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Apple Airtag 4-Pack $129 Delivered @ MyDeal.com.au

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Use code BLITZ until 17/09/2023 midnight or SHOPAPP on app to get $10 off.

Apple airtags for $129 delivered on mydeal.com.au. Effective price $129, $11 cheaper than costco ongoing deal of $139.99.

** Also earn everyday reward points if you got a linked everyday rewards card with mydeal.com.au**

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  • +2

    Use case for using these?
    Wallet / car key / luggage / mobile ?

    • yeah that, hide one on your push bike ect

    • +3

      legit use - track special needs child when out and about in case they run off/get lost in crowded places or park.

      • +7

        Or even just for any child of yours…

        • and where do you put the airtag on your child, in their shoe, bag ?

          • @prankster:

            and where do you put the airtag on your child, in their shoe, bag ?

            Make them swallow it

            • @1st-Amendment: Can confirm this works. Put it in a treat and they don't even know.

          • +1

            @prankster: In one of their shoes.

            Anybody else here old enough to remember having a little compass under a flap inside your Bata Scout shoes ? :-)

        • Or just any child…

      • Should use a real tracker then, like a pet tracker that has cellular, not just relying on there being enough Iphone users around.

        • But how much do they usually cost?

        • I use an Airtag on my cat and it works great, battery lasts a year and it's tiny

  • Is it useful to track my kids?
    How far would it able to track?

    • +7

      Anywhere they go where someone has an iPhone nearby, the iPhone will anonymously report the location of the AirTag back to you, and people have iPhones pretty much everywhere in public

    • Should use a real cellular tracker

      • Should use a real cellular tracker

        Why? They cost more and need to be continually charged. This is not convenient if you just want just leave it in a bag or vehicle for months at a time.

    • +2

      Provided their abductor has an iPhone it could be pretty handy.

      • Note to self - smart kidnappers use Android

  • Would it able to track live location and compatible eith Android phone?

    • Not compatible with android

      • Does it work if you have a macbook?


        You will need an iPhone/iPod touch running iOS 14.5 or later. Alternatively, you can use an iPad running iPadOS 14.5 or later. You can't set up an AirTag using a Mac, unfortunately

      • Why say that?
        You definitely can use them with Android!!

    • You can view the live location through the apple iCloud, but you need an idevice to set the airtag up in the first place.

    • Yep you can use it on Android (I can't remember if it's now natively supported or if you still need third party bluetooth apps).
      Recommend looking it up on youtube first to see if that works for you :)

  • Can both codes stack in the app?

    • +1

      No. Only one voucher option.

  • Where is the code section? I don't see one on the website.

    • The last step, the payment section.

      • Cheers, so early in the morning I didn't see it and clicked pay hoping it would appear. I deserve this…

  • -1

    Thanks stacked with Cashrewards (has blitz code) and westpac card $20 off $100

    • just wondering which Westpac card CC or debit card has this offer, I can't see it… thx

    • Thanks for the info. Do you have a Westpac link?

    • westpac card $20 off $100? can't find that offer

    • Looks like there's no point through cashrewards

      Cashback is ineligible on the following:
      - Purchase of any Apple branded products.

  • -3

    Nobody told me you can’t use these to track your cats.

    The bastard dropped it somewhere in the hood and now I can’t find it.

    • Relax guys, it’s a joke. I don’t have any cats.

    • Had to poop eventually, never assume it would poop at home.

  • Thanks OP. Cashrewards has 14% upsize cashback until 03:59pm AEST 15/09 to further sweeten the deal.

    It looks like Airtags fall under Home & Garden > Luggage & Travel > Travel Essentials > Luggage Tags so should hopefully be included in the upsize.

    • Wouldn’t it be under electronics and hence excluded from the 14% cashback (but incl in the 4%)?

      • Its located under the category of Home & Garden on their website, so I imagine it would be the same category(not electronics) for Cashrewards.

    • Apple branded products - 0%

      Took the details from HamBoi’s post

      • They definitely added this after the 14% upsize cashback already went live. Screenshot that shows no Apple exclusions were listed(around 1am last night):


        • I saw exactly the same with you l didn’t capture. I brought 9:00 AM today this morning whatever l saw exactly what you snap. They add apple products 0 after 9:00 AM and add apple 0% ineligible for cashback but before that these 2 text they didn’t have on cashreward. Once become popular or live they add later to prevent you get 14% cashback ( apple products are excluded but before l purchase l am 100% sure that 0% not on there and the word describe apple products ineligible not on there too ) that’s why l purchased. I see that’s why l didn’t get tracked because of theses. And also 1000 everyday reward point spend over $100 the first time l am not sure l will get it or not. It look like l paid $129 with valid code ( Blitz ) no cashback no bonus 1000 points only get 390 points from my deal. That’s all. They can do whatever they want ( at least you snap that shot to prove that l didn’t see alone ) because now they already add up. No point to check now but before 9:00 am it what exactly l saw same as you ( Kiwibloke )

        • @tightarse TA should be able to clarify. I would say lets wait for TA to confirm if we will be eligible for the 14% cashback as I clearly recall there was no exclusion for Apple products in the 14% upsize cashback for those who brought before 9AM this morning.

    • Bugger! I didn't see this comment and bought on my phone in haste without using cashrewards!

      Edit: looks like I'm safe, comments below say apple branded products ineligible.

  • +1

    Stack with Cashrewards 14% cashback. Don't forget to link card + boost to get 390 everyday points + 1000 points (1st mydeal purchase over $100 when boosted) for a total of $7 of points.

    Comes down to $104 for a 4-pack (129*0.86-7)

    • Thank. I just followed your step let see how it goes :-) if everything correct after cashback and bonus points. This deal is awesome. In the end just paid $104 for 4 air tag. ( $26 each ) I couldn’t see anywhere cheaper than this deal so far.

    • +1

      Doesn't CR state that Apple products are excluded from cashback? (just under the banner on the website).
      It has been this way for as long as I can remember, and what stopped me from buying AirTags + Airpods from them in the past (for the purposes of bonus cashback)

    • +1

      Apple Products on MyDeal not eligible for Cashback

    • +1

      Cashback is ineligible on the following:
      Purchase of any Apple branded products.


    • So no one had cashrewards track?

      • mine hasn't tracked, unfortunately

  • +1

    Got this same deal for $129. Although Auspost delivered it to the wrong address were some random signed for it.
    Trying to get MyDeal to refund or replace it has been such a drama, been a week now and they’re still ‘investigating’. MyDeal are tightarses when things go wrong and completely unhelpful

    • +3

      In their defence, sounds like an AusPost problem not a MyDeal problem…

      • I’ve got a case number in with AusPost.
        They will 100% ignore the issue as they have a signature and obviously never checked IDs.

      • +4

        Under ACL it’s a MyDeal problem who needs to go back to AusPost to sort their end out.

        Belarkay’s contract is with MyDeal to provide them AirTags and they have failed to do that. MyDeal’s contract is with AusPost to deliver the goods.

        MyDeal should in this instance, redeliver the product, and then chase up with Australia Post for insurance on the incorrectly delivered original goods.

  • +2

    Any deals on an Android equivalent ?

    • +3

      Samsung has one for their own ecosystem (only for Samsung phones, not all android). Tile would be the next one but there's no where near as many phones to help locate as iPhones.

      Google really need to come to the table.

      • +2

        Agreed. Or Apple could stop locking their stuff behind walls.

        • Or Apple could stop locking their stuff behind walls.

          Why would they do that? They control the experience and they make tonnes of money. It's win-win for them.

  • How long does mydeal.com.au take to deliver? Keen to get a pack for next trip which is in 6 days.

    • About a week

  • Finally bought thanks for deal!

  • I forgot to apply the coupon in the rush to get a bargain.

  • Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Does this work if left in kids' schoolbags to make sure they are safe? What about inside cars in rare cases of grand theft auto?

    • +1

      Does this work if left in kids' schoolbags to make sure they are safe? What about inside cars in rare cases of grand theft auto?

      Yep and it works well. My daughter and her friends went on a big trip to Europe and they all had them in their luggage. One place they landed and one of them noticed her tag in a different country, so she knew the airline had lost her bag. She was able to watch it make it's way back a few days later.
      She keeps one in the car and it works well, although it hasn't been stolen yet it does show her where it is so will come in handy if it does.

    • +1

      The airtags do make a noise after couple of days so just be away of that, the kids might get spooked.

  • 4 pack, one for each wheel.

  • One of the teen, one for the teen's boyfriend.

    • Teens carry phones - you have free software solutions to track people

  • I bought from the deal of $122.30 a few weeks ago

  • Is there an android version of this? I just had my luggage misplaced by the airline service and they can't find where it has gone. Very frustrating.

    • Samsung Tracker maybe?

  • Is it a much better deal likely to come up before Christmas time?

    • if you have a need to track things… the peace of mind should be worth the negligible price difference. They haven't really dropped that much in price since release.

  • Bought. Thanks OP :)

  • Good deal, was going to buy one for my car then realised the airtags are probably worth more, and if discovered, they'll likely just steal the air tags.

  • Looks like cashrewards ain't honouring anyone who bought it before they update their terms to not include apple products, I just received an email back stating the apple T&Cs were always there :(

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