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[Hack] Boneless Hot & Crispy 6pc, Original Recipe Chicken 4pc or Original Tenders 5pc $7.45 @ KFC App


Looked like KFC had patched the app glitch for add-ons previously during July 2023, giving the error "Product related Addon Ons have also been removed from your order", however I was just playing around with the app and discovered a workaround (hack) on the app. If done correctly, you can get any of the cheaper discounted prices for the food listed in the title (Boneless Hot & Crispy 6pc, Original Recipe Chicken 4pc or Original Tenders 5pc) via the KFC App. You can thank me later. :)

Method last updated on May 24, 2024 as app developers are patching glitches with their app.

Older iOS Users / Android Steps Workaround:

  1. Open the KFC Australian App.
  2. Navigate to Menu > Shared Meals.
  3. Add any of the Shared Meals by pressing Add to Order.
  4. Add the shared meal you selected.
  5. Click the bottom right corner, click "Add to order", then immediately click the arrow top left corner of the screen.
  6. A screen will pop up, it's the Addon On menu aka "We reckon you'll also love these.." - which is what it says at the top. In this step, DO NOT select any addons, you do this later. To exit from this screen, click X at the top right corner of the screen.
  7. If done correctly, it will redirect you the main screen. When you see this screen, go to your cart - This can be found at the bottom of the screen in the middle.
  8. You are now at cart, be sure to REMOVE whichever feast you added. It should now say your cart is empty and to start an order, DO NOT click start order, click MENU at the bottom.
  9. The addon screen pop-up should come up, you are now free to select whatever addon you want. Please note, if you want two discounted addons, you will have to place two separate orders as adding another feast will remove the original addon which you added.

Latest Update iOS Users (Update After v24.9.2) Workaround:

Full Credit to @Saku-kurata for finding this hack on the latest version.

  1. Open your KFC apps and navigate to Menu > Shared Meals.
  2. Add any of the Shared Meals by pressing Add to Order.
  3. Keep pressing Add to Order until it glitches out, and the screen will go to Cart automatically. You should see 2 or 3 shared meals in cart.
  4. Remove shared meals from your cart.
  5. Go back to Menu and you will see Add-On pop up. Add any Add-On as you wish.
  6. Go back to cart and check out.

OP Note: New method has been added in to better suit your version respectively.

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  • +36

    Bring back the add-on hacks or no more KFC.

    • +18

      how about just bring back hot & spicy permanently on menu or no more kfc…

      • +2

        That's just a Vic & NSW issue right?

        • Sydney George Street KFC has permanent hot & spicy.

        • From memory only QLD, WA and a handful of stores in NSW do H&S all year round. For every other store it’s only an occasional promo.

          • +1

            @melbourne guy: Can't see why they can't put h&s permanently nationwide…. obviously the demand is there

          • +1

            @melbourne guy: Vic hasnt had h&s for a while… Last been more than year. The demand is 100% there.

            • @kaleidoscope: Definitely is the demand. So many complaints whenever the promo runs here that it should be all year round. For a few years we had 1 outlet at Victoria Gardens SC which did H&S all year round but for some reason they stopped a couple of years ago :(.

      • Many places in Sydney has hot & spicy as a permanent menu item.

    • do you have the link to the old hacks?
      I never bothered with these hacks and just did this one and its amazing!
      I want to FOMO on the old hacks

      • This was the old hack. Similar and easier to execute.

        • oh i see its still same items cool cool
          love these type of hacks its like a game and you legens are like whitehat hackers except you keep your winnings and share the love!

  • +13

    legend akuro 😂

  • +4

    Haha, nekminut, KFC IT circulating this post for urgent patching

    • +4

      Sure if they don't want customers

      • +20

        I bet most of their customers don’t even use the app, they prefer to clog up the drive thru thinking about what to order.

    • +7

      Why test for edge cases when you have OzB

      • I think it's the delay

    • +7

      if(isLoading) {
      //TODO: Disable the back button

  • +1


  • +2

    Did not work for me.

    Followed all the way to Step 8, then on Step 9, the addon screen pop-up did not show up.

    • same here. I use the latest app on iOS.

      • I'm on the latest app on Android.

        • +6

          oh never mind.

          whilst being ready to click the arrow on the left corner of the screen.

          this part is important apparently.

          • +7

            @AnKu: Oh yes that worked. Have to press the left arrow instead of the X button.

          • +1

            @AnKu: Legend!! It worked now thanks.

    • +9

      Same, followed it a few times and cannot get the addon page to come back up.


      When selected the any of the Feasts, at the bottom right corner, click "Add to order", whilst being ready then immediately click the arrow top left corner of the screen.

      • Thanks for your comment, tried what you said and it worked for me

        • +3

          The instructions in description is wrong, since if you do it right in step 5, you don't need to do step 6.

      • +1

        Will update!

  • $7.45 Boneless Hot & Crispy 6pc

    ordered this on sattyday

  • +1

    OP you're a Legend ! :P

  • Does not work for me. Am I missing some steps…

  • Working 👍

  • No luck for me so far with the pop up but will keep trying.

    Edit: above comments worked

  • +5

    If this works, birthday dinner for my Labrador sorted

    • +2

      Update: it works!
      My dog practically smells the KFC already.

  • You're a legend mate!

  • What's the normal price?

    • -1

      Eight fiddy

    • +3

      $7.45 for 3PCs. This deal is pretty much 50% off XD

      • +2

        indeed 3 Pieces Hot and Crispy are $7.45 normal price (a rip off) !! With this hack you get 6 pieces same price HAHA cheers op

      • The title says 4pcs?

        • +2

          4pc original recipe

    • +3

      It’s a fun game to play, no? Not sure about the actual savings, but I definitely respect op for discovering the sequence.

    • +1

      Or is chicken that expensive


  • +9

    Lmao didn’t realise ⬆️⬆️⬇️⬇️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️🅱️🅰️🏁 works irl. I’d hire you as a tester for sure hahaha

    • +4

      you get 30pcs!

      • +1


  • +1


  • -4

    Not working on iOS.
    I feel your steps can be further summarized using ChatGPT.

    • it is working

    • +3

      I had to give it a go! Worked pretty well!

      1: Open the latest version of the KFC Australian App.
      2: Choose your desired store.
      3: Navigate to "Shared Meals" in the menu.
      4: Select any shared meal (Family Feast, Burger Feast, Mixed Feast, or Giant Feast).
      5: Tap "Add to order" in the bottom right corner, then tap the top left arrow.
      6: Close the "Addon On" menu by tapping the X in the top right corner.
      7: Return to the main screen and access your cart in the middle of the bottom.
      8: Remove the added feast to empty your cart, then tap "MENU" at the bottom.
      9: Choose your addons.
      Note: For multiple discounted addons, place separate orders to avoid addon removal.

  • is this Android only ? I'm starving

    • nope worked for ios

  • Genius!

  • not working for me, no pop up at the end, and yep i followed others hints

  • then immediately click the arrow top left corner of the screen

    I can't see the arrow, being on 23.3.1

    • And how did Mod find out about the association? xD

      • +1

        I'm guessing OP probably used their ozb account on the same network as kfc employees.

        IP address are very easy to track for something like this.

        • I'm guessing OP is still at work :)

          • @Bii: Is KFC free wifi a thing here?

            • +1

              @Tiggrrrrr: The KFC that I work at advertises free wifi but in fact, there is no free wifi

    • +1

      Edit: then immediately click the arrow top left corner of the screen

      Basically, try pressing both "add to cart" and "back arrow" almost at the same time to trigger the glitch.

      • Oh…that makes more sense

  • Wow it works. I had to read the steps carefully and the part where u click the left arrow, u have to do it quickly once u click add to order

  • OP probably didn't declare they work for KFC for good reason 😅

  • +1

    Amazing! KFC is back on the menu!

  • Hack approved ✅

  • +1

    Great work OP! Now the waiting game for this loophole to be closed begins :(. Will enjoy while it lasts.

  • -1

    Hacked patched in 321

  • Be quick before it gets patched boyz. Currently enjoying my 6pc for $7.45 🤤🤤 cheers op

    • Are they BL bigger size now or still tiny?

      • as some pieces were small they gave me 8 instead of 6 (without me asking anything). I'm full its worth a shot

      • Too big for quail… pigeon size probably covers most pieces I get. If a wing is the size of 2x nuggets they sometimes put another one in.

  • They patched the last work around so quickly, doubting it will last very long this time around as well

  • FYI OP, the Youtube link does not work for me, said private.

  • I’m confused why is op in the penalty box?

    • +2

      Mod: OP has not declared they work at KFC.

      • what if op not actually associated? Afterall this deal was posted as non associated

      • +1

        How come the mod knew?

        • have no clue, neil! explain yourself

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