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10% off Google Play, Rebel, BCF, Uber, SCA or Adventure Gift Cards | Nongshim 5pk $4.50, Seaweed Snacks 8pk $3.75 @ Woolworths


10% off on Google Play, rebel, BCF, Uber/UberEats, Supercheap Auto or Adventure Gift Cards

Offer available from 6/9/23 to 12/9/23 on all denomination of gift cards listed excluding Uber Variable gift card and scan your Everyday Rewards Card to get 10% off in Woolworths Supermarkets and Woolworths Metro Only. Excludes Woolworths Online, Ampol Woolworths MetroGo and Metro60. Refer to individual cards for terms and conditions. For cards with a fixed value, limit of 10 cards per day per Rewards Member (can be done across multiple transaction). For variable cards where you can choose the amount to load, limit of 10 cards per day per Rewards Member in a single transaction. While stocks last.

Can potentially price-beat at Officeworks for ~14.5% off

Nongshim 600g Pk 5 - $4.50

Sea Friend Seaweed Snacks 40g Pk 8 - $3.75

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    Minor error: $4.50 for Shin Ramyun is not half price, currently it sells for $7 full price at Woolies.

    • +3

      Fixed. I removed from title but forgot to remove from description.

    • +1

      Still a good Price, don't buy for more than $5.

    • Surely they can do better than that.. $5 something is normal price at Aldi isn't it.

      • +1

        Probably not, cheapest in a year time was $4. Last time I bought for $4.2.

        • Maybe. Don't mind me, I mean I'm still dirty about beef noodles going from $1 to $2 :D

      • +2

        Just bought it recently, it is $5 something, BUT it's only a 4 pack.

      • +2

        Yeah don't get it at Aldi, 4 pack not 5. Very sneaky.

  • +4

    Seaweed snacks with oversized plastic packaging really grinds my gears. So much wastage - should be boycotted in favour of the trim bags.

    • Not wrong.
      Much healthier getting Nori sheets.

      • The $3 O’Food Olive Oil Seaweed Snack 36g Pk 9 are much more appropriately packaged.

    • +2

      That kind of Australia's problem though. This is an exported product and is recycled completely different in the home countries. Due to the fact they are oil inside doesn't make it possible to be used with non-foil packaging. Do wash your recyclables? take off labels? remove the silicon pack put in general waste? In SK you get fined as an apartment complex if you don't do your waste disposable correctly then you have the HOA after you.

      • +1

        Just compare these with the flat olive oil seaweed packaging. The amount of difference in plastic wastage is self-explanatory.
        We shouldn't importing this crap.

  • +9

    Woohoo 10% off Google Play cards for them discount gacha pulls

    • What are you pulling

      • +1

        Honkai Star Rail

    • Yeah what do you use the google play gc for?

      • +7

        To pay my tax bill to the ATO person who smsd me

        • +1

          Yeah same ATO messaged me to pay my $2k tax in $1k gift cards this will save me heaps!

      • +1

        In-app purchases for pixels that have no benefit in real life as a form of entertainment.

  • +1

    While this is still better, you can get 7% off SCA gift cards via the free retirement trust giftcard portal at any given moment. It's also included in a lot of the Ultimate gift card ranges which are more versatile and resellable.

    • Pretty sure SCA/Rebel etc are 10% normally via Ent Card too though they do charge a CC fee.

    • It's also included in a lot of the Ultimate gift card ranges which are more versatile and resellable.

      Ultimate gift cards may not be the best example to use, because Supercheap Auto is being phased out of the Ultimate gift card scheme, plus it only ever featured on one type of Ultimate gift card (Him). The Ultimate gift card website says:

      • Any Ultimate Him eGift Cards issued from 01 October 2022 onwards cannot be redeemed at Supercheap Auto.

      • Any physical Ultimate gift cards with the Supercheap Auto logo on the packaging can continue to be used at Supercheap Auto up until the gift card’s expiry. That means any physical Ultimate Him gift cards manufactured from December 2022 onwards will not be redeemable at Supercheap Auto, as that is the first production run of physical Ultimate Him gift cards where the Supercheap Auto was absent from the packaging.

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    Can google play gift cards be used for subscriptions like Google One?

    • +5


  • Can we purchase these gift cards using Woolworth or Wish gift cards?

    What I am thinking is:-

    10% Coles mastercard -> 4% Woolworths gift card -> 10% google play

    • +5

      I highly doubt it you could use a gift card issued by Woolworths Group as a payment method.

      • It is against the terms and conditions of gift cards issued by Woolworths Group to use them to pay for gift cards.

      • If you scan a gift card to purchase, go to the payment screen, select Gift Card as a payment method and swipe/scan/enter a gift card issued by Woolworths Group, you should get an Items Not Allowed error (or something along those lines).

      • If you attempt to use Everyday Pay as a payment method in a transaction where you trying to purchase a gift card and go to the payment screen, you should get an Items Not Allowed error (or something along those lines). You are not able to use Everyday Pay to purchase any gift cards, even if your Everyday Pay payment source is merely a bank card.

      Feel free to give it a go if you want, but considering I have encountered the errors myself in the past, I am extremely doubtful it would work if you try it out during this deal.

      • @WookieMonster Can you use Coles MC to purchase Uber gift cards at Woolworths? Thanks

        • +1

          No idea.

          Someone told me a few weeks ago they triggered the Items Not Allowed error when trying to use a Coles Mastercard gift card to pay for a Perfect eftpos gift card at Woolworths, so I am not sure whether Woolworths has implemented the block on Uber gift cards as well.

  • +2

    I'm assuming the everyday extra 10% off can't be used with this?

  • How do I get around using enough BCF Giftcards for a $1200 purchase. I've heard 5 is the maximum and 3 is the maximum. Kinda sucks really.

    EDIT: Then I see on the website currently you can use as many as you like. So which is it lol.

    "BCF accepts only BCF Gift cards. Gift cards can be used for products or services in store and can be redeemed on part of, or all of a transaction at the checkout. You can use as many gift cards as you wish in-store to complete your transaction."

    • Can always complain if its not inline with website, cant complain if its not inline with what you heard

    • That anecdotal limit might apply to online purchases?
      Tangential to your query, but BCF is part of the Super Retail Group. The CYOA GC (SCA, BCF, Macpac, rebel) can be used at any of their stores despite the BCF website's statement (probably outdated).

      About these gift cards
      Product Issuer: Super Retail Group Services Pty Ltd.
      This gift card entitles the holder to goods/services equal to the value stated on the Gift ard or remaining after partial redemption.
      This gift card may be used at participating rebel, Supercheap Auto, BCF and Macpac stores in Australia.
      Keep your gift card secure and treat it as you would cash.
      This gift card has no expiry date and cannot be exchanged, redeemed for cash or reloaded to the extent permitted by law. Any unused balance will remain on the Gift Card.
      For full Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy and participating stores visit https://www.superretailgroup.com.au/ or contact the Product Issuer on 1300 175 010.

  • What do we all spend our 14.5% discounted Google Play gift cards on? Need some ideas. Does it work on Audible?

  • +1

    Seaweed snack is always that price at your asian grocers check them first 16pack for $8 is very common

  • +1

    Tried to call Officeworks for a price beat this morning. Was advised that you can only price beat in store as the promotion is only available in store.

    • They said to me (in store and over the phone) that they can't because the actual discounted price wasn't advertised

  • +1

    Went into Officeworks and asked to price beat Woolies and showed them a page excerpt from the catalogue, the guy at first was hesitant and asked the manager and the manager came back and said to see the live catalogue on the website. Once I told them to look at page 35 of the Woolies catalogue, the guy processed it for me. $136.80 for $160 worth of cards.

  • +1

    So I went to a Woolworths supermarket and got the discount to work on only one google play card.

    The machines at the supermarket wouldn't give me more. Anyone got the same problem?

    • +1

      Update: Just wanted to share that last night, I called Woolworths office, I got to the Rewards department, they said it might be because of the register machine that was being used, maybe it was not set up properly. For variable load google play gift card, all cards should be purchased in a single transaction, while for fixed amounts, I should try doing it one by one.

      Will update more when I'll try again.

      • +2

        Update 2: decided to just go to Officeworks and do price beat which I managed to get. Got $250 but paid $213.75.

        Didn't wanna bet on Woolworths machine that may or may not be working and wasting time.

  • Woolies I went to didn't have the OG shin ramen but noticed a new veg one (for $5.50) pretty similar but milder, nothing that some chilli flakes couldn't fix.
    I still considered the mushroom ones vegan anyway.

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