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Apple Airtag 4 Pack $122.30 Delivered + Surcharge @ digiDirect

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    Dear Balljuice,

    Just letting you know that we do not have stock for this item.



    • Are you affiliated with DigiDirect? Also, your website says you have stock and lets people checkout. Will you do backorders?

      • +4

        Typical DD PTSD, maybe victim from last deal

        • +2

          Yes I am mate, Good thing if only cheap products. They hold my money for several days after been informed they do not have stocks. Yes, few grands because I bought Sony GM lens.

          • @Fredfloresjr: So you're not employed by them so you actually don't know about their stock levels?? I purchased from them on Wednesday last week, was posted on Thursday, and arrived today with no issues. Packaged well etc.

          • +1

            @Fredfloresjr: wow, i am going to just buy it at costco. at least i can depend on them and return it if anything is wrong with it.

        • +3

          Their system is sh!t. I picked up one of my orders but keep getting emails telling me its ready to be picked up. I had to call them telling them I've got my order already. If only it was not a $5 item I might have taken my freebie.

        • I've also had multiple issues in the past ordering things from DD only to have to chase up the order a week later to find they were out of stock and I would need to wait another month or more for backorder. Never again

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    thank you for your service

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    Thanks, Ordered.

  • ordered last night. =(

  • thanks ordered.

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    Thanks, been waiting for a sale ever since noticed iOS17 wil finally allow you to share AirTags between two people, ordered.

    • +3

      Oh that would be handy.

      • +2

        Just bizzare that was not an option at the start. Like people form pairs in life you know, they both might want to know where the keys or the dog is instead of using two AirTags to do the job. Oh wait maybe I just answered why, increase sales…

  • Where does DigiDirect get their stock from?
    And what about warranty practices?

    • Shouldn't matter, just go to Apple.

  • Thanks OP, order just went through. Great deal @ $122

  • whats best crosscompatible for android too?

  • Got one, cheers, OP! I just added this in my Amazon watchlist 3 days ago, haha.

  • +1

    Ordered. Bracing for DDD

    • What is DDD ?

      • +3

        DigiDirect dicking (around)

        • yep

  • Got this error - The coupon code isn't valid. Verify the code and try again.

    • +1

      Same here. Any ideas?
      Also anyone know the T&C's of the code?

    • I just checked and the code VETERANS10 is still working when applied in the "Promotional Code" section at the payment checkout stage.

      • Not working for me either.

        Edit now working

        • How did you make it work from not working? I can't seem to get it to work with everyone's tips here. What browser did you use?

  • +5

    What do people use these for? Looking for some justification to buy this coz they are useless to me, but maybe I’m not imaginative enough.

    • +14

      Bike, Equipment Bag, Backpack, Car, Dad

    • +8


      • +2

        Yep, got one on my dogs collar in case the big bugger ever takes off.

    • +6

      Makes your keyring beep so that you realise your keys are actually hiding in your other other pocket. Beeps your wallet that’s fallen down the back of the couch. Notifies you when you leave something important behind within a few minutes so that you aren’t 200km away when you notice and have to turn back.

      • +2

        How often does all of these happen and if often enough, how did you live without airtags? - what I've been asking myself. I'm really looking for a reason enough to buy at least a single one.

        • +1

          Piece of mind,

          I have one in/on my backpack, carry on bag, car, keys and in my passport wallet.

          It's not like I regularly loose those items but it gives me piece of mind that I can always find them.

          Also if I'm in a rush and have "lost" my keys (ie not sure where they are pants pocket? Laundry room? In the detached office? With the gf?) It's nice to be able to pull out my phone and know exactly where they are.

        • +1

          For me, it’s part of the ADHD tax. I regularly lose things that are already on my person or nearby.

          For the family, they often leave things behind because… I really don’t know why they do that (I always triple check I’ve got my things before leaving anywhere).

    • +6

      Travel. If your bag gets lost then the airlines generally tell you just to go home and it'll show up eventually. Last trip I took a bag was put on the following flight, I was able to track it through the air and could see it was coming in so I just waited for it.

      I keep one in my laptop bag too. I've forgotten my work laptop a couple of times before when going out for dinner/drinks after work, I've been lucky that it hasn't been stolen. With this is pings your phone as soon as you walk off from it.

      It comes down to a mix of how forgetful you are or at risk of losing something. High risk of an expensive item being stolen (car, bike, Da Vinci painting you have for some reason), keep losing your keys in places, want to track your kids/pet, airtags are a great little tool.

    • +1

      My dog in case he gets lost

    • +6

      I'm thinking of getting some to attach to my kids when we travel.

      • +9

        I've got a non verbal boy who has a lanyard with his name and our phone number. We also attach a aie tag to his clothes if we're at a heavily populated event as he's also a runner!!

    • As an NFC key for my desk drawers with Ikea NFC locks.

    • I'm here to learn this too. If they were 10c, I'd put them on everything. At this price, no thanks.

  • Why the code not working ……

    • working for me now, just tested.

      • Still not working and online support start bullshit now…… Never mind have to work for few hrs per day lol

  • +2

    Order placed, but invoice shows qty 0 which is weird

    • +1

      I asked support and they said that it will change to 1 after the order has been delivered, which is strange.

      • +1

        You muggles never seen an invoice from Diagon digiAlley?

    • +1

      Also confirming the same on my order (invoice showing qty 0). Checked a historical order and invoice also showed qty 0 - so should be ok :).

  • Thanks!

  • Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP - ordered :)

  • Anyone able to price match JB?

    • Probably not since it requires a coupon

    • +1

      Didn’t think they were stocking these (not any of the other usual places..) due to the batteries in them? I’ve never seen them on shelf in any store, but have purchased a couple of 4 packs online with no issues.

  • Thanks Op - ordered. Anyone recommend any cheap but sturdy AirTag Keyrings? Just looked and the branded stuff (Belkin etc) seems pretty pricey for a piece of plastic and a ring.

    • +2

      ebay is your friend

    • +2

      PU Leather are on Deal at amazon today. 50% off. 4 Keyrings for $10.49


      • +3

        They’re decent quality. Have had mine for over a year and still looks new and not frayed. Holding up well

      • Nice - thanks. Ordered.

    • +1


      Got these earlier for mine. Wasnt too sold on the idea of the string lanyard until I realized you can just not use it and instead use the plastic loop of the thing to attach to keyring. Why I wanted these was because of the mechanism to hold the airtag in, the twist and lock. Most other things seem to be based on squishing into rubber or such and dont know how they will go long term and maybe fall out.

  • Is this local stock or grey imports? How can tell?

    • They all come from the same china factory

  • yes but they all do not have the same Australian warranty ?

    • +1

      anything sold here benefits from standard consumer protection law

  • Sweet! Got some!

  • +3

    Still got 4 in my drawer from the last deal. Was going to use it on my sisters dog but it died 😥

    • I’ll buy them off you

  • type it in in lowercase (do not copy and paste)

    veterans10 worked for me

    thanks OP

  • annoying thing about these is if someone takes your laptop bag with one inside and the thief has an iphone, they will be alerted that an airtag is with them that belongs to someone else. Makes it easy for them to search for it and throw it out

    • +2

      That’s silly. Shouldn’t it just alert you? Otherwise every 2nd person will be alerted since most have iPhones.

      • +1

        Because of stalkers / crazy partners we can’t have nice things

        • this

      • Surely it should be tied to a specific account (or allow multiple accounts for shared as mentioned earlier).
        I'm torn between researching what these actually are, or just walking away.

    • Just disable the speaker

      • Can be done. Technical and fiddly. Unethical too if used nefariously. And possibly criminal.

        • It's not criminal to disable a speaker

          • @drfuzzy: I meant it’s probably criminal to hide a tracker (with speakers disabled) on someone else so they don’t know they’re being tracked

      • It sends a notification to the iphone so disabling speaker won't stop this :(

        • Ah of course. I guess there's no way around that without making it useless

    • +5

      Although I had one in my Vespa that was stolen, the thief had an iPhone (the police told me). I gave the cops the location of the air tag and they were able to retrieve the Vespa (sadly, it took less than 24 hours for it to get trashed) - but I got it back and the thief had no idea that an air tag was following him.

      The police were able to use the air tag screen shots to get a warrant signed off on to search too. So I would argue that air tags are very very useful.

      • They probably wouldn’t have heard it riding your Vespa, but they’ll hear it beeping in a stolen car.

        • They were busy tearing it apart trying to get it to start (immobiliser on 300cc GTS) they never got it started, they just transported it around in the back of a ute. So they never even got the notification for some reason.

    • Android devices are going to start alerting you about AirTags as well. I get the need for this and it’s still better than nothing for the price of an AirTag.


  • Has anyone confirmed the maximum number of AirTags you can have associated with an Apple ID?

  • Code does not work. Tried a million times

  • +1

    Works. Thanks OP

    • -1

      Worked for me too just now.

  • +5

    For those where the code is not working - I worked out why (for me anyway). Do not log in to your digidirect account. I tried it in a fresh browser and not logged in and worked. It just means it's not recorded in my account order history but I'll ask them to manually fix that.

    • +1

      Tried logging out and the code is working fine.

  • Anyone in Syd want to go halves? 2 each? I only need two for checkin / carry on luggage.

    • Put them on gumtree I’m sure they’ll sell quick

    • I’ll buy one off you if you sell cheap 😋

    • +1

      Based in Sydney, happy to go halves if not taken already!

  • Got the pack

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