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PlayStation 5 Disc Console $669 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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Nice price on the PS5 disc console. Amazon has price matched JB Hi-Fi.

Mod 26/9: Now $649. This original deal was $678 (then $669).

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +4

    That’s very cheap, lowest ever I think

    • -1

      Certainly not the cheapest. I bought mine via costco mid july on their 2 days 20% sale.

      Full price was 699 came down to $560.

      • +1

        Sure it was not the digital one? the RRP on disc edition was $749 and increased to $799

        • -2

          Nope it was the disc version

          • +5

            @LouisCKT: I can confirm that it was $560 for the disc version. But it needed to be part of a purchase over $1000, so you had to buy 2 and they give you a 20% refund.

  • +18

    Would be better buy if you purchase Ultimate GC from Coles, indirect 15% off and buy from JBs instead, about $576.30 after discount factor taken in.

    • +2

      Great call… also nice to reward the 'bargain originator' when you can methinks.

    • From Coles? I can't see such GC from coles

    • Wouldn't think of buying one if I don't have the GC, but now.. That's how they steal money from my pocket!

    • Thanks grabbed one in store with gift cards:)

    • I cant get that to work out. Can you break down that process please?

  • Should I buy this or wait until Prime Day? I don’t mind waiting a bit, just want a good price.

    • Id guess it won't go much lower than 576 but then again who knows in this crazy post covid, intraconflict, preclimare catastrophe world.

      • +6

        Haha, yeah fair call. I’m essentially asking you to predict the future.

    • +5

      wait for ps6

      • +5

        That's like, half a decade away

        • +1

          Rumours of a PS5 Pro in November, for those who feel like paying full price+

          • +2

            @illogicalerror: Slim this holiday season, pro next.

            • +1

              @Viper8: I haven't been able to confirm anything like that, seems to be just all rumours. Have you seen an announcement?

              • +1

                @illogicalerror: It is just rumours. When the ps5 came out so many people were convinced a refresh was coming out in a year to address overheating, because something similar happened with the ps4.

                One of the reasons the slim ps4 came out was to address piracy.

                People are acting like Sony are committed to doing everything the same as they did for the ps4.

    • +6

      I mean, if you don't have one by now, do you really urgently need it? Personally, I think you're better off going with the JB gift cards route others have mentioned, otherwise, surely there's something better than this Amazon price from here to Christmas.

    • +1

      This isn’t a good deal anyway when you can get 15% off vouchers for jb hifi

    • +6

      Prime day is just a marketing ploy now - there's not many good deals. I'd jump on this now - prime day sale would likely be the same discount

      • You’re right really. I only have Prime because my parents use Prime Video on their Smart TV and they’re too old to work it out themselves if I cancel it.

  • This is a great price. Pair it with some gift cards and will be the cheapest deal till date.

  • +2

    Nice to see a PS5 deal that's actually a bargain, for once!

  • Looks like it's the same price at JB Hifi at the moment too.

  • I kinda hate this practice from Amazon. I encourage everyone to reward the business that actually dropped their price (in this case JB), not Amazon for this predatory behaviour (monitoring every Australian store and then automatically price matching to make it impossible for other stores to ever compete).

    • +1

      I agree in sentiment but honestly price matching as a whole is anti-competition in nature, so 🤷‍♂️

      Not my post but the gist is here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/709185

      • It is, I think it's just weaponised by Amazon's AI or whatever they use - it must be so frustrating to try to run a competitive business and have this American megacorp just insta-match every sale you have. Amazon can eat the losses for longer than anyone else so you can never compete with them on price.

        • +1

          Competition is what helps consumers. Otherwise do you want to just have your Coles offer you the deals? If it wasn't for other retailers whether local or international, it's only us that would be paying the price. If you think that our local retailers care about us because we're Australian that would be very naive.

          • +1

            @bargainloverau: If Amazon does this long enough it forces out competition and then prices go up. Look at the price of books for example, now that they've murdered book depository.

    • +3

      Yeah, better to reward the store giving the discount, not the mega-corp price matching it.

  • Gotta get even cheaper when the slim comes out.

  • -3

    If you buy it from Amazon over JB HI FI for the same price then you are the problem!
    Wake up, have a heart and stop being lazy and go out and support Australian business!

    • -2

      So out of touch. People are struggling and dont always have the luxury of paying higher prices to support social causes and small businesses high high mark ups.

      • +1

        They are the same price, I think Amazon is just price matching JB

  • Further drop by $9, they are matching with Big W and EB Games

  • $550 at Amazon…. was 3 left, but I bought one

    • +2

      FYI - likely a scam. $550 console are being sold by a brand new third party seller on Amazon with zero feedback. You will most likely not receive anything in the post and will need to follow up with Amazon to get a refund.

      • Oh thanks… I was wondering if it's too good to be true. Thank you so much.

    • It seems still 3 left. Did you cancelled the order?

      • +1

        Yes I did.

        The "company" "selling" the PS5's has no trade history and no shop front, but can somehow magically undercut the big players by a significant margin?

        Not a chance… it will just be an Amazon drama chasing my money back from scammers.

        • Thanks. Was looking at that $550 one. But it was disappeared magically before I can put in my order.

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