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Free Tickets to Sound of Freedom Movie at Selected Cinemas around Australia


Seeing the film is the first step in spreading awareness about child trafficking. Get tickets if you have not yet seen Sound of Freedom. If you can't pay for your tickets, you can get free tickets thanks to the generosity of others.

Consider Paying it Forward to allow others to watch it for free and join a historical movement to promote stories that amplify light.
Visit angel.com/blog/sound-of-freedom to read more about how you can join the fight to end child trafficking.

One free ticket per account. Or donate tickets with "Pay It Forward".

Need more tickets for your friends or family?
Have them go to angel.com/SOF and claim their free ticket with their own Angel Studios account.

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  • +20

    Scroll down to claim free ticket when clicking the deal and you need to make a free account to claim one, just watched it yesterday. Can confirm it worked they scanned it at printed our tickets and it was an amazing informative movie. Must see!

  • +15

    An amazing movie. Roller coaster of emotions. Have no idea how someone can choose to put themselves into the kind of danger that agent Ballard did.

    It's a blight on all of our humanity that there's more slaves today than at any previous time in human history.

    It's a confronting movie, but please go see it and take family and friends along. The more people who are engaged the harder it is for the traffickers to operate.

    • +72

      The problem is that it's no more real then a James Bond film.

      Obviously human trafficking is abhorrent. But his old company gets child from poor countries (some reduced from sex trafficking) then adopts them out to Mormon families in the US for a significant profit. Good on O.U.R. for rescuing the children who are actually in need. But some of their methods, like pretending to be child traffickers asking for children, just encourages the trade. Something should be done, this is something, but is it the right something?

      • +14

        Do you have any better alternatives than going undercover?

      • +15

        The podcast Qanon Anonymous ep of 7th July spent over 2 1/4 hours examining the movie in detail and going into Ballard's history, and it's about 99% BS.

        From claiming to have assisted in rescues they had nothing to do with (known through the records), to saying they "assist law enforcement" when actually they sponsor some police dogs, to falsifying Ballard's role as an agent, it goes on and on.

        There's a mountain of depth and research by the hosts and their guests, it's clinical and it's eviscerating.

        It might be good entertainment but it's pure fiction. Pretending it's true is very sketchy.

    • +5

      Imagine thinking this is a true story.

          • +32

            @krunchymoses: Yeah because "Vice" is a great source of information

              • +11

                @miicah: I've worked with Vice before. They are very much dishonest even here in Australia.

                • @besttraveltech: What makes you say that?

                  • +8

                    @SpainKing: I can't get into the specifics, but when working with them I corrected the information in a piece before it went live, they acknowledged the correction, then totally disregarded it and sent the piece live uncorrected because the truth didn't fit their narrative.

            • -1

              @Nuclearvodka: Vice had one of their editors and a co-worker arrested in 2019 for trafficking under-aged models to use them as drug mules.


              Couldn't possibly imagine why their co-workers are now attacking this move ?

              • -1

                @infinite: And your lies continue.

                Nowhere in the linked article is the term "under-aged" used.

              • -1


                She noted that in text messages he sent when he was recruiting drug mules, Pastukhov said one was “too young” but he might still be considered, and that a female courier interested in a free trip to Australia didn’t even need to be told about the hidden cocaine.

                He was recruiting "young people" to carry drug across border security. It was not human trafficking.

                The age of these young people were not specify. It could be 12 or 23, more likely in their 20s as they would be travelling solo, frequently. Underage frequent solo travellers would raise suspicion from both the family and the authorities.

    • Also, the organisation behind this… the founder, is being investigated for abusing minors in Mexico.

      If you want to actually support organisations that are doing things in a sustainable way that helps people long-term look into International Justice Mission. They are actually way more useful.

      • +1

        You should probably put an asterisk next to that "investigated", because it's nothing more than twitter leftists screeching unfounded allegations into the ether.

  • +14

    This is only free if someone else pays it forward.

      • +47

        And you came and made a brand new ozbargain account just to post it after seeing it?
        Seems about right

        • yes 👍

          • -3



            Happen to see any Instagram ads popup about dog whistles while scrolling also?

            • +5

              @SBOB: Nope

            • +1

              @SBOB: But I did see free tickets to cold play concert by dhl ad

            • +3

              @SBOB: Honest question, I haven't seen the movie, and know nothing about it apart from it being about child trafficking. How could this possibly be a "dog whistle" for anything?

              • +5

                @brendanm: It's a nod & a wink towards the QAnon belief that rich leftie elitists who traffic children not only for sex, but harvest fluid from them to help them live forever.

                Hence the dog whistle claim.

                • +2

                  @M00Cow: Does it actually have that in the movie?

              • -1


                How could this possibly be a "dog whistle" for anything?

                Well, if there wasn't, strange then that so many thought it worthy of a downvote :)

                M00Cows comment is a decent enough starting summary.

                • +3

                  @SBOB: People who haven't watched it are downvoting, so I'm not sure how they could know what happens in the movie to back up that claim? I'm just generally very devious whenever anyone uses the term "dog whistle". I personally don't care enough to watch the movie, just seems weird people are getting so bent out of shape by it.

      • copy the post link and paste

  • +10

    Anyone know if they're donating any of the profits?

    I know they paid back their investors +20% but I can't see anything regarding charities

    • +3

      “ There are thousands of non-profits around the world on the frontlines fighting child trafficking and we're giving them first priority to claim Pay it Forward tickets. Sound of Freedom is supporting ALL non-profits that are helping fight child sex trafficking.”

      Blog: https://www.angel.com/blog/sound-of-freedom/posts/angel-stud…

      • +29

        All I'm seeing there is that people have "paid it forward" and they're giving NFP priority.
        I'm not seeing anything about donating to any charities/NFPs.

        • +65

          Because they're not, it's a grift.

          • +25

            @M00Cow: 190 (ish) million in profits from the box office and I'm not seeing a thing about them actually giving any of the money to the cause that the entire movie is about.
            I hope they are donating a good portion…but it seems like they really just pocketed nearly two hundred million for pretending to care.

            • +25

              @[Deactivated]: Oh hats off to their brilliant marketing campaign. The "Disney & Mr Bigs tried to stop this movie", buy someone a free ticket so they too can be enlightened, child sex trafficking, good vs evil, American heroes rescuing poor children.

              Hopefully there'll be a follow up involving how the trafficers rigged the Biden election, big pharma, Chinese bio weapons and Hunter Biden being the ultimate bond-villian. Oh and pay it forward on not just movie tix, but merch like t-shirts & Rescue The Kids supplements.

              Actually I like that last one, you can pay me to distribute my patented 5g blocking supplements to these poor children. I'll even kick in a 10% discount off the $100 retail as my way to contribute!

              • +3

                @M00Cow: How is the movie related to anything you just typed? It's actually quite impressive you were able to fit eight years worth of well poisoning in six sentences.

          • +2

            @M00Cow: I'm not sure exactly how NOT giving profits to charity is a 'grift'.
            Is every business that doesn't give to charity a grift?
            Is every movie that doesn't give to charity a grift?
            If a movie is about fighting the drug trade and they don't give their profits to drug rehab centres a grift?

            • +12

              @Almost Banned: Oh the grift is the movie pretend to be a doco, then encouraging people to pay for a ticket then pay again for another ticket which may or may not actually be given (the company behind it refuse to release any details).

              It is promoting a charity of questionable nature which the Utah state prosecutor is investigating for false & misleading claims. Including multiple false claiming they're involved in operations of rescuing children which they had zero involved in. Ballard, his wife, son, sister & brother-in-law are all well paid ($200k+ salaries) consultants.

              Sage advice from Utah's Davis County Attorney’s Office.

              “Just because someone claims they are called of God when asking for your money does not necessarily mean they actually are.”

              • +2

                @M00Cow: I don't think the movie is pretending to be a doco. Seaspiracy is pretending to be a doco.

                • +1

                  @besttraveltech: From IMDB

                  The incredible true story of a former government agent turned vigilante who embarks on a dangerous mission to rescue hundreds of children from sex traffickers.


                  • +4

                    @M00Cow: "The incredible true story of a former government agent turned vigilante who embarks on a dangerous mission to rescue hundreds of children from sex traffickers"

                    I guess IMDB didn't feel they needed to explain that the story is told and portrayed by actors, also known as a 'movie' based on a true story, as opposed to a documentary.


              • @M00Cow: 'Based on a true story' does not equal documentary.

      • So what they're giving to charities is just tickets to see the movie, as long as someone else pays for them?

  • +3

    So umm, should we pay for tickets to support the film and spreading the messages OzB ?

    • +42

      Box office: $210.8 million
      Budget: $14.5 million

      Don't think the movie is in need of financial support.

    • +64

      If you want to support QAnon.

      But that mainstream accessibility makes it valuable as a recruitment tool, much as generic “Save the Children” campaigns proved gateways to far-right conspiracy theories about a secret cabal of evil elites conducting blood rituals. On the QAnon message board Great Awakening this week, adherents celebrated the movie’s box-office success (it quickly made back its modest budget of around $14 million and out-earned the latest Indiana Jones sequel on July 4, its premiere date, after the franchise blockbuster had been out for several days) while crowing that “demons,” including movie theater employees annoyed by the demographic it pulled in, were miserable at their victory.

      • +36

        while crowing that “demons,” including movie theater employees annoyed by the demographic it pulled in, were miserable at their victory.

        F me, these QAnon nutters are a miserable bunch, imagine living with one.

        • +7

          The belief in demons is a tenet of the Christian faith. Not that big of a deal.

          • -1

            @CommuterPolluter: Maybe we are seeing the biggest con job of all.

          • +1

            @CommuterPolluter: Well I'd be miserable living with anyone who believes in totally invented invisible evil boogeymen, no matter which giant bag of baloney it comes from.

          • +20


            Have you met one or did you read something on the Internet and get upset about it

            BIL and MIL are Qanon nutters

            Here is a list of things they believe (not exhaustive list)

            • Earth Centred solar system, that is the Sun and other planets revolve around the Earth
            • Earth is a flat disc-shaped planet
            • Covid vaccines have microchips to track your whearabouts and will cause your heart to arrest by a simple computer command
            • George Soros and Bill Gates engineered the COVID-19 virus to reduce the human population, but also;
            • The virus "only" has a 3% death rate (so work that one out)
            • There is a group of International Bankers, along with Gates and Soros who are pulling all the strings, start wars etc.
            • 5G signals cause cancers
            • Vaccines cause Autism

            edit- remembered a few more

            • Aliens exist, but are shapeshifters and people like former Queen are reptiilians who have enslaved humanity with pornography and drugs
            • Some birds are actually high-tech robots designed to keep track of people
            • Electric cars are designed to be expensive so that the 15 minutes cities can become a thing
            • @SupeNintendoChalmers: Birds aren't real is a joke. I don't know what's worse, them falling for it, or you falling for them falling for it.

              International banking cartels involved in funding and provocation of wars is high school level history.

              Also re: vaccines, https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMp0802904

              • +7

                @formulated: What point were you trying to make with that article on vaccines? It seems to be arguing pretty strongly that vaccines don't cause autism and the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has been steadily losing the plot since 2005.

            • +1

              @SupeNintendoChalmers: QAnon is a decentralised thing, anyone can claim to be Q and anyone can come up with whatever conspiracy theories they want and put them under the QAnon banner, including its detractors.

              • +6

                @CavalierAU: So basically it’s a bunch of lunatics making up conspiracy stuff? Kind of the detractors point.

            • +4

              @SupeNintendoChalmers: I love that r/birdsarentreal had contaminated the qanon canon

      • +22

        So Rolling Stone calls this a grossly exaggerated Q-adjacent conspiracy theory. 'Move along folks, nothing to see here'… why are they so vehemently attacking the idea that child trafficking exists and is a serious problem?

        • +21

          The film is saying more than "child trafficking exists". (Surely that wasn't new info for anyone?) But the film is a conspiracy theory.

          It would be like saying, Chocolate exists so Willy Wonka must clearly be a documentary. The only difference is that Willy Wonka wasn't trying to sell itself as a doco.

          • +10

            @hunter123: Not a single person claims Sound of Freedom is a documentary.
            It is based on a real person - and heavily dramatises his life - like a great many 'based on a true story' movies do.
            Why is that now suddenly bad?
            I'll tell you - because a few people connected with the movie are right wing…

            • +1

              @Almost Banned: Fargo is the greatest "based on a true story" movie and never dramatized the life of a single real person.

            • +1

              @Almost Banned: Yes Tim Ballard is a real person and here he is: https://www.vice.com/en/article/pkaqvn/tim-ballards-departur…

              Obviously he is a sex pest. Idolising these people is a level of stupid I did not know existed.

              • +1

                @Pdubes: Huh - interesting.
                I think you mean 'alleged' sex pest.
                Of course, everyone else who has ever been the subject of a 'based on real life' movie has been a saint with no flaws whatsoever.
                Who exactly is idolising Ballard? I doubt anyone who liked the movie knows anything about the guy other than what they saw in the film.

        • +13

          The same rolling stone that continually made up lies during the pandemic? I love all the people that are referencing known mainstream media companies as their 'source of information' that this is a bad movie. The same people who complain about the Murdoch empire will drop rolling stones or some other equally as corrupt source as credible. People need to learn to start thinking for themselves instead of trusting government paid 'fact checkers'.

        • +46

          The lead actor (Jim Caviezel) has repeated the QAnon theories on conservative talk shows, like the one where he believes that traffickers torture children and drain their blood to harvest an elixir of youth. There is no evidence of this happening anywhere, not sure why you would want to distort information and facts about the very real crimes happening against the most vulnerable in society.

          • +14

            @Plimsol: This blood harvesting canard has anyways been around under different guises. It always is based on a secret cabal of rich and powerful people, sometimes they are International bankers, but pinky promise they are not talking about Jews this time.

          • +2

            @Plimsol: And Tom Cruise has made all sorts of loopy Scientology statements - does that mean Mission Impossible is brainwashing people into following L Ron Hubbard???
            That is crazy thinking.

            • +16

              @Almost Banned: I was replying to someone about the link with QAnon, which I highlighted. If Tom Cruise made a film about a religious cult saving the world from lizard people, I would apply the same amount of skepticism.

              • +1

                @Plimsol: Wasn't that Battlefield Earth?

                • @Jackson: oh Lordy you brought back repressed memories about that movie.

                  Surely its a top 5 worst movies of all time?

                  • @SupeNintendoChalmers: I was smart enough to ever watch it, but maybe it could come back like "the Room"?

                    • +1

                      @Jackson: The Room is a masterpiece though, created by a madman just trying to create art. It might be dreadful, but you can laugh at its awfulness

                      BE was a serious multimillion dollar movie designed to tell a "true" story. It was straight up awful.

          • -5

            @Plimsol: Do you know why there is very little evidence? think about it…Q is spyware created by the NSO group. It is more widely known as Pegasus and was a tool of the Knights of Malta (military arm of the Vatican) which was recently dissolved by the Pope after almost 1000 years of existence. You can go about your day pretending the world is exactly how you imagine it is but the truth is much stranger than any fiction. You will find Lodges in every town in Australia whose members all swear Oaths upon death for revealing its Secrets, most Freemasons are beer guzling morons but it makes for a great recruitment ground for students of the Occult who want to dive deeper into the Mysteries of TGAOTU which can lead to the darker side of Secret Societies. The child sacrifice stuff would be the highest levels of secrecy and mostly kept within bloodline families who employ splitting the minds of its members through SRA. I know this will be to much for your little brain and you will come back with the standard tinfoil hat rubbish to make yourself look less stupid but the facts are the facts. If you want proof of bodies you will never find it because they know how to make bodies disappear just like a Morgue.

            • +7


              If you want proof

              I find such things just gets in the way.
              Easier to just take random stories on the internet at face value and claim them as fact.

            • @Abraxsas: Ok, but why

            • +2

              @Abraxsas: If you’re not using “evidence” or “proof” or what could be described as verifiable facts, how do you decide what to believe? I can see you don’t understand some of the terms you are using, like “Pegasus” and “SRA”, so please excuse me if I don’t consider you a reliable source.

      • +17

        Imagine using Rolling Stone as an authoritative source. Hahaha.

        • +2

          The clown writer and editor from Rolling Stone that first trashed this movie as QAnon conspiracy nonsense was arrested and charged for pedophilia less than a week after publishing that story.


          • @infinite: The Wikipedia entry for James Gordon Meek read like a conspiracy theorist's wet dream. How has the page not been lockdown and clean up? Wikipedia is supposed to be informative with just the fact. It's not there to rile up your outrage.

            On April 27, 2022, Meek's home was raided by heavily-armed FBI agents in a Lenco BearCat, who seized numerous electronics, including an iPhone 8 he named "Bone Machine", containing hundreds of images and videos showing the sexual abuse of prepubescent children. Meek told the officers present that "his life was over". The Department of Justice focused on Meek's boast "Have you ever raped a toddler girl? It’s amazing", and repeatedly sharing a video showing the rape of a toddler girl.

          • @infinite: You seem to be very confused.

  • +8

    It’s only free if someone else pays for it

  • +107

    Astroturfing your qanon trash to try and pump ticket sales for ‘sold out’ screenings to empty theatres.

    gg ozbargain.

    • +75

      I was looking for the voice of reason here - movie really is a far-right vehicle.

      The film is inaccurate, misleading, and borders on indulgence on an already abhorrent topic. There’s a swathe of articles on the controversy - pick your outlet.

      • +1

        Inaccurate and misleading movie? I’d like to see the articles fact checking it? I’m guessing those articles are written by people with boots on ground?

      • +1

        How exactly is a fictional movie inaccurate and misleading?
        I look forward to your debunking of Saving Private Ryan next.

        • +9

          Then why mention it as a step to "spreading awareness about child trafficking" or advertise that its based on an "incredible true story"?

          They're clearly trying to paint it as truth but they can't say it outright because it's not.

      • +1

        There’s a swathe of articles

        Articles? Well I always believe articles, please send me some so I'll know what to believe…

    • +27

      Im not supporting this film and it’s creator’s crazy ideologies. Sometimes free isnt free, or is it usually free isnt free.

      • +9

        Freedom isn't free, it costs folks like you and me

        • Heard it costs a buck o’ five.

      • -3

        Very well put.

    • -1

      nailed it

  • +51

    Genuine question, why are conservatives so wedded to this movie?

    I've watched it, and it's an above average movie, but it's almost as if conservatives have discovered that people trafficking is a thing and this movie has uncovered a conspiracy that no one knew about.

    There have been heaps of movie dealing with this topic, first to spring to mind are Nefarious and The Twelve Thousand.

    • +12

      Because a lot of the people promoting it are known amongst the conservative communities.

      I don't really care for the "its QANON BS" argument, but I do think some of the stuff in this article does help answer your question.

    • +30

      The conservatives normally wouldn't give two hoots about trafficking. It's more that this is a cause that qAnon is throwing itself behind and nefariously associate with their enemies. The conservatives support the party and the conspiracy, not directly the cause.

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