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[VIC] Vodafone Nokia C01 Plus 4G + $30 Prepaid Starter Pack for $9 (Save $90) @ Woolworths (Box Hill)


Spotted this deal at Box Hill Woolworths. Unsure of stock level. Did a search on Woolies website and product does not exist so maybe its a discontinued product? Probably worth it just for the $30 starter pack.

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    I'll buy that for a dollar !

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    Damn. Can you buy me one
    Good $9 Burner

  • Used to be on sale for $29 very low specs


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    FYI boiz, Boronia is listed as having stock, I just rang, the girl said they had one, went and checked, and said they only had the C30. Cheers either way OP.

    • Glad it helped someone.

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    $9 for 30$ starter pack + free ewaste

    • 2GB ram / 16GB storage

      2013 specification

      • +2

        In 2013 a phone with those specs would work as smooth as an iPhone does. Now you need quadrillion gigs of RAM, hexa-dexa core CPU the least!

        • And XX terabytes of storage for the 500 gigapixel camera images

        • iPhone still works smoothly with 2GB ram. Android, no chance.
          Do not let this do any updates! How to block google play services from updating?

        • +1

          For what they have - these area a bargain. I usually pick up a few phones similar to these to use in teaching Android programing as well as using camera motion as a cheaper alternative to Arduinos (using REST instead of direct signals as that seems to be the way things are going)

  • vic?

    • Yes Victoria.

  • it's locked to vadafone network, sooo $25 more to unlock it.

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      It's free. Fill out the unlock form and they'll do it within a few days. No payment. I think that fee rule is old and not updated, or maybe they apply it indiscriminately.

      • I tried searching (no luck). Can you/someone please help me with this form? The form which i am looking at is asking for upfront payment of $25.


        • Did you actually fill it out? I believe you can submit without any payment. If they will charge, I think you’ll get an email. But more than likely you’ll just get an email that says it’s now unlocked.

  • do you think facebook messenger and signal work on this? and reddit / basic website browsing?

    • Should work with either wifi/mobile data. if the above doesn't work, we couldn't call this a smartphone.

      • +1

        It depends on whether Messenger and Signal still supports the version of Android that is running on this.

  • +2

    Burner phone 📞

    • My local drug dealer approves this comment

    • Literally no other reason why anyone would own this phone.

  • +1

    Use it as a cheap 4G mobile modem.

    • I bought the Nokia G21 for this purpose. Has huge 5500mah battery life (3 days normal use, but about a day as hotspot). It was on sale from $200 to $130.

      The Nokia C01 has 3000mah battery so should be be okay for a solid day.

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