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300GB SIM Only "Premium Upfront" Plan $75/Month for First 12 Months (Then $95 Afterwards) @ Telstra


Deal is kinda meh, but it better than nothing if you need to be on Telstra for coverage and need that much data each month.
Would be better if it was across all tiers, and it was permanent and doesn't expire in 12 months.

Here's the blurb from their site.

Get $240 off over 12 months on a new Premium Upfront Mobile plan.
Offer ends 12 October unless extended.
Based on $20 per month off for 12 months. Accounts starting with 2000 will get a monthly credit by the second month. New services and plan price upgrades only. Minimum cost $900 (including discount) if you stay connected for 12 months. Price may increase by CPI annually in July.

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    I have the same plan with jbhifi for $49 a month

    • How come? 99 bucks per mth with JB telstra plan.

      • +1

        $99 / month on a two year contract is $2400 total and you currently get a $1200 jb gift card when you sign up.

        So it ends up costing $49 a month.. kind of.

        • +1

          I think that's exactly what's going on and may have required more context instead of "I have the same plan with jbhifi for $49 a month". Well, you don't, you're just subtracting the value of the gift card over 24 months which can't even be used to pay off the plan. That doesn't change the fact that you're paying $99/m. Very misleading comment to make.

    • 300gb with Telstra for $49/month?

    • No you dont

      • -5

        Ohh yea you are right I pay $49 for the $69 plan.
        Carry on

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    They need to bring back the true premium unlimited plan. Crazy how we've gone backwards with all the telco's over the last few years.

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      Wireless technology can only handle so much till that small percentage of super-heavy users make it unviable to sustain financially.

      • +1

        Telstra had that unlimited day and it seemed to go just fine.

        • One day would be quite different to all year round.

      • Pretty much every other country in the world, the carriers have true unlimited plans.

        • Carriers are also realising they can only offer true* unlimited plans.

          Across the entire wireless spectrum, carriers are notorious for imposing soft data caps on ‘unlimited’ plans. After people use a certain amount of data every month, their data access is prioritized less, and they’re more subject to speed throttling. It’s a lesser-known tactic that all major wireless providers implement one way or another, including Verizon.
          However, unlike older Verizon Unlimited plans, subscribers can access up to 500GB of smartphone data per month before the cap sets in, after which the speeds drop to 4Mbps for the rest of the monthly billing cycle.

          In addition to there being caps on regular data access, Verizon also has speed throttles for its hotspot feature. The Unlimited Plus plan comes with 30GB of mobile hotspot data per month. The Unlimited Welcome plan doesn't offer any mobile hotspot data, but subscribers can buy 100GB of hotspot data as an added perk for $10 per month.

          Even the very popular Google Fi's plans are unlimited*:

          The Google Fi Simply Unlimited plan offers unlimited data, with speeds slower after 35GB. Simply Unlimited Plus offers unlimited data up to 50GB before the speeds drop. Both plans support hotspot tethering, although the Simply Unlimited plan offers just 5GB per month, while Unlimited Plus comes with unlimited hotspot usage.

          Providing true unlimited full-speed data on a mobile network just isn't financially viable right now. They can make it free-for-all and let the user experience suffer, or implement data caps or throttling to maintain quality of service.

          It's a shared medium subject to many variables. Telcos can use more spectrum and equipment but that costs money. They have to decide if it's worth spending more money supporting the x% of heavy users, or just apply a data cap which won't affect the majority of their users.

    • It's called the bottom line

  • Yeah meh.

  • Very meh IMO. I am locked in a 2 yr contract with unlimited call/SMS and 300 GB data per month for 89 dollars, plus an s23 ultra for free (sort of, after paying 299 out of pocket and then sell the Samsung watch).

    • Was that a jb deal?

      • Yep. Company reimburse phone bill so might as well

    • How do you manage to use up 300gb per month?

      • I can't, most data gone in waste. But it's still an acceptable deal for a flagship mobile plan and a flagship phone.

        • The answer is in your first sentence. Providers offer these kinds of data limits to mobile users because they know 99% won't be able to go close to using the massive data limit.

          However mobile broadband plans are different because the sim sits in a router and is designed to be used for data only and can get eaten up quickly.

          So the deas not meh, it's a pretty good deal compared to any other Telstra mobile broadband deal, at least for 12 montha.

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    with telstra for 10 years and I just moved away…telstra keeps increasing theprice but reduce the service. And 5G coverage is bad…

    • +2

      They call it simplifying their products and providing more value to their customers.

      • yeah. I believe the customer they mentioned is executive of telstra.

  • The title has everything I want in a plan, 300gig over 12 months for $75 . I was excited for a moment

  • Optus is offering 500GB for $69

    Check plans

  • The telco plans is better with JBHIFI and Good Guys. Harvey Norman with Optus. Long gone are the pre 2018 plans with unlimited with international roaming from the big telco.

    I wonder how Optus will fare once starlink is activated.

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