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20% off Nintendo eShop Cards (Limit 5 Per Customer) @ Coles


Credit to Vooks -

A massive 20% off Nintendo eShop cards available at Coles from September 20th

There is a limited of 5 gift cards per customer.

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  • Nice, was just about to post this.

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    Wow, stock up time

    Might actually grab the MK8 expansion pass

    • Or join a NSO+E Family?

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        Don't need another subscription

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          Bro you can pay someone in the classifieds like $10-15 for an entire years worth.|
          Hell, I gave my last spot out for free.

          • @ihuntbargains: Ah right, might need to investigate =)

          • @ihuntbargains: $6.87 for a spot with an honest family.

            iirc single is approx $20 so if you're paying $15 it's not worth the trouble and risk of getting scammed

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              @aka nioh: There is plenty of trusted users that sell them
              NSO+E = 59.95 for 12 months for a single user

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              @aka nioh: NSO+Expansion pack is
              $60/year for singles
              $110/year for a family of up to 8
              So $13.75/year each

              $6.875/year is for without the expansion, which is
              $30/year for singles
              $55/year for family of up to 8

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          If you like the classics, it's such a low cost compared to all the other streaming services tbh.

          I get far more value from NSO+E than PS+ Deluxe

      • Does. The NSO+E expansion give access to MK8 expansion pass?

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    • Hi, Could you let me know cheapest way to get the MK extension pack for my son using this offer please? I have no idea what I'm doing. If you figure it out. Thank you 😊

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        Just buy an eshop card and redeem it then purchase the expansion through the online store.

        One way I was thinking of getting it was with 15% off a Ultimate gift card through EB Games, but this deal is better.

        • Do you get all the expansion levels for the one price, including any that area still in the pipeline?

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            @Dan83: Yep! It's a pretty good deal, especially once they release everything

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              @King Steuart: Nice I’ll try pick some cards up to get it. My boy will be super excited with new levels.

        • Thank you, hope I can get it for him this time 😊

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        The MK extension pack is $37.5 (https://ec.nintendo.com/AU/en/bundles/70070000013750) so you'll either need to buy a $30 gift card and pay the other $7.5 by card or buy $45 of gift cards (one $30 and one $15) and have $2.50 left over.

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          @lorikeet Oh great 👍 that makes sense. Thank you so much for explaining what I need to buy. That helps a lot 😁

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            @stephd: I messed my calculations. When buying $45 of gift cards you would end up with $7.5 left over.

            • @lorikeet: Haha thats ok. I figured thats what you meant.

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    Just in time for pokemon dlc buyers remorse.
    Very cool.

    • That is exactly what ill be doing save me ~$20 to get the DLC for both games

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      Should be free. They didn't even fix up the performance issues like they said.

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    Wow, has it ever been 20? Most I've seen is 15%!

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      According to vooks, the last time was November 2014.

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    Very nice, was on the fence about getting Mario Wonder+RPG with an NSO voucher or physical (That Stress ball deal from JBHIFI yesterday was tempting) but I think I'll go with the combined discount with some of these :D

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      physical for mario games

      • +2

        I prefer physical game in general, where they hold physical value and can be resold in the future.

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          I do on the PS5, but I'm a bit lazy and get annoyed when it comes to the Switch since I use Ring Fit Adventure near-daily. Having to cartridge swap all the time really makes me wish I could just get that game digitally to free up everything else to be physical 😅

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    they are wrapping up as they will release switch 2 in the second half of 2024.

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      They'll still be usable on the next platform so can stock up for then

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      Surely purchases will carry over?

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        We don't know yet. There is talk that it will be backwards compatible.

        If it is.. I would assume Switch online games would work on Switch 2.

        But you never know with Nintendo.

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      Nintendo basically committed to bringing forward the NSO accounts so your purchases & credit should be safe. Hell, I think I brought credit from DSi to Wii and WiiU. It wasn't always friendly but I haven't lost any money. Compatibility on next console is another matter…


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        Online store credit was able to be used or moved from wii to wiiu to switch stores no problem.

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      No they're not. The eShop currency and purchases will transfer to the next console.

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    This is excellent for DLC purchases, Mario Kart DLC here i come

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    Sweet! In store only I assume?

  • Can you use these for switch online subs?

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      Yes you can.

  • 20% wow. I don’t recall previous one!

  • Would JB HiFi/Officeworks price match this?

    • Officeworks do price beat for Apple GC, but not sure if they stocks Nintendo cards

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      JB Hi-Fi has a price match policy and it does not specifically exclude the purchase of gift cards, but I am not sure if JB Hi-Fi can price match gift cards. I tried a while ago instore and was told that instore POS systems cannot override the price of gift cards, even if it is due to a price match. You may have better luck than me though!

      Officeworks has a price beat policy and it does not specifically exclude the purchase of gift cards, which means you could theoretically purchase Nintendo eShop cards at a 24% discount. In the past, I have been able to price beat gift cards advertised at a competitor with a percentage discount, but if you get a staff member who applies a very strict interpretation of the price beat policy, you may run into issues. However, the bigger question is whether Officeworks sells Nintendo eShop cards. I thought they did not (or at least I do not recall seeing any stocked at any of the Officeworks stores I have visited in the last year across multiple states), plus they are not listed for sale on the Officeworks website.

      • +4

        I tried to ask JB to price match Nintendo eShop cards a few months ago but theor system didn't allow it.

        • I spoke to a floor manager at JB Glen, and he said they CAN price match IF it’s in stock

          • @87percent: LOL get it in writing. Might prove helpful for future reference/other staff who disagree when that manager isn't on duty.

      • -3

        Do you think it can be activated at office works if you get these Nintendo cards from other stores?
        And yes everyone I know about it not being right lol

        • +1

          I highly doubt it.

          Each Nintendo eShop card denomination has a unique EAN-13 barcode number associated with it. If Officeworks does not stock a particular denomination of a gift card, that barcode number should not exist in their system. If that is the case, when you scan the gift card’s activation barcode (which should include the string of numbers in the EAN-13 number), you will get an error message saying something like unknown item.

          There could be a chance that Nintendo eShop cards exist in the Officeworks system for some reason, even though they are not stocked on the shelves. This could be the result of:

          • Officeworks deciding to stop selling Nintendo eShop cards and have removed the cards from the gift card racks, but they have not got around to removing it from their systems, or

          • Officeworks deciding to start selling Nintendo eShop cards, but they have not received stock yet to display on the store.

          I think it is highly unlikely either scenario applies here, which means my bet is that you will get an unknown item error for Nintendo eShop cards at Officeworks.

          • @WookieMonster: Last year I managed to get jb hifi to do price match against big w on Nintendo eshop card.

            I must have been lucky that they manage to override to give me the discount.

      • -1

        do you work for office works? lol

        "Officeworks stores I have visited in the last year across multiple states"

        • No.

          I took personal and work trips across four states/territories over the last year or so. I was buying lots of gift cards at Officeworks back when it was appealing to do that, so I would detour to an Officeworks if I had the opportunity and wanted to purchase another gift card.

  • Can we redeem flybuys points or only cash (credit or debit cards) are accepted?

    • +2

      If you attempt to redeem Flybuys Dollars on any purchase of any gift cards at Coles, you will trigger an Invalid Product Mix error on the EFTPOS terminal.

      If you have a Coles Financial Services account linked to your Flybuys account, you should be able to redeem 2,000 Flybuys points for an instant $10 discount when purchasing these gift cards.

      You may have heard about Coles rolling out a feature where you can redeem 2,000 Flybuys points for an instant $10 discount at a large number of stores and this does not require your account to be linked to a CFS product. However, when I went to Coles last week to purchase a third-party gift card and then some groceries in separate transactions, the $10 discount prompt did not appear for the third-party gift card transaction, but it appeared for the later grocery transaction.

      • I get nagged for every purchase to do this conversion… I assuming it’s not good value - and the extra prompt and felt checking out annoys me.

  • +1

    Perfect timing for Mario Wonder since there's nothing else coming out soon on Switch that looks exciting

    • +2

      Thoughts on Mario RPG?

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    Awesome! Now to go to my local Coles and hide 5 e-shop cards somewhere in store….

    • Might as well just get a job there and hide the whole stack whilst you're at it.

    • -1

      Would it be stealing if you just took 5 home without activating them? Then bring them back next week to get them activated.

      I also assume the cards aren't unique per store so… 😒

      • I had the same thought before when coles were sold out with 10% off and ebgames have plenty of them

      • Probably. Would I risk it to save 20% while still paying for them and not really stealing anything? Easily. I'd argue nothing of value is actually stolen as the plastic and cardboard is useless without purchase. Slip into a jacket pocket now. Slip out and into shopping basket next week, scan, pay, win.

    • +1

      Shhhhh. 🤫 You're saying the quiet part out aloud.

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvnH36QxD-E

      "this doesn't belong here, someone has made a terrible mistake"

  • Last time these were 10% off at BigW I had trouble locating, stores were cleaned out!

    Will have to make a point to check stores early, 20% is a fantastic discount.

  • From someone who doesn’t currently have a Nintendo device, can the eShop cards be used to purchased a console?

    • +3


      • Bugger. Cheers.

    • Sorry. Really. I have too. Hahaha. Real laugh out of this.

      Its eshop and subs with Nintendo giftcards only!

      • I’d hoped it worked more like Apple but, alas, no.

  • Nice!

  • +1

    Happy hunting, everyone. Willing to bet that these will be nigh on impossible to find, if even 10% off sales are anything to go by.

    Also no price matching anywhere, EB and JB don't price match gift cards.

    • I've had EB price match PS Plus 12 month subs no issues. YMMV maybe store dependant

  • Worth going to a 24 hour Coles at 12:01am?

  • +1

    Nice, might finally buy and play Super Mario Odyssey with this! #slowpokegamer

    • It's amazing

  • 5 per customer per card? For the entire week?

  • Even with 20% off, first party digtial games are still more than physical.

    • +1

      Unless you do the Nintendo vouchers promotion and they come down to about $65 I think

      • If you get the switch membership online 2 ticket thing for like 130 or whatever it is + this voucher, it's a pretty reasonable drop. If you bought 4 100.00 vouchers, could get 6 titles at 53 ish with their game voucher thing.

        • Just buy physical, it's actually worth something.

  • What games are people playing these days?

    • Solitaire

    • Pokemon Unite

    • Yojimbo, aska dlc tmnt, starfield

    • +2

      Just finished up Advance Wars Reboots Camp (Well 97% finished, screw that Rivals mission..)

      In the lead up to Wonder, I was going through some of my old Mario games and for whatever reason I never actually played the 'Bowsers Fury' sidegame of 'Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury', so I'm doing that at the moment :D

      • +1

        It's awesome. Bit like odyssey 😎

        • That's another one I never actually finished either 😬

          I'm more drawn to the 2D sidescrollers myself. Might boot Odyssey up again once I'm done with this one too :)

          • +2

            @Stoibs: i didn't like Odyssey at first, but now i think its a fantastic game. I've gotten about 900 moons.. that stupid jump rope moon eludes me, was trying all day yesterday to do it (even tried the glitch with the letters for ages to get it)

  • +1

    Tempted to grab Super Mario Wonder Digitally using this. Feel like it would be a good game to have on the system itself.

    Generally prefer Physical games - but purchase MK8 digitally to avoid swapping out cartridges and feel like it works for multiplayer games, or those in frequent rotation.

  • do coles actually sell nintendo gift card? or are they just getting them in for this sale?
    Its not on their website anywhere to buy nintendo gift cards

    • +2

      My local one do.
      I don't think they have the majority of their gift cards shown on site. (at least for my local store)

  • What denominations of card are available? The pic in the post just goes to the Coles site.

  • Needed this. Thanks OP!

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