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Singapore Airlines: Seoul Return from Melbourne $756, Perth $807, Brisbane $830, Adelaide $830, Sydney $900, Darwin $907 @ IWTF


Singapore Airlines are having a sale on flights to Seoul, South Korea. Travel in February - May/24. Prices include 25kg checked luggage, meals and entertainment. Flights are via Singapore.

Singapore Airlines was recently ranked #1 in the World Airline Rankings and is a 5 star airline.

$756 Return Melbourne to Seoul Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
12/Mar 26/Mar $756 View Flight
18/May 02/Jun $756 View Flight
14/Mar 30/Mar $757 View Flight
01/Mar 17/Mar $760 View Flight
05/Mar 22/Mar $767 View Flight
06/Mar 25/Mar $767 View Flight
05/Mar 18/Mar $768 View Flight
07/Mar 16/Mar $769 View Flight
10/Mar 23/Mar $770 View Flight
12/Mar 01/Apr $770 View Flight
30/Apr 11/May $771 View Flight
30/Apr 12/May $771 View Flight
30/Apr 13/May $771 View Flight
20/Feb 25/Feb $777 View Flight
13/Mar 26/Mar $829 View Flight
14/Mar 28/Mar $829 View Flight
13/Mar 28/Mar $829 View Flight
05/Mar 21/Mar $829 View Flight

$807 Return Perth to Seoul Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
07/May 16/May $807 View Flight
13/Mar 19/Mar $807 View Flight
12/Mar 18/Mar $807 View Flight
19/Mar 04/Apr $815 View Flight
19/Mar 02/Apr $815 View Flight
13/Mar 25/Mar $818 View Flight
19/Mar 26/Mar $818 View Flight
13/Apr 23/Apr $820 View Flight
19/Apr 29/Apr $820 View Flight
20/Apr 30/Apr $820 View Flight
14/Apr 24/Apr $820 View Flight
13/Apr 24/Apr $820 View Flight
06/Mar 18/Mar $820 View Flight
12/Apr 24/Apr $820 View Flight
13/Apr 25/Apr $820 View Flight
28/Feb 11/Mar $820 View Flight
05/Mar 18/Mar $820 View Flight
19/Apr 02/May $820 View Flight

$830 Return Brisbane to Seoul Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
04/Jun 18/Jun $830 View Flight
05/May 15/May $835 View Flight
05/May 16/May $835 View Flight
13/Mar 25/Mar $835 View Flight
06/May 16/May $835 View Flight
29/Feb 11/Mar $838 View Flight
25/Feb 11/Mar $839 View Flight
25/Feb 12/Mar $840 View Flight
20/Feb 10/Mar $841 View Flight
20/Feb 04/Mar $844 View Flight
26/Feb 10/Mar $844 View Flight

$830 Return Adelaide to Seoul Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
17/Mar 27/Mar $830 View Flight
18/Mar 28/Mar $830 View Flight
17/Mar 28/Mar $830 View Flight
05/May 14/May $831 View Flight
06/May 15/May $831 View Flight
17/Mar 26/Mar $831 View Flight
18/Mar 27/Mar $831 View Flight
19/Mar 28/Mar $831 View Flight
19/Mar 26/Mar $831 View Flight
19/Mar 27/Mar $831 View Flight
19/Mar 25/Mar $831 View Flight
27/Feb 07/Mar $854 View Flight
24/Mar 02/Apr $898 View Flight

$900 Return Sydney to Seoul Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
27/Apr 03/May $900 View Flight
27/May 06/Jun $900 View Flight
11/May 18/May $900 View Flight
02/Jun 14/Jun $900 View Flight
02/May 16/May $901 View Flight
14/Mar 27/Mar $901 View Flight
17/Mar 31/Mar $901 View Flight
01/Mar 11/Mar $901 View Flight
29/Feb 11/Mar $901 View Flight
12/Mar 31/Mar $901 View Flight
11/Mar 31/Mar $901 View Flight
06/Mar 27/Mar $901 View Flight
10/Mar 31/Mar $901 View Flight
09/Mar 31/Mar $901 View Flight
25/May 01/Jun $903 View Flight
13/May 23/May $904 View Flight
05/Mar 16/Mar $913 View Flight
16/Mar 28/Mar $913 View Flight
22/Apr 02/May $915 View Flight
22/Apr 04/May $915 View Flight

$907 Return Darwin to Seoul Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
19/Mar 26/Mar $907 View Flight
05/Mar 12/Mar $908 View Flight
12/Mar 19/Mar $908 View Flight
27/Feb 05/Mar $908 View Flight
20/Feb 27/Feb $908 View Flight
11/Mar 19/Mar $908 View Flight
12/Mar 20/Mar $908 View Flight
12/Mar 22/Mar $908 View Flight
24/Feb 04/Mar $908 View Flight

Can I use my own dates? Yes - just click the link closest to your preferred dates and then change the dates once the search has completed.

For this airfare and more, check out our deals site http://iknowthepilot.com.au/

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  • -1

    Why don't they ever have a deal like this for Manila .. sigh…

    • +10

      Sorry Mr. Christensen, maybe next time

    • Phillipine Airlines just had a really nice sale for Manila, ex-PER $750 or so. It was for September (low season) but still a deal.

      • But they don't have direct flights to Adelaide.

  • +2

    Oh yea! Two of the best places to shop duty-free! If only I had money to go though.

    • +4

      How were you planning on shopping duty-free if you can’t find money to go

  • Sorry - the title says PER = $678
    But the detail starts at $807???

    • Hi - Very sorry - I was sure I put in prices to Seoul, but the prices are the same ones that I used for the Hong Kong deal I submitted yesterday. I have fixed it

  • Fianlly some decent deal for Adelaide!

  • -2

    Are the flights carbon off settable?

    • +3

      You can carbon offset anything you want, it doesn't need to be linked to the product you're buying. Lots of charities out there doing revegetation etc, you'll just need to do the maths yourself

  • When is a good time to go to Korea?

    • +18

      When you have money.

    • +2

      It's freezing in winter. Personally I'd avoid it.

    • +3

      Spring or autumn depending on what colours you like

    • +2

      Similar to JP, the April flights might get you some sakura / beot-kkot action.

      • Where to get some action in Korea?

        • Couldn’t tell you, I haven’t been

    • +2

      Spring or autumn. Too hot in summer and too cold in winter.

  • +1

    Asiana direct flights not much more, and saves 6 hours.
    Also tway have direct flights for less but never heard of them

    • +2

      Tway are apparently a pretty decent airline. They're Korea's Jetstar equivalent (kinda) but tickets do include luggage and meals afaik

    • +4

      100% agree for Sydney. 5 airlines fly Sydney to Seoul include two LCCs(including the aforementioned T'Way). Generally would make much more sense to fly direct unless I guess somebody wanted to quickly visit Singapore as well or the flyer wants Velocity Miles. Singapore Airlines is in the same alliance as Asiana for those wanting Star Alliance affiliated flights.

      Brisbane also has Korean Air to Seoul. Jetstar will fly very soon to Seoul from Brisbane.

      However, other cities in Australia don't have direct flights. So there's no option but to transfer.
      And transferring in Singapore is generally more hassle free compared to transferring in Sydney or Brisbane(which involves annoying terminal changes for both). And for Perth, it's very indirect to go via Sydney/Brisbane to Seoul.

  • Can I book this flight to do some Seoul searching?

    • No

    • -1


    • So you have lost your soul and need to find your soul in Seoul via deal calling it Seoul searching. Don't think you can find your Seoul, not the Seoul you have lost

  • Return from Perth is $800 and one way is $720.
    What are they doing?

    • Making sure you dont stay there

      • Oh. Never thought in that way. So, $80 can make me come back to save money? Sounds like Ozbargainer.

        • $80? We go crazy over 50c saving

  • -3

    Y not direct

    • +2

      because this is Singapore Airlines and they have to return to their hub Singapore.

    • Cuz I am at Perth and there is none for direct.

    • "Y" indicates a split not direct

  • Is it possible for a 2 day stop over in Singapore? Searched but at most a one night / 9 hours.

    • +1

      Yes - just select it as a multi-stop on Singapore airlines instead i.e. Syd-Sin, Sin-Seoul, Seoul-Syd. It'll probably bump up the price by about $100 as taxes will change.

  • -4

    Just goes to show how Qantas & others shaft anyone wanting to go to Europe….
    e.g I recently paid AUD$9000 for a return flight from Milan to Brisvegas on Singapore Air for my daughter and seven year old grandson.

    • +10

      That subtle flex tho

      • +1

        His name should be flexflow lol

    • +3

      For $9k return you can book Etihad First Class from BKK-AUH-LHR on the A380 Apartments for 2 passengers… And another $2k to upgrade into the "Residence" which is the best aircraft class worldwide…. each way, per sector.
      You got shafted…

    • +1

      Not sure why you got negged meanwhile government anti competitive not letting Qatar airline in

      • +1

        time and place

  • That’s enough Kimchi to me. Bring me the pickle vegetables please!

  • Darwin is the closest to Asia but most expensive. We always get shafted.

    • +2

      You’re about 1500km closer but have 5% of the population of Brisbane. There’s just not enough demand out of Darwin to make it economically feasible. You’re not getting shafted though.

    • -1

      Singapore Airlines has a big old premium for Darwin as its pretty much the only international operator (excluding Jetstar)

  • Singapore biz also $4172 ex-MEL over the same dates (Malaysia is $3769)

  • Went to South Korea for 3 weeks. Absolutely beautiful and lovely place to visit. Amazing food and people as most.of Asia goes. Seoul was a really fun and easy place to have a good time. Very cool city!

    • Awesome.

      What were your highlights?

      • Ahhh I don't know man just the general night life.of the city (bars and cool little hidden street restaurants and so on). Great shopping districts.

        All the touristy things were good because there were many tourists really so didn't feel so touristy.

        Did a fair bit of mountain walks as Seoul is surrounded by mountains.

        Jeju island was great. Very cool place with volcanos and just a cool environment and little villages. It's where the famous free diver fishing lady's do there thing. Like 70 year old women deep diving off the coast and catching abalone and other crustaceans and fish.

  • +2

    There were $400 return flights to Korea before the pandemic and it's not that far away, this may be a deal but it certainly ain't a good one

  • Anyone been to seoul know if its particularly family/small child friendly place to visit?

    • Extremely family friendly! Was a lovely place with lovely people. Just look up Seoul travel videos on YouTube.

  • Can you do a free stopover in singapore?

  • +1

    has anyone used iwantthatflight before? im usually apprehensive booking outside the official airline site

  • found a direct flight cheaper at 9 hours any direct with Singapore?

  • deal no longer available that was short considering flights aren't until next year. @Iwantthatflight please mark as expired.

    • Hi - Sorry, the deal had automatically expired on my end. I have un-expired it.

  • any business class deal?

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