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Cebu Pacific: Manila Return from Melbourne $295, Sydney $316 / Cebu Return (via Manila) from Melbourne $342, Sydney $364 @ IWTF


Cebu Pacific has great prices on direct flights to Manila in the Philippines. Also to Cebu via Manila. Travel in May - August/24. Prices include carry on luggage only.

$294 Return Melbourne to Manila Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
22/Jul 30/Jul $294 View Flight
13/May 04/Jun $294 View Flight
06/May 14/May $294 View Flight
17/Jul 30/Jul $298 View Flight
24/Jul 30/Jul $298 View Flight
29/Jul 13/Aug $299 View Flight
29/Jul 04/Aug $428 View Flight
24/Apr 16/May $428 View Flight
13/May 30/May $428 View Flight
24/Apr 12/May $428 View Flight
13/May 26/May $428 View Flight
10/Jun 23/Jun $428 View Flight
08/May 16/May $428 View Flight
24/Apr 05/May $428 View Flight
13/May 23/May $428 View Flight
24/Apr 09/May $429 View Flight
20/May 30/May $429 View Flight
10/Jun 20/Jun $429 View Flight
13/May 02/Jun $429 View Flight
24/Apr 02/May $429 View Flight

$315 Return Sydney to Manila Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
24/Jul 07/Aug $315 View Flight
30/Jul 07/Aug $315 View Flight
06/Aug 26/Aug $317 View Flight
14/Aug 26/Aug $325 View Flight
23/Jul 02/Aug $402 View Flight
23/Jul 13/Aug $514 View Flight
30/Jul 17/Aug $514 View Flight
24/Jul 06/Aug $515 View Flight
06/Aug 20/Aug $515 View Flight
07/Aug 23/Aug $515 View Flight
23/Jul 06/Aug $515 View Flight
26/Jun 08/Jul $515 View Flight
26/Jun 09/Jul $515 View Flight
28/May 11/Jun $515 View Flight
06/Aug 23/Aug $515 View Flight
07/Aug 24/Aug $515 View Flight
06/Aug 17/Aug $515 View Flight
30/Apr 11/May $515 View Flight
14/May 25/May $515 View Flight
14/May 01/Jun $515 View Flight

$341 Return Melbourne to Cebu Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
20/May 17/Jun $341 View Flight
17/Jul 30/Jul $344 View Flight
10/Jun 17/Jun $347 View Flight
13/May 21/May $352 View Flight
15/May 21/May $352 View Flight
27/May 04/Jun $364 View Flight
29/Jul 06/Aug $375 View Flight
22/Jul 30/Jul $390 View Flight
20/May 28/May $401 View Flight
22/May 04/Jun $412 View Flight
15/May 28/May $423 View Flight
15/May 27/May $426 View Flight
17/Jun 27/Jun $472 View Flight
20/May 30/May $472 View Flight
15/May 01/Jun $472 View Flight
20/May 01/Jun $473 View Flight
20/May 02/Jun $473 View Flight
29/Apr 15/May $473 View Flight
17/Jun 26/Jun $476 View Flight
29/Apr 16/May $476 View Flight

$365 Return Sydney to Cebu Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
07/Aug 21/Aug $365 View Flight
23/Jul 07/Aug $365 View Flight
31/Jul 12/Aug $366 View Flight
30/Jul 07/Aug $372 View Flight
06/Aug 21/Aug $386 View Flight
13/Aug 21/Aug $419 View Flight
23/Jul 21/Aug $419 View Flight
21/May 05/Jun $425 View Flight
23/Jul 01/Aug $432 View Flight
26/Jun 10/Jul $452 View Flight
23/May 05/Jun $458 View Flight
29/May 11/Jun $482 View Flight
15/May 29/May $496 View Flight
01/May 29/May $514 View Flight
06/Aug 20/Aug $585 View Flight
14/May 25/May $589 View Flight
30/Apr 11/May $589 View Flight
21/May 01/Jun $589 View Flight
28/May 08/Jun $589 View Flight
14/May 28/May $589 View Flight

Can I use my own dates? Yes - just click the link closest to your preferred dates and then change the dates once the search has completed.

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  • -4

    No Perth? Oh I keep forgetting we are not in Australia

    • +2

      Perth is awesome! Unfortunately, Cebu Pacific only flies out of Melbourne and Sydney.

      • -5

        I have an investment there but theres no way im flying more than 4 hours to go to my own country lmao

  • +2

    Please take the time to review the seating experience. I'm 6'2" / 188cm and this must be the lowest pitch of any seat I have ever flown. Otherwise the planes are brand new and basic, clean, modern interior - the service was really impressive - but this is not for everyone, I cannot fly again due to not being able to fit sitting straight on 🤣

    • +3

      The seat pitch on Cebu Pacific's A330s are the same as Jetstar on their 787s - 30" and 17" wide. Not saying it's great, but it's pretty standard for low-cost carriers.

      • +6

        With a few notable differences - a hard back Recaro seat on Cebu Pacific has very limited cushioning vs. Jetstar. The data is interesting, the experiences is relevant

    • +3

      Well the seats don’t recline. So that probably effected you.

      I booked exit row, so no problem.

      • +1

        Yes, this is true. Also I was fortunate that there were many empty seats. But again I stress, I'm not being negative to the deal or the airline, it was great.. I'm just saying if you're over 6'2" don't do it…and that was my experience

        • +1

          I’m not being negative either; I had a great flight with them.

          If I had to have a grumble it would be I was on Monday’s flight MEL to MNL and it didn’t go until 3.08am (scheduled 12.25am).

          • @Eeples: Agree. Hey, at that price, you'd almost me happy to stand 🤣

      • +1

        Thanks for the heads-up. No recline = no fly for me. The lower back cannae take it cap'n.

  • +1

    Hm… it says $298 for MEL-MNL return (MyTrip) on the I Want That Flight Ticket, as soon as I get re-directed to MyTrip the price of the standard ticket is now $491.19. Do people actually get the price listed above when trying to book? My selection: 13/May 21/May $296 View Flight(fly.iwantthatflight.com.au

    • +1

      I think there are limited tickets for each dates and once they are sold out, they simply don't be displayed anymore. I think OP should state that the tickets are limited in quantity at the advertised price.

    • Hi - I checked it out, and it appears that a lot of the the MEL->MNL flights are being repriced. Sydney still seems ok. I am going to update the deal shortly

    • +1

      Hi - I have updated the deal with current prices & dates.

  • Waiting for Bali sale. Rep any deals? July 24

    • I’m looking at backdooring Bali via KL or Singapore at the moment.
      (In one direction maybe both).

      Not too painful if you spend a few days in either.

      • I have little ones and need to go during school holidays so I’d prefer a direct flight.

  • Ive actually flown with cebu. Worst experience I've ever had on the ground. Crammed into a tiny gate for hours. No access to water or cafe. Passports taken off us for hours.
    Flight itself was reasonably comfortable but tight. Nothing vego on board.

    • +2

      Passports collected?

      More details please.

  • +1

    Do they fly with an atr/turbo prop from Aus to Manila?

    • +1

      nope, they fly glorified a cessna, how else do you think they keep prices low.

  • +1

    Just flew 5J39 into Sydney from Manila, landing Sydney on Thursday morning

    Cheap and cheerful.

    Although I would prefer a more comfortable flight, with the money I save compared to Qantas I can get a lot of food/accommodation in the Philippines.

    • food and accomodations is already cheap in the philippines, lol

      • +3

        Did I say it wasn't??

        I stayed 28 nights in Bacolod in 2 rooms with 2 adults and 2 kids with the money I saved flying Cebu Pacific in my trip 1/8/24 to 7/9/24….

        • -6

          that's pretty good, but why start your holidays with a garbage airlines? lol.

          those seats are made for children and adult filipinos. those seats don't fit aussies. cebu pacific is fine if i am going domestic for an hour, but hell no for an international flight. i like saving money too, but i aint that poor to fly cebu, lol.

          • @Hugh G Rection: For a daytime flight I dont find it a hassle at all. And I am a big guy.

            At night when you are trying to sleep its not great, but then again unless you are flying business class in a full service airline it isnt great on any airline - its better elsewhere, but not great.

            The "premium" seats on Cebu are nearly always next to the toilet, so at night you have people walking past you to get to the dunny - then the light of the dunny every time the door opens and closes - not to mention the smell….

  • +1

    How dangerous is Manila? Heard there are cadavres along the road

    • +1

      where did you hear that champ?

    • +4

      maybe back in the days, but very safe now. obviously stay in the busy touristy areas. its great most speak english so no language barrier there.

      • +1

        but very safe now

        I beg to differ. At night, hotels and other establishments barricade their doors with a metal pipe or piece of wood, many of them have security guards, convenience store has security guard with shotgun. I had a guy on a horse rickshaw thing following me around when I was trying to use an ATM.. but I had to visit multiple because none of the ATMs actually have money in them.

        Taxi driver was weird. Shortly in to the trip started talking about how people high up in politics are murderers. Might relate to their war on drugs and legally being allowed to kill drug users.

        Out of all the places I've been to in the world, the only place I'd feel unsafe walking around at night is Egypt and Manila.

        • +1

          On the subject of ATMs and withdrawing cash, from memory a cartel runs the majority of ATMs and the withdrawal amount is pitifully low and the ATM fee extraordinarily high.
          Bottom line - try to take a decent amount of cash with you - but of course balance that with safety and the risk of theft.

    • +1

      Time to change your photo mate. You are living in your own monster world lol

  • ewww, cebu pacific is awful. i won't be flying with them anymore. no matter how cheap it is.

  • Pair this with an Etihad $2500 return biz class fare from MNL to western Europe, sub $3K all in with 2/3 of the trip in biz

    • +2

      What dates are you looking at
      What airport are you flying into
      I like the idea of using Asia as a hub to access cheaper flights

      • +1

        Just as an example, can do MNL-GVA (Geneva) for $2382 return in Etihad business on May 7-14.

        This also gets 787s all the way and avoids the 777 which is EY's oldest business class cabin.

        Would definitely need to stopover a night each way when splitting tickets. Don't want to miss your connection.

        • +1

          Could also do into Geneva and out of Dublin for $2599 on the same dates as the above, although you do cop the 777 on the return AUH-MNL leg. Not the end of the world though, it's still lie flat.

          Into Geneva and out of Munich also works for $2687 and gets you 787s on all flights.

  • +7

    Nothing wrong with Cebu. Don’t except 5 stars, expect a journey from A to B. If you think you are getting qantas experience than your dreaming.

    It’s cheap flights to Manila, only 8 hours flight and you keep yourself busy on the flight by playing with your phone nowadays.

    People complaining about cebu, take another flight and go with Qantas and pay more than. And then what happens you complains about the expensive flight. Sorry can’t always win people over.

    I’ve flown Cebu to Manila and it’s been fine. Yeah maybe a bit cramped, and you just eat at airport and if desperate buy something on the plane. In the end you get a cheap flight coz you save on $$ so you can spend more when you get there!

    • +1

      Other than free baggage, last time I flew Qantas it sucked. The cabin crew were all 50+ year old guys and the service was woeful.

      Plane was old and shabby.

    • -1

      Lol at using Qantas as an example of a 5 star airline that's efficient and reliable. Take another hit of your bong

  • Has anyone tried to book just the standard without luggage through the agency just to get the cheap flights and purchased additional 20kg baggage later on through cebpac website? its charging another $118 just for one leg, almost same price as the flight.

    • $118 seems expensive. You can pay $102 per person and get 20kg luggage plus seat selection plus ability to cancel and keep refund in travel fund.

      CEB Flexi

      Might have been better to book direct?

      • what month is that $102 per person?

  • +1

    Typhoon Hurricane Season

  • I just got back from MNL flying cebu pacific.
    Seats are super cramped, tiny arm rest, don't recline. I'm 6 foot.
    It's definitely uncomfortable but hundreds less than the next direct option.
    I was just glad they didn't cancel the flight like they did last time. They are a flaky airline, so if your dates are important I would avoid.

  • Just a pretty shitty 468 seater A330-900neo in a 3-3-3 configuration which will kill your back by hour 3. Industry standard is 2-4-2.
    468 seats is a joke. Qantas is 250 seats, Finnair is 214, Swiss is 198. (Figures shown are for the A330-300) - 468 seats is almost what the Qantas 747s, Lufthansa 747s, Emirates 777s and nearly the same as SQs A380s.
    Also remember $298 is the bottom fares, youll need to fork out a lot more for bags, seat selection ect each way which is another $300.
    Consider high cancellation and delay rates and the shocking transit at Manilla Airport. I have been on numerous occasions, asked to pay immigration and security officials cash to get my backs or high value items back (ransom)

    Best to wait for a Singapore Airlines Sale which is $700 return give or take. Or even Scoot! Which is miles better.

    • +1

      youll need to fork out

      Travel with no checked in baggage and don't pay for seat selection. It's not that hard. Then you don't need to wait for bags at destination anyway.

      468 seats is a joke.

      It is the most environmentally-friendly way to fly. I think it's not too bad.

      Use the hundreds of dollars you save for a hours-long flight to buy some nice goods and services at destination.

      • They still charge you for a carry on…

        • Beyond 7kg? Citation needed.

  • +2

    For me, the hardest part about these flights is the return redeye flight. 100% guarantees you get jetlag.
    I have bought these flights many times, never paid more than $500 for a SYD-MNL return with luggage (luggage is $70 each way when booking, so I look for a list price of $300-$350) return without luggage) When I traveled a month ago it was ~$310 list / $450 luggage.
    If your flights are aroun d
    The cheap SYD flights did not show up for me, bur regardless, holding a ticket for 11 months is a little much for me

  • -1

    Flying is the new gambling, good luck if your flights dont get cancelled.

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