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HP OMEN Spacer Wireless TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard $89 Delivered (RRP $300) @ HP Australia

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Not the cheapest this has ever been, OzBargain, but this seems to be a reasonable price for a mid range keyboard. The RRP for this keyboard is heavily inflated. Being sold around for around $149.

Product description:
* Warp Wireless Technology gives every game a reliable and consistent 2.4 GHz connection with Zero-Lag technology
* Lightning fast CHERRY MX Brown Switches with a 1ms response time
* Up to 75 hours battery life

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    The RRP makes it look like it can compete with corsair k100 which to me is the top range mechanical keyboard .

    • +2

      Yeah it really is not. I will add a note to the post. Thanks for pointing that out.

    • The top range in off-the-shelf is more the Keychron Q Pro series I reckon. I've had a K100, and the RGB backlight LEDs started failing progressively.

      • I've had K100 for a few years now and it's excellent and still works like new.
        When did yours start failing?

        • About 16 months in. My Keychron Q6 is also much quieter and feels nicer on the hands due to the gasket mount absorbing a lot of force when typing. The K100's macro keys and wheel functionality are unparalleled though.

          • @twister292: Uh, did you claim warranty think it comes with 2 yrs

            • @michael9865: Yep, returned for a refund. I had O rings in my K100, but feel of the Q6 under the hand just blows the K100 out of the water. Even with O ring the K100 was a lot louder. It's a gaming keyboard with hair trigger switches. I'm more of a typist.

  • +1
    • Updated link, thanks. I did not see this deal.

  • +3

    Given its HP - Is the key lettering ink subscription model ?

    • +6

      No, but you have to sign up for an HP account if you want to use all the keys.

  • This uses a built in battery or AAA/AAs ?

    • I assume built in battery since it is recharged with a USB-C cable

    • It's inbuilt rechargeable via USB C

  • AUWELCOME10 does not work :(

  • +1

    eBay HP store


    $89 -$5 (eBay plus monthly voucher) = $84
    $84 - 4% (eBay 4% off gift cards) = $80.64

  • -2

    i came here looking for a new set of vileda gloves and am walking away pretty disappointed

  • It's pretty decent I've got it, no complaints at all and the magnetic wrist rest is oddly satisfying to click on

  • Would this or the Tecware (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/801015) be a better option?

    • +1

      I think its very much based on personal preference. I know I tried a good amount of keyboards before I found one I was happy with.
      My wife and I both have Razer keyboards but different models based on what we prefer.

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