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Non-Stop Brisbane to Vancouver Return from $1194 (Fly Feb-June 2024) @ Air Canada


Direct Flight on Air Canada from Brisbane to Vancouver.

Economy Fare starts from AU$1194 return between Feb to June 2024.

Example: Depart 5/02/2024 Return 14/02/2024 - AUD 1194.

Checked baggage and meals included. Seat selection is an additional $30 for each leg.

Edit: Other Australian cities are also available for additional ~$150 with connection on Virgin/Qantas via Brisbane. Example: from Melbourne to Vancouver (Via Brisbane) 5th Feb - 16th Feb: AUD 1344.

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  • +12

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! Was thinking about going back home long time ago!!!!!! But the price is always around $3000

    • Got stuck after lockdowns ?

  • +3

    This seems insanely cheap…..

  • +30

    almost the same price as going from melbourne to brisbane on saturday

    • An excellent lesson in demand pricing.

    • +1

      Those exit bonus cheques won't fund themselves

  • When is the best time to visit Vancouver?

    • +4

      Probably July-Jan ,

    • Summer is great. Winter is good if you head to Whistler.

  • +5

    I guess with demand this low we won't be seeing the direct Melbourne to Vancouver coming back any time soon, that's a shame.

    I paid $2100 to fly Mel-Van in July this year with a stopover in Brisbane and I thought that was a pretty good price. This is great.

  • +3

    Guess I'm going back to Whistler! I think I paid like $2300 one way in 2014. Time to start planning some dates…

    • +4

      Just checked, $334aud for a lift ticket for 1 day, unbelievable. Rich mans sport now.

      • Rich women are out of luck.

      • +1

        No one skis on one day tickets anymore.

        Epic pass $959 gets you unlimited skiing at Perisher and 10 days at Whistler. Plus a whole lot more

  • Can anyone tell me what am I doing wrong here - I click on that link and then go to the offers page which lists the airfares as being as cheap as in this post (eg $1206 return for some of the dates I'm looking at), but when I actually search for the flights with those dates its double the price. Is it that those cheap fares have already sold out or am I missing something?

    • +2

      Check flexible dates and search around.

  • perfect for playing peter pan working holiday

  • +4

    Canada eh

  • -1

    I got Sydney to Vancouver for $680… There has to be something wrong with their website or something..

    • +1

      one way, right?

      • -1

        Yeah one way, both ways are 1400, which still just seems so fkn cheap.

    • What dates?

      • Feb

      • -1

        I did early march, sorry cannot remember the dates.

  • Direct from Sydney on certain days for less than $50 more for those that would find that more convenient.

    Also for anyone wondering there are G class tickets, which look to be ineligible for SC's from Virgin, but should earn a small handful of point.

  • Leaving Melbourne, should I transit via Sydney or Melbourne?

    • +1

      I assume you mean transit via Sydney or Brisbane? Doesn't really make a difference unless you plan to leave on a Sunday (it's hard to get a flight to Brisbane early enough to catch the Vancouver flight).

      Both flights leave/arrive at about the same time on the way out and in, both Sydney and Brisbane involve a transfer from domestic to international. Only thing I can't remember is if the bags automatically transfer in Sydney on the way out (they did in Brisbane for me, flying on Qantas though for the domestic leg). On the way back home you have to pick up your bags and check them on the next flight regardless.

      Brisbane also means you spend an hour longer on the domestic flight and an hour less on the international one. Depends which you prefer, to break it up more or do as much as possible in one shot. It sucks getting back to Brisbane and knowing you have 2.5 hours left to fly though IMO.

      Although my flight from Bris to Vancouver took about 11 hours, landed way earlier than expected, had time to head to timmies and get a double double before my ride came. I'd forgotten how awful their coffee is.

      • +1

        Yes. That’s what I meant. Thanks for the summary.

        Due to cost and domestic timing I ended up booking via Brisbane on the way there and via Sydney on the way back. Both domestic legs are with Virgin.

    • +1

      You can decide if you are more nervous
      about customs in Sydney or Brisbane, on your arrival
      … haha

  • +4

    I remember when this route came out and it was $640-$700, I miss the old pre-covid days of travel

    • +6

      really… we need Qatar and more carriers…

      • +1

        Until they decide to stop by Doha and strip search your 64 year old mum to check if she's actually pregnant or not.

        • +11

          It's my choice, rather than giving $21m to Qantas CEO for the sh!t show

  • +10

    I just returned from the States on this route. I paid $1460 in May for a return ticket but I also continued on from Vancouver to San Francisco (so 2 flights) and the same back again.

    Would definitely recommend Air Canada, their staff were great on the phone, at the airport and in-flight. They do the "2 pieces of hand luggage" thing where you can have a smaller bag. They offered to check our bigger hand luggage bags for free.

    They have NO weight limit on hand luggage FYI. As long as you can put it in the overheads on your own it's fair game.

    • +1

      Do you normally fly budget airlines? Because a free personal item alongside your one piece of carry on is standard, and not the same as having two pieces of carry on luggage (which is what you usually get in business class).

      • I'm certainly aware of that, hence the quotation marks. It was more in relation to the free checking of the hand luggage - I expected an onslaught of "but then I don't have my iPad/laptop etc" comments.

        They were also very loose on the 1 personal item thing. Although there are dimensions online even a small/medium backpack was accepted and one of our group had multiple smaller bags without question.

        Just sharing my experience anyway, overall I would have no hesitation using Air Canada again.

      • I had a duffle bag for carry on. As long as you can fit it under the seat or on the size checkers prior to getting your boarding pass, you're good.

        • There were no size checkers at all when I went through.

  • Look out and say G'Day to Rockin' Rob a Vancouver street busker


  • the one way prices are still insane, from adl return $1500, one way $2000

  • Thanks OP, I plan to travel later in the year but this will hopefully bode well for cheaper flights again. I haven’t been back in ages, time go catch up with some family once more.

  • -6

    whats happening with Khalistan movement

    • +2

      I don’t listen to hip-hop.

  • +2

    Thanks! Booked. $1470 return on a flex fare (about 10% more) ex MEL. I saw $1194 ex BNE but that dates didn’t suit me.

  • I thought Qantas is the worst but no I was wrong until the flight with Air Canada to Vancouver last Monday.

    • +3

      Care to share more?

      • Sounds like T-man was left a bit thirsty…

      • AC has a pretty poor reputation domestically within North America. I've never flown their international product but have had a mixed experience domestically.

        I generally fly WestJet within Canada or the US-Canada corridor and find them excellent.

      • -1

        planes on AC are fairly old. food/service is average. AC only comes with 1 checked bag. only thing i like is they serve clamato/tomato juice

    • +1

      qantas and AC are both ass but AC is slightly more ass

  • anyone been to hwhistler in Early April; thoughts?

    • with the el nino i wouldn't recommend based on our ski season

      • This, el nino has the same impact there, warming up their winters (doesn't do much in summer, not that it matters much anymore with their "heat domes"). 2015 and 2016 were the last el nino years and it was a really mild winter with lighter snowfall. Early april might be alright but it's the kind of year I'd aim for late feb as the latest.

        • +2

          Isnt it the opposite in North America? So El Nino should be cold and rainy (and therefore more snow)

          • +1

            @CheapBrah: Varies over North America. The southern and middle bits of the US get cooler weather but the whole pacific northwest gets warmer for winter then a cooler summer. Eastern Canada goes to the dogs, for memory, it winds up the middle of all sorts of stuff and just gets dumped with rain.

            Granted, that's assuming it happens like last time. Who knows what'll happen this time, maybe the smoke from Australian bushfires will block out the sun there and give them great snow.

  • Is this the longest possible direct flight from BNE?

    • +1

      BNE-DFW is longer. Flew it once before the pandemic, don't know if the route is still maintained now.

      • Is it true everything is bigger in Texas?

        • +1

          Nah. Although DFW is a stupidly big airport. Seems like you could spend days walking around in there.

  • +1

    Good timing. Work is on my back to use some excess leave, and have always wanted to go to Canada.

  • Shouldn’t be a surprise now all of India banned from Canada

  • -1

    Never fly Air Canada.

  • -1

    my experience with customer service has been horrible

  • Never had a overseas holiday as I am tall with long legs and travelling in normal economy airline seats these days is painful for me due to lack of leg and knee room (I don't care about the width of the seats.) for example I often have bruises on my shins after Qantas domestic flights that I am forced to use by work.

    Usually the only option to guarantee a seat with leg room is premium economy which is unfortunately unaffordable for me, exit row seats etc are not guaranteed .

    What is the legroom like on the aircanada economy seats ?

    • Have you tried exit row seats?

      • Exit rows are good when you can get them, but they are not guaranteed and airline can switch you out of them with no notice.
        Back in the days of Ansett (Showing my age) I used to always travel in exit rows as Ansett would always put tall people in them.
        Qantas are horrible with this stuff.. I had knees rebuilt a few years back after an accident and even with a medical certificate etc the only way Qantas would guarantee a seat with leg room was if I paid for full business class so Qantas don't care even when you have a disability with full medical documentation.

  • don't really see cheap options through melbourne now for feb-apr

  • Damn, deal gone - was going to buy today ;/

  • +1

    This deal seems to be back again. Just tried Feb departure and April return and got it for around $1300.

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