Or shall I just go for the color that has

  • Or amyone knows when this deal ends?

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    Went in store to JB and asked if they could match, 'met me in the middle' at $360 with the reason on the receipt 'Ask for a deal'. My 4XL shit the bed today so needed it now, great result. Also churned me onto their Telstra $52 60GB month to month saving me $10 a month. Great result. Will post my spare unidays code in the thread when i get a minute.

    • could you please share the receipt? Please, I will try my luck from JB.

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